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  1. Aitchmack

    2018-19 Around the League Thread

    I think Yak has looked pretty good when he's played. I definitely think he should get a run in the team. Even if Shero wanted him to re-sign next season would he given his limited opportunities?
  2. Amazing technology. I think it's great for the stats nerds, great to dip into when you want to replay and dissect a particular incident but I couldn't watch a game like that.
  3. It's amazing that it's the same defence that looks so good on the PK
  4. You have to have something worth trading and they're doing their best to prove they aren't right now.
  5. That'll be nine then.
  6. It's gonna be a loooooong night.
  7. Aitchmack

    2018-19 Prospects Thread

    That's a real shame as he was doing really well this season. Hopefully he'll pick up where he left off when he's back. If it takes the full nine months for him to recover I would of thought it'll be difficult for him to be at his best for the start of next season.
  8. Aitchmack

    GDT: Devils @ Sabres 1/8/19, 7pm

    Jeez, that was f@cking soft all round.
  9. Aitchmack

    GDT: Devils @ Vegas - 6 Jan 18, 4pm Eastern

    Nine points, but he doesn't score enough that's for sure. He's not alone there though. Bratt has scored, three goals. Mojo six, Wood four, Noeson two. Most of the forwards need to score more. I think you're probably right about the fact he was a 6th overall pick but is it his fault that Conte had lost the plot? As for trading him it might be for the best. Maybe he'd benefit from playing for a team where the expectations of him aren't so high. As you say though would you get much in return? And who would you call up from Bingo. Quenneville, Seney and Pietila haven't looked like they're upgrades. I would like to see McLeod get more of a look though.
  10. Aitchmack

    GDT: Devils @ Vegas - 6 Jan 18, 4pm Eastern

    I totally agree with this. There's no denying he made mistakes but he's not alone in that and I think the good has outweighed the bad. But I suspect I'm in the minority.
  11. Aitchmack

    GDT: Devils @ Vegas - 6 Jan 18, 4pm Eastern

    Shoot the freaking puck!
  12. Aitchmack

    GDT: Devils @ Vegas - 6 Jan 18, 4pm Eastern

    I think you're right.
  13. Aitchmack

    GDT: Devils @ Vegas - 6 Jan 18, 4pm Eastern

    Kinkaid was lucky Sami blocked that shot. He left the net wide open.

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