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  1. Gusev is looking good this period.
  2. What a freaking great goal by Maltsev
  3. That was some mad sequence on the PK.
  4. Now that's the way to start!
  5. If Wood had been in mid-season form he'd have wiped the goalie out there.
  6. Hynes said they're looking at using a combination of Wood and Anderson.
  7. The line up for the game against Montreal. Coleman - Hischier - Palmieri Seney - Rooney - Hayden Gignac - McLeod - Bastian Baddock - Street - Speers Butcher - Severson White - Tennyson Mermis - Mueller Blackwood Cormier
  8. The line up for tonights game against Boston. Like the look of the top two lines for sure and I'm really looking forward to watching this one. Gusev - Hughes - Simmonds Boqvist - Zajac - Bratt Wood - Maltsev - Anderson Studenic - Sharangovich - Clarke Vatanen - Subban Greene - Jacobs Smith - Carrick Schneider Senn
  9. Bigwig? I haven't listened to them for ages. Loved the Reclamation album. I don't think you'll get many takers for that suggestion though.
  10. I've watched quite a few of the player media day interviews (yeah, I'm that desperate for the season to start) and boy are most of them dull as hell. And that isn't the players fault it's the media asking such dumb ass questions. Thought PK and Simmonds came across well though.
  11. I'm pretty sure he was injured/concussed last season and isn't playing yet.
  12. I really hope he makes the team. That was a really nice goal he scored last night.
  13. Yep, I'm going the VPN route. It's just a prospects game so why they black it out in some regions is just plain dumb.
  14. I'm counting down the seconds ......I cannot freaking wait!
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