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GDT: Pittsburgh @ Devils 1:30 PM MSG+


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So i was curious to see how Jack was doing on takeaways this year.

33 in 28 games. 

He's not in the top takeaway leaders but i think he might be at the top if we'd calculate takeaway per games. Pietrangelo is currently at the top with 60 in 48 games. Jack is allllmost a takeaway per game player right now. 


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We were getting manhandled for a while there until that last shift.   We have been giving the Penguins way too much time and space with the puck - they keep giving it back to their d-men at the point just inside the blue line and our team is backing up way too far into the slot.  Credit to Gillies for standing tall.  

I'll take a 0-0 opening period against this good team.  Hopefully we can get a few by Jarry - Bastian almost had a nice one there at the end.

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I'm sure im not the only one noticing this. But our D are very very very often making bad decisions as to who to make their breakout passes to.

Like this one is so typical. Our winger is around the blue line with literally 2 guys ahead of him at an angle to block the center of the ice and squeeze / push him towards the board (we know the trap we get it). And that winger doesn't have any give-and-go options either. So we turn the puck over almost every time.

Of course the winger may be able to send the puck around the boards and our other winger can forecheck but nothing can beat a clean zone entry in control.



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