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  1. Detroit was back to back, but they didn't look that slow, Howard had an amazing game. When was the last time the devils put up near 40 shots?
  2. If john moore pulled that off it would have been the only time in history that was pulled off at what seemed like 1/10th skating speed. He was so slow but no one seemed to think that he was going to do what he did. Also funniest penalty ive ever seen.
  3. The problem with the pens is that they are top heavy and the top guys aren't producing right now. Personally if I was a pens fan I would want them to trade one of Crosby or malkin, you could get a huge return. They have like 5 great forwards and the rest are dog sh!t, which is the opposite of our team, we have a great team but are missing the 1-2 top forwards. Also when you have that kind of talent on your roster and you aren't scoring it can be bad psychologically, I expect that they will turn it on and make the playoffs, but the pens are gonna get bounced in the first round, they just don't have a great team.
  4. I laughed out loud when he realized what you were asking. I was expecting more discussion about how Lucas ruined star wars and lou ruined the devils instead of him making it about him.
  5. I was hopping that Carolina didn't take hanifin so we could fleece boston. I'm very upset we didn't catch a break here to either get marner or strome or get a stockpile of picks from boston
  6. I'm not thrilled with the penguins front office coming here they really do have a sh!t team out of a small handful of guys. That being said, Lou has been awful the last few years at some point you can't ride the coat tails of your past achievements anymore. He should (and was) held accountable for the present suck that is the njd.
  7. Why is that stupid, the nhl like all pro sports gives coaches short leashes. This team is looking at a multi year rebuild (at least 3 years before we are truly relevant maybe more depending on how we draft) who wants to come coach us and get fired in 2-3years for not making us a winner.
  8. Difference being we need to go into full rebuild mode.
  9. Why would we close this? It's the feeling we all have right now. They are the apparent team of destiny this year.
  10. Just because the title of the thread is about a trade doesn't mean I was refrencing it at all. You know this and every post is a discussion. You brought up our d being mediocre, which I think is an inaccurate read given their extreme youth which you overlooked in your assessment.
  11. I didn't say anything about a trade with Edmonton. You just said our Defense is mediocre, our defense is going to be very good, I think you are underestimating how young they are is all. And you are right this team is going to suck again next year, and the year after that and probably the following year. We need an entire top 6. And until we hit rock bottom we probably wont really rebuild our forward corps the way it needs to be done.
  12. It depends on how you look at it. They currently aren't very good, but the core is extremely young and they are already playing at a "mediocre" level. in 2-4 years we will have one of the best D cores in the league.
  13. Someone needs to make a deal with the devil.
  14. Good question. I think the reality was we were a better team then. We are dog sh!t right now, back then we were still dominating play but not finishing, this year we don't do either.
  15. The difference is Adam Henrique is solid defensively (usually, don't know the story this year stopped watching). He's been a typical devils forward for us. He doesn't carry the play though, hes going to need good line mates to make stuff happen. I'm not worried about him.
  16. Logical devils fans? He's had a good stretch, he's been in the league for how long? I would hope any logical person wouldn't just jump to the conclusion that he's suddenly the real deal. Could he keep it up, yea. Has he been valuable to us at times in a 4th line role? Yea. Is he some untradeable piece that is key to our future, no. Take your snark somewhere else bro.
  17. As devils fans do we believe Bernier is suddenly for real?
  18. Sneax

    It could be worse

    It could be worse. I could actually be watching.
  19. Next step is signing this kid. http://i.imgur.com/zvFcfSn.gif
  20. I've wanted pete gone for a while now, but this move makes no sense at this point in time unless Lou thinks we can somehow make the playoffs. This season is lost unless we are brining in a guy that will win even less, what is the point of this move? To win some games and take us out of the sweepstakes?
  21. I'm more shocked people are still going to games with the way we are playing. I wouldn't go to games and boo my own team ever, but I am insanely dissatisfied with the team as of late. It's one thing to suck, it's another thing to suck without building towards the future.
  22. Yea I'm not a real fan, I'm just posting on a devils forum for the fvck of it. What I'm not is a masochist. This team sucks, once you accept that things get easier.
  23. http://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/globalroute/nhl/standings/sp-vw-lge?ocid=INSSPBD10 that's the reality check.
  24. All he has done is delayed this franchise rebuild for years now. Every person on this board totes his mantra of we don't rebuild we reload. This team needs a fvcking rebuild, there needs to be pressure for that to happen because it clearly isn't happening on its own. Did you read what I said, I don't want patchwork I want a true rebuild, I don't want a panic trade that sets us back. The trades I want to see are moving our pieces for picks. These owners would be fine with that, they do own the 76ers. I want real change, not more of this meandering in mediocrity, eventually you aren't even mediocre. And that's where we are right now.
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