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  1. But we're top of the league in "Expected Goats".
  2. WTF was that penalty for?
  3. Wow, that is a train wreck of a defense. You've got to admire the lengths the Devils are prepared to go to, so they can catch Buffalo.
  4. Ty Smith is out tonight. Not sure who'll take his place. Butcher I'd expect. LGD!
  5. Is this where Ruff pulls the goalie and they score a couple of empty netters?
  6. That was a damn nice finish. Now up the intensity boys and batter them.
  7. They remembered how to score last time, hopefully they'll remember hot to win this time. I'm looking forward to seeing Foote play. LGD!
  8. Unfortunately Miles Wood is a renaissance man and doesn't crash goalies any more, otherwise an injury to him would definitely be on the cards.
  9. I've just seen that Nolan Foote has been called up to the taxi squad, maybe an NHL debut soon?
  10. Hello fellow masochists. Not sure if this team is capable of pulling a win out of the bag, so I'll settle for them scoring a goal today. LGD!
  11. I really want the Devils to sign a couple of D-men for two, maybe three years. Maybe some UFAs would sign for the team if it was for more than two thirds of a season? Surely the continuity will only help the team?
  12. Hopefully they'll at least score this game. LGD! And Fitzy really needs to be investing some of that cap space in some D in the off season, so the kids don't get demoralized with too much losing.
  13. Much better second period and thank fvk they didn't give up a late goal like they've done a few times.
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