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Sabres vs. Devils 2/25


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Rock, did you talk to Chico at all?

No Stubbs. I go to watch a hockey game. That is my number one priority. I have no idea who's going to games or where almost everybody sits. I know where a few of the members of this board sit. But I basically leave them alone. I don't seek them out. If I bump into people I'll say hello. With my bad knees I don't travel the concourse between periods anymore, anyway.

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Checking ESPNs stats for the game, they list Rupp as a -3 +/-. Sabres only scored twice and one was a PP. :blink::noclue::blink: Not to mention he was a healthy scratch and still got 17 mins of ice time??? Not bad for a man not even in uniform.

:lol: Methinks ESPN is a little mixed up.

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By the way, in case anybody asks:

8 Goals = Boring Hockey

Ya know, in case anybody asks...


While not boring, 8goals does not equal exciting games. This game was well over, I love suspense over... a wow, we killed them games of the Rags and Sabres... but occassionally they're good :)

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We've always said, it isn't boring when it's YOUR team that is killing the other team. But if I didn't care about either of the two teams involved I would have been pretty bored as of the third period of this game.

And now this:


Missing and Believed Kidnapped by Aliens:

The Actual New Jersey Devils Hockey Team

Because these guys who have scored 7+ goals twice in 3 games could be alien cyborgs.

Now. Can we keep them through the end of the playoffs, as long as we get the guys who can actually play defense back?

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