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  1. Gillies in goal again? Interesting. Great pass & finish by Severson & Bratt. At times, this team is really fun to watch.
  2. And the Hockey Gods say "Fvk you Devils".
  3. Just when they start to get a run going......they lose four players. Tatar and Holtz and Foote into the line-up? Who's on the taxi squad that can replace Dougie - White Jaros?
  4. Don't be. You'll throw something at your tv.
  5. What the hell was he thinking? Jeez, I am freakin' stunning by the stupidity.
  6. I'm liking the 2022 Devils so far. First goal of the year for Nico's 'tache.
  7. Hopefully they don't play their normal lame 2nd period. Zacha has been pretty invisible the last two or three games and he really needs to step up. The Devils certainly didn't seem to have trouble creating chances in the first period, which was better than I expected against the Caps.
  8. Has Hamilton picked up an injury? I haven't seen him on the ice for a while.
  9. Well, that was a rollercoaster, but what entertainment! Great way to end the year. I hope they can carry on the winning streak into the new year.
  10. As much as I'd love to see him come over to the NHL, maybe it's better to wait until we get coaching staff that'll help him progress, not regress.
  11. I'm hoping Fitz is going to pull the trigger after the Pittsburgh game, giving a new coach six days before the next game. Unless, of course, he's going to do what Lou did to PDB and fire Ruff the day after Christmas.
  12. That was an utterly apathetic performance from front to back. I can't think of any player that stood out for a positive reason. Yet again, the PP couldn't find the net and gives up another shorty. I'm not sure what's out there on the coaching market, but FFS get someone else in until the end of the season.
  13. Maybe if it was just for this season, but he's got another year on his contract after this season.
  14. Over the last 20 games, the Devils PP is 6/55. If that isn't bad enough, they've given up 4 shorties in that period. Normally I'm not too quick to get on the "Fire the coaches" bandwagon, but Recchi really has to go if they're serious about "playing meaningful games" come the end of the season.
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