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  1. Hey now......Can't you hear the fat lady singing......This team This year has been a major embarrassment from the coach to the underachieving player.....Total sh!t show. Not much to look forward to either....We are so far from seeing a cup win.....Could take years. We suck and if you disagree then you haven't watched this disaster of a team enough. We had such hope even thought we new our goaltending was iffy. Another year pissed away.
  2. Owners are making a fortune......Fvck the fans.....They will stay with Ruff.
  3. This season sure has turned out swell......Those off season pick-ups and our stellar goaltending really did the team proud.Yes the coach sucks but its the unarchiving players that failed us...Again.
  4. Like it or not we are playing against a real hockey team...I don't like it but its a focking fact.
  5. Seasons over.....No improvement....No Playoffs once again.....No reason not to fire the coach.
  6. As I've said many times this year....This team sucks.....No excuses....They suck.....AGAIN.
  7. If the rest of the team was healthy and playing well we'd still need to score 6 goals a game to win because our goalies absolutely suck.
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