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  1. I don't think Babcock is getting another Head Coaching job anywhere too soon. Right or Wrong I just don't see it. I would like the Devils to get a Coach with NHL experience whether it be retired NHL Player or someone who has been a head coach with some success (Dan Bylsma, Paul MacLean to name a couple) If Stevens wants the job I would like to see him get a chance
  2. Also in Elliotte Friedman's dirty one thoughts: 10. Another Devil on the block is Miles Wood. He has two more years at a $2.75-million AAV, but isn’t as aggressive or edgy as he’s been in the past. Hopefully he gets back there, I liked his game.
  3. According to Chris Ryan -- Nas coming in https://www.nj.com/devils/2019/12/nhl-rumors-devils-expected-to-fire-coach-john-hynes-what-it-means.html
  4. The strongest way for fans to force a move has got to be empty seats or an arena dominated by opponents fans. So disappointing to be in this situation.
  5. Yea but he sure knew how to fire a coach
  6. Hopefully this is last timeout Hynes ever calls for NJ
  7. Agree with the not fun to watch sentiment. We know the defense is bad. Devs should at least be scoring goals. Very little to no chemistry .. so disappointing
  8. Shero - you can't fire 23 players, but you can change the head moron they're supposedly listening too HURRY UP !
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