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  1. Yeah, you are right. The incentive wil be the prospect of winning the SCF then. And if Shero is planning on doing that through drafting it'll be a few years before we're knocking at that door.
  2. Never underestimate the pulling power of the almighty Dollar! Most players want a chance at the cup so they'd want to know your plans for other free agent signings and, I suspect, they'd want to know what prospects are coming through. Have to say I'd be interested to know how Shero is planning to persuade Hall to sign an extension. The team doesn't look like it's going to be a contender for a few seasons, the prospects in the team right now aren't setting the world alight and apart from Smith & Boqvist there probably aren't any top line prospects.
  3. It says a lot when the off season is going to be far more intersting than the regular season. I'm looking forward to the draft and to see who (or should that be if?) Shero signs in free agency.
  4. He may have the size but he still can't score!
  5. What do the Devils need more? A right wing or a centre? Have to say the thought of a Hall, Nico, Kakko top line is pretty tempting.
  6. Rocket! Great to score just before the break.
  7. How the hell was that embellishment?
  8. Get in there. Always great to see Hank looking p1ssed off.
  9. Almost. I'm watching. Plenty of effort so far but very little quality. Stafford not scoring not a big surprise. Cory looking good though.
  10. That was some reaction save there by Bob.
  11. We saw quite a few of the injuries occur in-game so I don't think they're made up or exaggerated. I would suspect they're not rushing players back though. But if there was something to play for they might be tempted to.
  12. This has gone way beyond tank. This is the freakin' Titanic. The only two possitives are that 1. Hynes & us are getting a look at some of the kids . 2. I look at where we're going to pick in the draft as if I'm looking at the league standings.
  13. Not quite sure how it's only 1-0! Blackwood is earning his pay tonight.
  14. FFS, really. With 29 seconds left in the period.
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