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  1. Santini was no better; clueless would be the word for him, too.
  2. 7 more to go, and our tank command will be complete. On to the next mission (?)!
  3. What tactics? Putting the opponent to sleep?
  4. This tank battalion is led (?) by John Hynes, our beloved tank commander. What a fabulous (?) PP!
  5. I wonder when that will happen? lol The tank battalion has struck again.
  6. Playing very aggressively, he seems to be in control of his game, despite the insanity swirling around him.
  7. Even the B d-men can make boneheaded plays, too.
  8. I guess we are trying to win by putting the B's to sleep. ZZZZZZ And Severson did it again....
  9. How long are we going to wait for him? Or is just another Josephson? Maybe he should go home, too.
  10. Severson is such a bonehead, getting caught behind the net and then going the wrong way to get back in front. Only so much Cory can do....
  11. still waiting for him....
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