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  1. And we had such high hopes of his kid turning into him ...So glad I had my seats from 92---04 my timing couldn't have been better to be a Devils fan,we saw the best Devils play.
  2. Yet its in the books and still makes me puke. I will never understand his need to be anything but a Devil.....8 fvcking games.
  3. Soon everyone has to stay home...,no work...,no school and we'll all starve to death.
  4. We get lite up as Cory couldn't stop a beach ball sadly.....5-2 Wings
  5. I wish Jack would get rolling.....Hope he doesn't turn into a bust.
  6. We fvcking suck......Hard to believe this is how this season turned out.
  7. So Cory isn't going to play lights out the rest of the way .
  8. Bring in Gretzky as coach and GM and complete the Mickey Mouse Franchise.
  9. Like the team wasn't a big enough laughing stock around the league....No coach....No GM....And owners with no clue.
  10. We haven't improved at all so getting beat nightly is nothing new....We suck...Period
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