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  1. I believe the Devils have $20 million in cap space. Dream scenario, ink Carlson and Tavares. Problem solved.
  2. Washington now is in the intriguing position of pretty much dictating its first-round opponent.
  3. The problem is that out of the Devils, Columbus and Florida, only one team doesn't control it's own destiny ... that's an issue right now as well.
  4. I'm guessing Devils will offer Hall a 7 yr 7 mil contract or thereabouts. Ideally he takes a 7.4 million 6 year deal.
  5. Just got back from the game in St. Paul. I had fun seats, row 6 from the ice but near the goal where the Devils shot at during periods one and three. As such, a lot of the action was on the other end of the rink all three periods so I'm pretty sure everyone who saw the game on TV has a better overall analysis than what I have. From my vantage point, however, I did notice a couple of things: For starters, Henrique seemed ready to rumble at any moment from the middle of the second period on. Not really sure what got under his skin (demotion to fourth line?) but he was a hockey player clearly on a mission. Nico looked like a rookie for a good portion of the night; seemed more tentative than I've seen him look in the past. There were at least four good brawls and I honestly can't remember an early regular season game against a non divisional opponent where the Devils seemed so motivated to throw down on a continual basis - especially since the Wild really aren't a goon type of team - so that really surprised me. Butcher played smartly and is a calm, intelligent hockey player but really can get knocked off the puck when he's pressed. Nice goal though by the Butcher, arguably the most important goal of the game. Didn't notice Zacha, Stafford, Palms making too many memorable plays. Severson and Santini were fun to watch, played with a bit of an edge. As for the game flow itself, when the Devils took that crucial penalty in the third (Devs up 3-1 at the time) I turned to my 12-year-old daughter and said, "The Wild are going to score, tie it up in the final minutes and send this game will go into overtime." My daughter looks at me and says, "Dad, you need to stay positive." So, during the break before overtime starts, my daughter turns to me and says, "Dad, how did you know?" You guys all know the answer I gave her.
  6. mort4345

    2016 Draft

    I think the odds of adding Sergachev are extremely thin. A) I think he's going to be selected before the Devils pick and B) the Devils need offense so badly that I really see them selecting one of Jost, Keller or Brown (assuming no crazy Devils' trades). I also think that Chychrun is going to fall down the draft further than most people think ... and, in my opinion, he's the most likely of the top three defensemen the Devils might have an opportunity to draft. As such, I'd be really shocked if Juolevi or Sergachev are still on the table when the Devils head to the podium. Hence, I see nothing but a forward in the first round.
  7. I couldn't have stated this any better. And for what it's worth, I'm not at all worried about Blandisi. I think this kid has loads of potential and he's added some much needed excitement this year. Last night's "incident" and Blandisi's potential "attitude" problems are laughably insignificant at this point.
  8. mort4345

    GDT: Kings @ Devils

    I almost had a heart attack at the end of this game - which is fine by me because that means the Devils are relevant once again. If anything else, this team has moxie. Obviously, there are some glaring deficiencies with this team but they are sure fun to watch again. If Cams can get back sooner than later and the kids keep playing the way they're playing, that 8th seed is more than do-able. p.s. Why are there so few chat threads this season compared to years past? Is it a format change or has the board migrated elsewhere?
  9. Perhaps I'm out of the loop, but didn't the Devils' game forum chat threads used to be much longer in the days or yore? It seems to me that this would have been a 10-page thread not too long ago. So my question is this: Are the Devils fans just less interested than before or has there been a change in protocol for game-day forums on this website? No dog in this fight, just curious.
  10. I think this is how I'm starting to feel about the Devils this year...
  11. I don't think it'd characterize it quite like that. However, that being said, when I read this post I shot vodka soda out of my nose from laughing so hard. In sum, well done sir, well done...
  12. I think we all have to acknowledge that this Devils season, at least right at this very moment, is about as good of a scenario as we could have been hoped for.It's a fun team to watch again.
  13. Oh my god, I thought the same exact thing. According to my calculations, the odds of the outcome we just witnessed were about 316 to 1. UPDATE* - Just got off the phone with an MIT prof and he said my math was, "Totally sound." So, there you go.
  14. I do kind of wish that the Devils would have a predominately black uniform as a rare third option. I think you could design something pretty badass.
  15. I think as much as I wouldn't mind seeing Elias on the third line, he's not going to be a happy camper playing there. So there is going to be some politics - especially given the fact that coach and Shero seem to be relying heavily on Elias' leadership this year. Maybe Elias still deserves a 2nd line spot and maybe he doesn't. But I think he's going to have to really flail to get moved to the third line (or start the season nursing injuries while someone really steps up to push him out when he returns).
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