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GDT: Devils @ the Jets (Shootout loss incoming)


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Game, set, match.

Fitz, you let losers hang around, you lose.  Urgency please.

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2 minutes ago, Devil Dan 56 said:

I was so hoping to not have to care about the draft lottery this year. Fitz has to do something. The talent is there to fight for a wild card spot but the team is insanely inconsistent. 

It’s clear they aren’t responding to whatever the fvck they’re being told. Ruff worked them at practice the other day, and they’ve played like hammered sh!t, save for 10 minutes in the second period tonight. So yeah. fvcking do something Fitz. Now.

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Fitz?  You awake?  Keep talking a big game about the future.  If you don’t do something about your zilch coaching staff, you won’t be around for any of it.

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Just now, Gunslinger27 said:

This is Ruff's 78 game at the helm of Devils. 28 wins. 50 lost. Just Brilliant..... Fitzyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

I get what you’re going for, but I personally cannot hold last season against Ruff ESPECIALLY with the bullsh!t way the league handled our COVID breakout versus everyone else (suck it up versus oh we’ll postpone games for you)

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