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  1. hit the post


    At this point why not.....Can't do any worse
  2. You really didn't think we could beat a quality hockey team did you.....I feel for those that pay to watch this crap.
  3. Remember all the hope we had for this group.....So much for how it looks on paper. Hynes needs to go,Hall is already gone so ship him off. I can't wait to hear what he has to say about playing here after he's gone.
  4. Two more leads blown...Unfvcking real.
  5. We have stars that don't shine,Goalies that couldn't stop a beach ball and a coach that clearly has naked pictures of our GM.... We had such high hopes,we should have known it would be a pile of steaming sh!t.
  6. Either one of our top notch goalies could get us that loss..
  7. Once again they can't keep a lead....twice tonight
  8. Lost the lead again...shocking
  9. I wonder what Jack thinks of all this losing,booing and the fans in general ? As for Hall he's been labeled an elite player but sure doesn't play like one. Yes he had a goal and an assist tonight.....big whoop that should be every game from an elite player.
  10. How about that....Another blown lead by the boys.
  11. I think you'll see I'm right soon enough. There is no way he's going to get us anywhere near the playoffs. I agree with the others who have said to trade Hall as it clear he doesn't want to be here.
  12. This team will never ever win sh!t with Cory as the #1.....Both our goalie suck.
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