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  1. Oh that's unfair. He'd know exactly who they were. He just wouldn't be to say the words in the right order.
  2. I believe Studenic might be in with a shout of a fourth line spot. He's always impressed me as a really solid two way player who can also score a few.
  3. While I definitely wouldn't want to give up four first round picks for Marner out of the 82 points Gusev scored last season only 17 were goals. From what I read he's more of a playmaker than an out an out goal scorer. The risk/reward is far more on the Devils side with Gusev than Marner though.
  4. Kadri for Tyson Barrie apparently.
  5. According to the Binghamton site two defenders (Matt Tennyson and Dakota Mermis) and one forward (Ben Street) have been signed to two-way contracts.
  6. Nyquist signed for Columbus for 4 years AAV $5.5m according to TSN. That seems pretty reasonable.
  7. From what I saw of Simmonds last season he looked well past his best. Two or three seasons ago I would've been really pleased about this signing but right now, meh.
  8. Yeah I read that. I had hoped Shero would go for him as a reasonably priced RW.
  9. I'm not sorry that contract hasn't landed in NJ.
  10. Oh I know the slippery gits will persuade someone to take a crap contract. They always do. Those three on defense though will be tough to shift without either retaining cash or sweetening the pot.
  11. I hadn't realised they'd be so close to the cap with signing both Trouba & Panarin. Having $16.7m tied up in Shattenkirk, Staal and Brendan Smith for the next two years is really gonna hurt them. What a shame
  12. I'd be very surprised if Boqvist doesnt get a chance to show what he's got and that could see Bratt on the right. I agree that Shero is likely to look at Meier, Lee or Donskoi rather than Marner.
  13. I love the Devils Twitter post to the Rangers. Edit : And if I wasn't such a dumb ass I'd be able to post the link to it!
  14. I'd rather hear Weekes talking hockey than Dano but he was just talking a whole lot of nothing for far too long before that press conference.
  15. Someone please tell Weeks to stop talking I'm starting to loose the will to live.
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