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  1. The Devils are generating a lot of pressure which is good to see.
  2. Yeah, that was a good start to the period.
  3. That looked real borderline. Domingue has looked good so far.
  4. I just read a couple of quotes from Josh Harris. “We’re committed to winning and we aren’t winning enough”. “We’re not where we want to be”. Both sound like ownership expected the team to be doing better and they didn’t feel Shero was getting it done rather than some philosophical disagreement on the way forward. In which case I’m glad they did it.
  5. From the Devils statement "However, Ray and I are in agreement that the Devils need to move in a new direction and that this change is in the best interest of the team". Definitely sounds to me like ownership wanted to go in one direction and Shero wasn't prepared to do that.
  6. Wow. Didn't see this coming. I would guess that they disagreed about how to take the franchise forward. What sort of coach they wanted, who to trade, etc. Fitzgerald seems pretty well regarded so I could see him taking over the reins.
  7. Nico has really stepped up his game since Hall was traded.
  8. Tell the coaching staff to have their bags packed and waiting at the door. Hynes will collect you on his way to Nashville. No? Shame.
  9. Absolutely. It doesn't matter which player it is, if you don't think they're likely to re-sign you've got to get the what you can for them.
  10. Unless you can get an NHL ready D in trade for Vats or Greene what's the point of letting them go? There's no one coming through the farm system that can replace them right now.
  11. If there were players coming through who could replace him you could understand trading him but there isn't. Anyone who gets traded is going to have to be replaced through free agency or trades and there's no gurantee you can do either. Better the Devil you know so Shero should try to sign him imo.
  12. Since getting rid of Hynes and trading Hall they've actually started to look like a team. I don't know if it's because the lines aren't being changed every five minutes or because they've realised Hall isn't there to bail them out with a goal or what it is. They definitely seem to be playing more as a team and putting in some effort. Gusev seems to have found his game and is making some great passes. Coming into this season I wasn't sold on Blackwood but he's been making some fantastic saves and I'm really starting to believe in the guy. Great win today. They showed real spirit to battle back. I hope they take it into the new year and restore some pride. Happy new year guys.
  13. Seasons greetings one and all. I hope you all had a peaceful & merry holiday.
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