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  1. There is no need to take any chances right now. People's lives are at stake. Please remember those who provide us the healthcare we all depend on. They are on the front lines in this war.
  2. Team ownerships need to do the right thing! Why are team staffs being penalized for something that was not their fault?!!! Man up!!!
  3. All that hype about Igor makes me want to hurl!
  4. Solid goaltending will only win you so many games. Where are the other pieces? (Here's to Cory to keep it going.)
  5. His mental state has been fragile for some time. We have consider this a confidence booster for him. We will have to see what his next start brings; we know he has the skill set. But does HE believe it? That's the real crux of the matter.
  6. 82 games against the Dead Things works for me!
  7. Anderson and Rooney on that same lime were serviceable, but they are 4th liners all.
  8. Hayden should not be in the lineup, ever!!
  9. aclc79

    Coleman to the Bolts

    Do we think he has a great upside? Still, great return for a real solid player. Good luck, Pickles, we will certainly miss you!
  10. What do we know about him? Is he better than his brother?
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