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  1. justdo3043

    The Thread Formerly Known as The Reasons for Optimism Thread

    my reason for optimism...our future on the back end seems very promising Cory Schneider in goal Adam Larsson Jon Merrill Eric Gelinas and if one or two of the following work out i hope we have a very solid top 6 Steve Santini Seth Helgeson Reece Scarlett Damon Severson Alexander Urbom if enough develop into solid d men which takes longer or so ive read we can build enough offense over the next couple years to have a very competitive team in 3 or 4 years
  2. justdo3043

    Kovalchuk Gone, What moves do we make now?

    i would take grabo...don't care if we have too many centers
  3. justdo3043


    best guess is adrenaline wore off...avg player maybe a 3rd line center imo
  4. justdo3043

    Draft Position Watch Thread

    it was stupid move...shouldnt have chanced it and what if we're a bottom ten or worse next year
  5. justdo3043

    Devils trade for Matt D'Agostini (STL)

    love this deal....5th rounder is most likely nothing anyway and we get a solid player to stick on the 4th or 3rd line if needed
  6. justdo3043

    Boucher 50th goal of the season

    even if this guy is a one trick pony on the pp with a release like that from the slot i don't see how he couldn't translate that into the nhl
  7. justdo3043

    David Clarkson

  8. justdo3043

    Lou Lamoriello on Off The Record

    thanks for the post....this wouldve past by me read this last week about lou being in contact with a fan http://www.njdevsblog.com/2013/01/though-i-was-fan-since-1986-lou.html
  9. justdo3043

    Pond Hockey

    a friend of mine said a shallow pond in demarest froze over....talking about getting a game together but their arent nets
  10. justdo3043

    Would you trade Adam Larsson...

    how about yakopov?
  11. justdo3043

    Where can the Devils find a D for F swap?

    with respect to the oilers....sam gagner is in a contract year and they still have rights to linus omark ?? right....who is never going to get a chance in edm shouldnt cost that much
  12. justdo3043

    Start the Gomez-to-NJ rumors

    2010-11: 7 goals(31 A[decent]) in 80 GP <------ these numbers would not be bad on our team 2011-12: 2 goals(9 A) in 38 GP <---------- these numbers are better than jj's were last year as was said before with a contract like sykora had last year it is worth a shot
  13. justdo3043

    Canadians Tell Gomez to Stay Home

    "teams will be allowed two "amnesty" buyouts to help reach the cap. However, if a player is injured, he cannot be bought out. Bergevin said it was safest for the team that Gomez not play this season." that sucks! now the only hockey he can play i would assume since he's under contact is in a men's league...i wouldve liked to see him in a tryout for the devils
  14. i also thought he was being a goof ball but it's all in good fun

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