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  1. Does anyone remember that they were the class of the 1967 expansion class, winning the expansion division any number of times only to be swept in the Cup Final by an original-6 team? They've worked hard enough this year to be able to go to another one.
  2. STL has never won the Cup, even though they made it to the Finals a few times after the 1967 expansion by winning the expansion division, getting swept every time by an original 6 team. A sentimental pick, maybe, but they have a good chance.
  3. Somehow, those fake Whalers winning anything leaves a very bad taste in my mouth. Wait until you get a load of their fair weather fans. Carolina is for golfers, but hockey? How could the Isles let this happen?
  4. aclc79

    2019 Offseason Thread

    Wow, I did not know how thin we really were there! Retaining Palms seems to be a no-brainer.
  5. It's good to be us!
  6. Remember everyone, the B's have home ice throughout. Boy will I hear it up here, yadda.yadda, yadda....
  7. You may be right. But he can still work himself back from the AHL, if anyone would give him the chance.
  8. aclc79

    Hughes or Kakko

    It may be that our choice is now all too obvious....
  9. He should win the Masterton. May he continue to be strong.
  10. I wonder where he goes after this?
  11. CLASSLESS!!! (does NOT deserve the Hart!!!)
  12. And I really like his Billy Smith imitation; that clown Hornquist had it coming to him! Seriously, though, what a great choice for the Masterton. Stay strong in your recovery.
  13. I guess that's the only way to describe it: CLASSLESS!
  14. aclc79

    2019 Offseason Thread

    Can we do enough to keep him, maybe at a hometown discount, or does he walk? My bet is on the latter. Too bad, I like what he brings.
  15. aclc79

    Hughes or Kakko

    Playing against a quality opponent, it should be a good test, for all the tangibles and intangibles.
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