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GDT: Devils @ the Jets (Shootout loss incoming)


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Give me a whole new staff, screw it. I don't hate Ruff but everyone else has to go.

Also seriously starting to wonder if stripping the C is on the table. Not as a penalty or negative but like.. give the kid some relief. Nico looks like a plug out there right now.


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Not trying to sh!t on Bernier, I think he's a fine backup, but I just have to laugh at everyone who wanted him in net so badly and though Blackwood was the problem. 

fvck this coaching staff and fvck our defense.  I can't believe yet again for the millionth year in a row this team lacks so much heart soul and pride.  

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1 minute ago, MB3 said:

how long of a leash should they have? the team is routinely unprepared and out-coached. 

Ruff was an abhorrent hire the second it was made. The game passed him by in 2014 and we hired him in motherfvcking 2020. Would be good with making Fitz squirm a little bit too — this team, this franchise, top-to-bottom, is a laughingstock.

MB I'm on board !  Getting completely steamrolled

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9 minutes ago, MB3 said:

i’m stepping away. i can’t let this dysfunctional joke of a  franchise ruin my mood every day.

maybe move them to hartford or something lol. it worked for the thrashers who are now a competent franchise in winnipeg. would anyone even shed a tear? don’t act like this group is really the “New Jersey Devils” you loved. It’s been pathetic for a DECADE! 

They wear the same sweaters but that’s where the comparisons stop. They’re a mockery to the teams that preceded them.

yeah, i’m calling for his job too. the biggest team need was someone who could put pucks in the net and he got us Tomas fvcking Tatar. 

Fire him tonight.

I’m not calling for Fitz’s firing, but he can’t just fvcking let another season wither and die.  

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The only thing keeping me even remotely still into this game is the fact that, not even two weeks ago, I witnessed in person this team look completely out of sync and sloppy against the defending Stanley Cup champs, on the road, only to mount a ridiculous comeback in the 3rd when I thought they were down and out.  

Getting completely demolished in record time is getting really, really old, but perhaps this team is capable of a miracle every now and then....

I still want the entire coaching staff fired.  Now.

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2 minutes ago, MB3 said:

that is literally currently happening. 

fire him

how cuttable is tatar? 

(there’s a steak tartare joke somewhere in there but again, drunk and sleepy)

I give him one more coaching hire, but he can’t stay with this staff as is much longer.  

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