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  1. I'm good with this for 1 year. Nice to have a big man to protect Jack. If this is all that Ray gets done I'll still be a Devils fan....For life.
  2. Just as I thought :)…..Congrats to the Blues and their long suffering fans.
  3. The curse of the hand pass....It all went down hill after that for the sharks.
  4. And I'm glad he is.....Go Blues
  5. Yeah that never happens with the extra man......Ever
  6. Torts is out and nothing for the rags.....I'm happy happy.
  7. See ya Torts you POS loser
  8. We Devils fans will forever hate Carolina.....I hope Boston beat the Jackets as I hate Torts as much as the Canes.
  9. I so would hate to see Torts win another cup.
  10. What free agent wouldn't want to join this elite powerhouse team ?
  11. Again I ask myself.....Why would any free agent want to join this sh!t show ?.....I feel for those of you who pay good money to witness this live and in person.
  12. And whats the big selling point Shero can use to draw free agents here besides money ? What would be on the plus side of joining this team ?
  13. Why settle ? :)....you see where that's gotten them. I'd love to be wrong but this mess isn't turning around for a very long time.
  14. I'm spoiled by being a STH from 92-04...….I saw what great hockey is and this sh!t show isn't anywhere near it. If Blackwood could ever be another Marty that would be great...But doubtful.
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