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  1. Now a days they try to make an cheap rumor a story. I'm not surprised at all.
  2. ECF Champs ... till next season -cheers-

  3. Awesome the organization, they really needed it . I hope this and the anonymous investors helps keep the Devils in Jersey for as long as possible.
  4. gata


    That call hurt so much ... 5 mins of hell... I would also like to say fvck the refs for not calling the Gionta blow.
  5. Don't mess with the DEVILLLLLSSSSS! LETS GO DEVILS!
  7. Yesterday I told the DJ to Say LETS GO DEVILS at the Festival in Newark and he did it ! LOL LETS GO DEVILS !

    1. Cachorro Louco

      Cachorro Louco

      Portugal Day???

    2. gata


      Yea I was there yesterday too. So much fun.

  8. I don't want the team to move to NY :\
  9. I think they should sit him out. You can tell the injury is coming back to haunt them. Though I know they won't since the series stand 3-1 not 2-2
  10. hahaha same here I've gotten into way to many arguments ... afterward I post this and then the rebuttal is well my stadium is still better
  11. Even against the fvcking refs... WE BELIEVE ! LETS GO DEVILS!
  12. LETS GO BOYS !!!! LETS GO DEVILS !!!! :gd: :gd: :gd:
  13. gata

    Stop the Panic

    Our momentum died out because of the bull-sh1t call. No matter what I'm still going to wear my Jersey tomorrow. Win or Lose LETS GO DEVILS!
  14. “I don’t think it’s impossible,I believe we can do this. We have to battle. We have a big mountain in front of us. We’re down but we’re not out.” David Clarkson #23

  15. I still believe... I'm proud of the Devils no matter what we've fought tough. We've had 2 very tight games that can really go either way. Everyone doubts us , and know one but our army believes... LETS GO DEVILS ... Prove all those scallywags wrong!
  16. In PDB we Trust .... LGD !!!!

  17. I never hear pleasant things about Flyers' Fans. Whether it's Rangers, Islander, Panthers Fans interacting with them, it's always the same outcome (The worst fans to deal with)
  18. The Devils Army as a whole has never been a nasty fan base. That's why I was pretty surprised when the story of the "assauled" female ranger fan came out. But I'm glad we're getting a little bit of recognition.
  19. wait till the mods take a crack outta this
  20. fvck em... It's not like LA isn't known for all their dovche bags
  21. So those are the kids with the drums ... I was wondering. Awesome
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