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  1. Dk if his brother, Hampus, was there but this is him: Lou better start working on signing this guy so Adam doesnt pull a "Needmybrother"
  2. BINGO A perfect match !!!!!!!
  3. must be something behind the scenes going on I had to laugh when he was on the power play, spun around with the puck and passed it to the 2 Flyers standing near by !!!
  4. Clarkson gets worse every season...........he cant do anything right, why is he getting paid so much ???
  5. Keep 3 "A's" till the halfway point in the season and let the new coach decide who should get the C
  6. The 29th Pick

    Hockey cards

    How do you figure the value of a card?? My friend has a Gretzky rookie card, I see the same card on ebay from $100 to $10000
  7. Lou put a package together for Eric Lindros when Quebec was forced to trade him right after the draft. I still remember it came down to the Rangers and Flyers, but the Flyers offered the better package and did it just before the rags final package.
  8. The 29th Pick


    This is a tricky situation, I feel Zach is 50/50 about returning to the Devils next season and beyond. He's probably gonna see how this season goes and decide, so if you give him the "C" and the team does well, maybe he'll really want to stay, but if he see's someone else get the "C", he'll be thinking this team isnt for him anymore and want to bolt.
  9. and the high heels and dress !!!!!!!!
  10. The 29th Pick


    thats an awesome reply !!!!!!!!
  11. you think Sal plays for us this season??
  12. What I dont understand is why Lou didnt buy out Salvador before White, I mean Salvador is gonna be 36 this winter, and he missed an entire season........I just dont see him playing for us this year.
  13. its half man, half bear, half pig ....Manbearpig
  14. Somebody has got to be moved, we have a few too many aging players hogging up too much salary......and a lot of young kids ready to play.
  15. He'll be a Ranger at the trade deadline
  16. This is what it is....two players a team doesnt want anyone else messing with, and buying a little more time to do the right thing...Weber and Parise will be with their respective teams with new contracts when the puck drops in October...I guarantee it
  17. I guess this also means Detroit will be looking to sign a PMD this summer....and make it a little harder for us to get one.
  18. Clark-Son....if it's a boy !!
  19. Maybe he'll be ready to play the final weekend of the season, and score aginst the rangers and knock them the eff out of the playoffs !!
  20. I got inside word.....everything is status quo !!
  21. That sounds so good...you have to agree with him !!!!!
  22. I remember when Shanahan signed with the Blues.....I was so pissed, and when we got Scotty Stevens as comp...I was like "what the hell is he gonna do for us compared to Shanny"........boy was I young and dumb.
  23. I do worry a little about splitting up Kovi/Trav/NaPalm....they've been playing really good.......but Zach and Trav have their chemistry too.....right ?? And I dont wanna move Zach or Kovi to the right wing
  24. THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS I dont want to sound like a whinning Mario.... but I've been sick of the special treatment, and the "looking the other way" with the Pittsburgh Prima-Donna's EFF THEM
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