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24/7 Rangers Flyers


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I keep trying to tell you people its the rangers year.

It's their year for what, a Stanley Cup? I'm not putting them in that discussion yet, and I've been one of the few around here willing to acknowledge they're a legtimately good team that could very well win the division. I do wonder when everyone else finally starts to give them credit.

Oh please. As good as Philly has been they are beatable. The Rangers haven't gone on a long stretch of playing anybody tough in a while

Great, the schedule argument again. They beat us and the Flyers up consistently, they beat the Pens and the Isles a couple of times and other tough teams outside the division (whipping Florida twice, who we were barely able to beat once). When does this stop, after 82 games?

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The Rangers winning the Stanley Cup would be an epic tragedy. Not only would our sworn enemy be cup champs but imagine all the "fairweather" Ranger fans that would come out of the woodwork just beacuse a New York team won something. Do you guys remember how the Yanke fan population like doubled when they started winning World Series again? All of a sudden all these celebrities were Yankees fans and they'd be watching the games. Ugh. I know some of you guys live in areas where there are plenty of Rangers fans but I live where hockey isn't a big sport. If the Rangers win there will be people with Rangers jerseys and car stickers. So far I've met one Rags fan. I'd like to keep it that way.

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