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  1. aclc79

    Fire Hynes

    We are just treading water, aren't we? What a way to run things!
  2. One still wonders who really decided Fitz needed to be behind the bench and why. You make a really good point. He really is Shero's man. Is this a harbinger of things to come? Is the noose around Hynes' neck starting to tighten? We may see after we come back after the western Canada swing; some really good teams out there.
  3. At this level, shouldn't we expect our goaltenders to know how to play their angles? That is a very basic skill they teach the very young learning to play the position. And making the big save may not be in either goaltender's DNA.
  4. 1-goal games are tough. One mistake, and you could be done. Big Mac seemed totally in control, which probably gave the team more confidence. VAN does have skill players that need watching. Good shut-down game for all concerned!
  5. I wonder if that is part of the plan?
  6. And those changes may come sooner than anyone may have thought.
  7. aclc79

    Fire Hynes

    Witness the WPG and EDM games.
  8. Somethings going to give, and soon....
  9. aclc79

    Fire Hynes

    Something is going to give, and soon....
  10. aclc79

    Fire Hynes

    There will come a time that a sacrificial lamb has to be offered. N certainly fits the requirements. But that should let H know that the clock is ticking on him, too. What must Shero be thinking?
  11. We needed to take a page from the way the NYR and the NYI play the Jets: keep the pressure on their inexperienced D-corp and do not let up. Keep that goalie busy!
  12. aclc79

    Fire Hynes

    That could very well be the case! I stand corrected.
  13. aclc79

    Fire Hynes

    That really showed up in the Mueller/Severson pairing. The latter looked absolutely clueless as to where he was supposed to be. Mueller kept looking to see where Severson was, and not paying attention to the play in front of him. Is N that bad of a teacher, or have they stopped listening to him?
  14. They don't seem to see anything else, why not broken glass?
  15. definitely could get time on the 2nd unit once the season starts
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