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  1. While I couldn't care less about St Louis I can't stand Marchand so I'll be rooting for the Blues.
  2. You're right, you did. My mistake. Personally I like a lot about Zachas game but I see hiim as a Zajac and not as a major point producer. Assuming Hughes is picked the Devils will have depth at centre and moving to the wing may be the only chance Zacha has of staying in the line up. Otherwise it might make sense to trade him to better balance the team.
  3. But who do you have as Hughes' line mates? As much as he puts in the effort in on defence it's not his strength. As you said you dont' want Hughes to get thrown to the wolves straight away. You need someone alongside him that's defensively responsible and who on the roster is that? Currently Zajac, Zacha and Coleman. Out of those three I think Zacha would be the best fit if he can switch to the wing.
  4. Nice come back. Always good to get one over our old buddies the French.
  5. Surely Tampa couldn't afford to sign Karlsson? Capgeek has them with about $8m in space with a few players to sign. And if being in San Jose has been a problem for his wife and family I can't see how going to Tampa would make that better.
  6. You're right. And until I read this thread I really did think he'd donated $10m of his own money. Being pictured with that check is a hey look at me aren't I great move by Subban imo.
  7. That was a good write up on Pakkila. It'll be interesting to see how he develops in the NCAA or Liga next season. You can never have enough goal scorers.
  8. Could Palms score more if Hughes was his centre instead of Zacha or Zajac (and I do like both of those players btw)?
  9. He's a despicable piece of sh!t. It's bad enough that he whacked the guy in the back of the head but he imediately skated away like a complete coward. I really wish someone would lay him out.
  10. I'm really surprised Studenic didn't get a call up as he had a pretty good first season. I believe he's going to be a pretty good bottom six player at the NHL level.
  11. Usually I'm indifferent to them but in the playoffs I like rooting for an underdog and that's how I view the Islanders. Fantastic players though they are I dislike Malkin & Crosby so I'd be rooting for most (not all!) teams to beat them. Thinking about it I don't so much root for other teams in the playoffs as I just want certain teams (Rags, Flyers), players (Crosby, Malkin, Marchand, Callahan, etc) and coaches (DeBoer, Tortorella) to lose.
  12. Pacioretty & Stone have really stepped up for the Knights and Theodore scored a beauty last night. I'd love to see them knock out the Sharks as I have an irrational dislike of Pete DeBoer. Tampa just didn't seem to have an answer for anything CBJ threw at them. Appart from the first period of the first game Bob was fantastic in goal but I can't beleive how many chances both teams were giving up last night. That was a really fun series to watch. As for the Islanders series where the hell were Malkin & Crosby? They weren't a factor at all but credit to the Isles who seemed to have much more desire a& determination to win it. Is there any chance that Eberle won't re-sign for them? He could be a very good signing if Shero could pull that off.
  13. All through the season whenever there was a conversation about the draft it was always Jack Hughes that was consensus #1. When reading articles or listening to discussions I never once thought Hughes could be a Devil. When it started to become obvious that the Devils weren't going to make the play offs there were other teams that were much worse. I stopped looking at the standings and started looking at where the Devils might pick. Byram, Cozens, Zegras, Dach, Krebs all looked like very good players and one of them should fall to the Devils. The #LoseforHughes tag amused me but I thought it applied to the Kings or Ottawa not the Devils. Watching the draft lottery on tuesday was surreal. I was expecting to see the Devils logo appear with every turn of a card and it didn't happen. When it got to the last three I was saying to myself I don't care if Chicago get #1 as long as the Rangers didn't get it. I still can't believe we've got the #1 pick. It never once crossed my mind this season that would happen. Fantastic player though Kakko will be I really can't see how any team could pass up on picking Jack Hughes. I couldn't wait for last season to end. now I can't wait for next season to start!
  14. There's a couple of mentions on this thread about Jesper Boqvist. I'd love to see him on the Devils roster next season but I'm pretty sure I read (on NJ.com I think) that he's staying in Sweden for another year as 1. He's signed a contract there and 2. It'll mean the Devils won't have to expose him in the next expansion draft.
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