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Nolan Is A Maple Leaf


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TSN.ca Staff


Owen Nolan is a Toronto Maple Leaf, TSN has learned.

The San Jose Sharks traded their big power forward to the Leafs tonight in exchange for centre Alyn McCauley, prospect Brad Boyes and a first round pick.

Nolan has 22 goals, 20 assists and 91 penalty minutes in 61 games for the Sharks this year. In 836 career games, Nolan has amassed 323 goals, 352 assits and 1474 penalty minutes.

McCauley has six goals and nine assists in 64 games for the Leafs this season. He has 33 goals and 49 assists in 304 career NHL games.

Details to follow.

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I did not want this trade to happen...the leafs just got much stronger.

Once again we see a "star" go for garbage because of the impending lockout. McCauley is nothing special and never will be. Boyes is considered a good prospect but who knows.

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Au Contraire,

This Nolan deal opens the flood gates for Selanne, and probably Damphousse to be dealt. Both have said that if Nolan gets traded, particularly for prospects or picks, they want to be dealt too.

My prediction: Selanne, Damphousse, and Marchment are all gonna be goners

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I'm surprised at all the hand-wringing; a lot of people didn't really want Nolan on the Devs (with good reason), so I can't be too upset he went to the Laffs. The Laffs had to get someone; they'd been second fiddle on a number of big names over the past year or so.

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Boyes was their 2nd best prospect outside of Colaicavo.

He is however their best forward prospect.

Jury is out on whether he will transform into a player in the NHL, it could take him several years to evolve into a forceon the Sharks.

Im really getting the feeling that Lombardi is gonna let loose with some other trades.

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Wow. That's a lot to give up for Nolan. Boyes was a top prospect and McCauley was a good player for the Leafs in their playoff run last year. Plus a #1.

San Jose did very well for themselves.

However, the Leafs motive becomes clear. They are going for a Cup. I would not want to play this team. Roberts, Tucker, Corson and now Nolan.

All pain in the asses to play against.

Throw in the talent of Sundin and Mogilny and the Leafs are loaded.


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