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All purpose Olympics thread


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Did Elias miss the last two games because of food poisoning? If yes, there is something really wrong with him. He has had food poisoning problems at least 4 times in the past two years.

I am 80 years old and have had it once when I was 17 and I eat out a lot.

Hepatitis severely weakens the immune system- Patty has been much more susceptible to illness since he contracted that hepatitis a few years ago.
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MB, KoolKoreanKid, whatever, I'm done with this...you know what you're doing (and I'm sure you'll continue to do it) and lame sayings like "I already am a great poster" and "I post what I mean and I mean what I post" don't change that fact.  That's all there really is to say about it. 

Stop saying this crap. Do you not like it when people constantly put words in your mouth? Do you not like it when people accuse you of things you don't do. Or better yet, do you not like it when other people accuse you of said things, and don't give you a chance to at least defend yourself?

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Varlamov was in the net for the goals against


Wow, how do you start Varly over Bob.  Makes no sense.


And THERE IT IS!  HAHAHA sorry Kovy.


I'm actually kinda bummed to see Russia go this early..they're a potentially exciting team.


Oh and also, how bad is Ovie when it really matters..did he do anything after the first game this entire tournament?  Yikes.

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I couldn't watch the game as I am at work but I read about it on Twitter.  Apparently there is a lot of questions about Russia's coaching during the game, especially the final few minutes.


That and a lot of writers are saying that Bob should have started the game from the beginning as he has clearly been the better goalie up until that point.

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Finland is to International Hockey as the Devils were to the NHL starting in 95. 


Not that exciting to watch and the bigger ice surface makes it harder to break a really good defensive system.


Can't say I am surprised in the slightest. I felt Finland should have been a favourite going in (Anyone know what the odds were?)



At least Kovy scored the only goal, so it takes some heat off of him as he stays back in Russia.

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