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  1. Aitchmack


    Babcock got fired because he isn't getting results with a quality roster. It is plausible that what Babcock does doesn't work because it hasn't been working, that's why he got the sack. Could he turn things around in NJ? Maybe. Maybe not. Another alternative is to look for another coach that isn't Mike Babcock. There's likely to be more choice at the end of the season (Cooper in Tampa for instance is rumored to be in the spotlight).
  2. Aitchmack


    Babcock has just got fired from a team with suspect goal tending, not so great defense and some fantastic forwards that he can't get to play for him. So what makes everyone think he can come to a team with suspect goal tending, not so great defense, a couple of fantastic forwards and some very good ones and get them to play for him? As much as I've lost faith in Hynes I don't think Babcock is the answer.
  3. Aitchmack


    With a name like Babcock your memes will never stay PG-13. But it'll be fun watching you try.
  4. Aitchmack


    That's a no for me as well. Sheldon Keefe would've been a much better bet imo. There's bound to be a team that wants Babacock though so his firing might start a few dominos falling.
  5. Quite a lot of talk about Babcock getting sacked. For no particular reason I'm not a fan of his and I hope he doesn't end up in NJ.
  6. Aitchmack

    Fire Hynes

    Re the bolded: For the first time since Hynes has been coach that's exactly what I thought during last nights game.
  7. The team isn't going to be in contention for a playoff place and I think Hall will walk at the end of the season. As much as I'd love him to stay I think Shero should get as much as possible for him. Trade him to a win now team in exchange for top end prospects/picks. I can't see them doing anything about Hynes until the end of the season when there's likely to be some better coaching candidates available than there are now.
  8. Nice play by Gusev for the goal. Great finish by Coleman.
  9. I walked out of the room, come back in and they're two down. What the hell happened?
  10. I'd love to see a repeat of this. Can't stand Marchand.
  11. The Devils are normally the team conceding a goal in the dying seconds not scoring one. A trademark Pickles never say die goal.
  12. My only problem with Lose for Lafreniere is that the way things are going Hall is going to get traded and how the hell are we going to win the lottery without him?
  13. No matter how much he'd have sucked as a Ranger he would still have scored against the Devils! Not sure about his cap. Can he retire again?
  14. Looks like Kovy is going to be released by LA. I don't need stats (advanced or otherwise) to know he's not been very good since his return to the NHL.
  15. According to Amanda Stein Rooney in for Boqvist. Hughes and Nico swap places. Oh, and Tennyson & Mueller are the third pairing. That'll be my blood pressure through the roof everytime those two are on the ice then!
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