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  1. I'm just surprised they didn't cover him in bubble wrap. Every time he steps on the ice he injures himself.
  2. Maybe they would've kept Nas as coach if the team had shown signs of life rather than the final spasms of a soon to be corpse. They must know the fans need to be entertained just a little bit.
  3. I'm pretty sure you're right. They have to clear space for their annual purchase of the most expensive free agent on the market.
  4. I would argue the opposite though. The scouts have all had plenty of time they wouldn't normally have to review videos of all the players & so should have a very informed opinion. I'm pretty sure Fitz said he'd been at home watching videos of prospects as well which is a luxury he probably doesn't get to do very much of in normal circumstances.
  5. Maybe not the picks I'd make but I'd be happy with all three. Hopefully going to be a really good draft for the team this year.
  6. I'm pretty sure the guys playing in the SHL don't have an NHL release clause in their contracts so if the Devils draft them they won't be playing in the NHL at all next season.
  7. It'll make a nice change to bitch about the players we've taken this year as oppossed to the players we've taken in the last ten years. I'm looking forward to it.
  8. I'm not a fan of this but as much as I thought the defense was terrible at 5v5 under Nas the PK also has looked damn good most of the time. As his head coach is no longer his best buddy hopefully he'll be held more accountable. I'm assuming that Ruff will be implementing a different system and that'll include the defense, no? Maybe it'll bring out the best in Nas as well as some of our under performing players.
  9. Well he's not on the staff directory on the teams site. It has Clemmenson as goalie & devolopment coach. I didn't even see a report that Melanson had been let go.
  10. Well the guy's obviously used to tough assignments then.
  11. I'm definitely in "clean sweep" camp. Get rid of them all, except the goalie coach as Blackwood looks pretty good under him.
  12. Anyone watching the Stars Avs game? 4-4 with a couple of minutes left. They're going to have to prize these teams apart with a crowbar.
  13. A new defensive coach would help develop Smith imo. The D has been pretty nasty under Nas.
  14. Well, as Ruff seems to like a high octane offense I'm expecting to see more from all the forwards. The D still looks a mess on paper so, as it stands, I'm not expecting anything above what we saw last season. I don't think the goalie tandem will change. We all know who the #1 is and I expect Schneider to be the very expensive back up for a final season. It makes more sense to buy him out then rather than pay his buyout cost plus another goalie this season on what, in all likelihood, won't be a very competitive team. Of course a lot of this depends on what free agents get signed or what tr
  15. Second definitely isn't enough. If Fitz is patient he might get some good offers the closer it gets to the season starting.
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