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  1. The Vanecek trade is looking an absolute steal.
  2. Whatever Jacks been drinking, I want some.
  3. That was a pretty lame call. Get p1ssed off boys and make 'em pay.
  4. I really hope they do what they've done in every other game. Not get phased if they go behind, play their game for the full sixty and rack up the shot total. LGD!
  5. Schmid has looked petty good so far. Better than last season for sure. Amazing how a decent defensive system helps the goalies as well. Who'd of thought?
  6. Yeah, I understand that and don't disagree with you. Sports fans react in an unfiltered way to events during games. That's just human nature. The analysis and rational thinking come later.
  7. I totally think the bolded was the case. If the Devils had won the first couple of games and then lost two. Probably not a lot of complaints from fans. But it felt like it was games 83 and 84 of last season - and we'd all had enough of watching that sh!t. I thought Jack looked damn good last game and I hope it continues tonight. LGD!
  8. Wow! This team just keeps on finding ways to win. Now I'm just gonna be sweating on news about V2.
  9. Aitchmack

    Blackwood update

    I guess Bernier isn't coming back anytime soon.
  10. Facing a backup? So he'll be delivering a lights-out performance, like all backups do against the Devils.
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