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GDT: New Jersey @ Boston


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I have a good feeling about this game..which is weird because I never have a good feeling about any games over the last couple of years. If Kovalchuck plays tonight he needs to score. I'm tired of waiting for this to happen. I'm sure the Devils as a team are too. They have been playing some pretty decent Devils hockey since he's been out of the line up; minus the one loss vs. the Caps which they could have won if they played 60 minutes so if something seems off tonight I'm blaming him as usual.

This is a game for Jansen if there ever was one. Boston is a rough, tough team.

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Jesus christ it's not hard to tell what a real hockey team looks like. Completely outplayed in the first 3 minutes. fvcking pathetic.

I think if you tweak that statement and maybe add some explicit stuff and/or adjectives it is theoretically possible to sound more negative. Try harder!

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