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GDT: NJ @ CAR - ECQF Game 4 - 7:30 MSG+


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Nice job by Colin White to run way out of position to make a hit he didn't need to. He actually got saved a few minutes before when he got beat only to be able to poke it back away from Ruutu.

This team is as flat as board tonight.

Rupp/Holik/Clarkson got beat by the other 4th line again. That line is just a line waiting to get beat every shift.

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Well I was happy to make it back in time for the start of the game since I thought I would miss most of it, but damn, what a dreadful start. Horrible penalty by Zubrus to take, the Devils need to stay disciplined.

There is still a TON of time left in this game. Hopefully the Devils get a goal before the period is over and just keep chipping away. Go Devils!

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That's on Brodeur. Gotta control the rebounds.

Are you serious? You are just way too critical of Marty. The puck was never more than 6 inches from him, and he had his glove on it. How about boxing out, or getting a dman to block the front of the net for 2 seconds... Both goals are flat out on the d-men. Both times Marty would have had it covered, and both times they can't keep people out of the crease. Seriously, I don't know what is worse - bending over in front of our net, or trying to clear it on our back hand 50 times in 2 mins...

Just once, I'd like to see this team match our opponent's intensity when it's stepped up. Did anyone really think Carolina would come out and do anything other than try to roll us early? This is game is the series for them.

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take a time out brent

Good idea i mean Carolina is starting really hard this game i don't think we are flat but its just that we

couldn't keep up because the team was surprised now we need to kill their momentum and start putting our

rhythm in the game so we can execute our game plan.

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