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  1. Well done McLeod, you deserved that.
  2. The PK used to be the one thing Nas had looking good. Now the D looks better at 5v5 and crap on the PK.
  3. Can't stand the Flyers so I'm hoping for a win. As long as they give a good account of themselves though. LGD!
  4. That was just me being an idiot! It should have been Johnsson.
  5. When the lines were posted up yesterday Boqvist was missing and Anderson was on the 4th line. Not sure what Kuokkanen did to get onto the second line as I thought, out of the 4th line, he was the one that had made the least impression.
  6. Yep, that's the sort of commitment and determination that Torts just loves. Won't endear himself to the fans either.
  7. Here's hoping the boys can keep up their strong performance from the second Boston game. If Wood could crash into Panarin as if he was a goalie that'd help. Let's go Devils!
  8. Ain't that the truth. The kids are making mistakes but aren't afraid to do so. Under Hynes, they would've been benched.
  9. Man, what a game. Loved the way the team played, even though Palms and Wood seemed determined to hand it to Boston late in the third. Really glad Sharangovich got the winner. There seems to be a real team spirit in the camp which is great to see.
  10. If they start the game with the same confidence and determination as they finished the last one they've got a chance. Can't wait for puck drop. LGD!
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