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  1. Time for new horses.....This ones beat to death.
  2. Have no fear......We still suck and will prove it very soon.
  3. At least we're not Montreal ...They really suck.
  4. When will the cereal companies start putting tickets in specially marked boxes ? Its unfair to charge people to see this sh!t.
  5. This team is as good at hockey as Biden is at being President........Both Focking pitiful
  6. I feel for those that go to see this Sh!t show live....What a waste of money.
  7. Don't worry....I'm sure our new goalie will play lights out the rest of the way.....Once he gets in.
  8. Poor guy must be super depressed ....On the other hand maybe he's another diamond like Marty was.
  9. Another year of we're done by December......Total trash
  10. Another year that by early December we know this ship is sinking and get to watch it take on more water until April when it finally goes under.
  11. Once again this team is sh!t without quality goaltending which we haven't had in years....I was spoiled by the cup winning years.
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