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  1. This sucks, it’s hard to accept the fact that we may end up selling off pieces and once again sitting out of the post season.
  2. Hopefully they’re feeling good after a dominant win last night and will be well rested
  3. Hey I have more good news, Trump won South Carolina, merry Christmas
  4. Yeaa not going to go out of my way to watch this one, unless I happen to be in front of a tv that is.. can’t help myself, love being a victim of abuse
  5. Oh great, that’s who everyone wants to hear from.. take his lousy excuses and shove them so far up his ass he starts choking on them.
  6. I literally cannot understand how we have the worst PP in the fvcking league, with this much talent, there’s no way they’re blaming this sh!t I’m not having Hamilton on the back end, I feel like we’re better off being down a man than up one.
  7. Yea I hear ya, and earlier on in the season I was ALL about re signing this guy, but he just looks like he has cement skates at this point, He just can’t keep up.. honestly, this entire thing is depressing and overly disappointing, I feel embarrassed after I talked so highly of what this team was going to be this season to other people. I’m not completely in the camp of it’s over, if they win the next two this weekend I’ll be happy, they drop one than yea I’m 100% camp it’s done.
  8. A stack of phone books at this point, would be more useful
  9. How is he leading the team in goals, he is always behind passes, saw it again last night. When we got him there was a concern that he wasn’t able to keep up and now here we are.
  10. Yea I turned this sh!t off, not wasting my time watching these embarrassing pieces of sh!t.
  11. Nice and now we can’t even stay out of the fvcking box. Way to let them know when they have our number.
  12. Swear to god if one of these reps call me again the sun better be shining or I’m going to let them know how the fvck I feel about this inept mess of a wana be hockey team
  13. These jersey ads are horrible, what a$$holes
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