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    Nice...didn't even think of that! Wonder if Eddie Money is a Sox fan... And too bad this guy isn't playing for the Red Sox anymore: http://www.baseball-reference.com/players/c/cashke01.shtml
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    The Red Sox now have Sale and Price in the same rotation. [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Joey Anderson was invited to the US U-20 camp. He's quietly having an excellent freshman year being the second highest scorer on the number 1 ranked team at more than a point per game. When you think of wasted third round picks like Connor Chatham, this is a very positive development.
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    I got on a plane in Detroit and it was 4-1. I landed and checked the score to see the final tally and was like, "Holy Sh*t!!!" I read yesterday that was the first time since being in Jersey they had come back from 3 goals down in the 3rd on the road to win. Nice win boys
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    I love the little things like this that we do to help the team win. I did something I rarely do, if ever... stopped watching after the second. I generally watch every game regardless of how miserable it gets... and never leave the Rock early even if we're getting shelled. I think the only game I missed watching this year was the one in Pittsburgh because I was at a show in NYC with my girlfriend. However, in the middle of the second, got a call from my Dad saying that there were bass crashing the beach in Brick Beach. I was like ehh... gonna keep watching this sh!t show. Then the Preds made it 4-1 and I said fvck it, I'm going to go see about catching some fish. Before I even left the house, as I was getting ready to go, my brother comes out, "Cammy scored! 4-2." I'm like nope, not getting sucked into this. I already committed to bailing. Then he realizes he forgot something, runs back in to grab it and comes back out... "GREENE! 4-3!" Still, "NOPE, if we stay here, we'll just tie it and get it to overtime then lose." So we still go over there, get there and it seems like it's dying down because there's only a few cars in the lot and those have guys walking to them with fish in hand. I'm like yup, it's over... Still have the radio on in my car as I'm putting on my waders and stuff to get in the water. Hear Loughlin lose his sh!t as we actually tie it. Put my phone in the pocket of my waders with the game blasting on it and walk down to the surf. No one else around on this beach. All of the sudden, fish start going nuts right in front of us and we're pulling them in every single cast. Still trying to listen to this in the midst of all of it and then hear it very clearly, "they SCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!!!" Let out an audible "fvck YEAH!!!" and continue catching fish after fish. What I'm trying to say is I guess I need to go fishing every time we go down by 3 now. This will probably prove difficult to do when it's a home game but I can manage...
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    The best is when Henrique scored in Game 6 you could see a very dejected Boomer sitting directly behind the glass in his Rangers hat.