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  1. I hope everything goes ok for you & your family Jagknife. I know what a worry it is when your kids are sick.
  2. Best of luck MB. I hope it doesn't get any worse and goes real soon.
  3. Yep, me to. But I miss the games no matter how crap the team is.
  4. Looking forward to seeing Johnny Kokonuts (and Dano mangling his name). I hope they show the determination they have in recent games. LGD!
  5. Nice move by Bratt there. He's starting to make those kind of moves more often now.
  6. There's some fight in this Devils team now that was missing at the start of the season. Rooney was unlucky hitting the post there.
  7. I can cope with losing games knowing that it helps the chances of (probably) getting a better prospect but they can't lose this one. I'm rooting for Hughes to get the game winner. LGD!
  8. Fantastic move by Bratt.
  9. Are any of the prospects (Smith, Bahl, Foote, etc) eligible to play in the AHL or NHL when their seasons end?
  10. Is it time for Cory's end of season heroics that tricks management into false hope for next season or will he get buried by that awful (on paper if nothing else) D in front of him? Gotta admith I've enjoyed the teams recent play more so than at any point this season. I'm not sure if that's because I have zero expectations of them or that they seem to finally have some team spirit and desire. I'm hoping between now and the end of the season some of the kids stake a claim for roster spots for next season. LGD!
  11. Nice. As rubbish as this season has been I can't wait for the draft. To think that we could end up with two (or three) prospects like Drysdale or Rossi is pretty amazing.
  12. It's been a slow day for Devils news so I've been looking at Hockeybuzz (I know, I know....) and they reckon the Leafs are in on Vats - so expect him to sign an extension!
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