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  1. WOW! Dez went OFF! C'mon NO stat corrections! WOW! Masked Marauders Jeff Morris 7-6-0 | 4th 139.56 Points 139.06 108.37 Orig Proj 117.77 139.56 Live Proj 139.06 Power of Positivity Jarek 10-3-0 | 2nd
  2. Pssh! While I LOVE having a lead, it comes down to MNF. & it looks like the starters are going to be in it. 2 vs 2. We'll see which Cowboy Combo wins it! It ain't over til it's over!
  3. Yeah. Yo Crash, yer team looks GOOD with a line thru it! You might wanna incorporate that into next years design. Semifinal 1Goodell's Gestapo99.02 4Masked Marauders111.42 Palmer doubled up your Carr too. Enjoy!
  4. Huh? That Freud is a motherfvcker, eh?
  5. This sh!t is painful, but if they get on a streak the the Failures are on, they'd get right back into it! LETS GO DEVILS! Yer KILLIN me Smalls!!
  6. Ohhhh! Sexy! Maybe Crasher won't have to face Palmer after all!
  7. This thread SHOULD be epic. Why isn't it catching on? Has the interweb gotten TOO BIG for NJDevs!?
  8. This is just the thread ABOUT the thread. So get in there and add somethin!
  9. Had I been able to be on line and seen that Ingram was a go, I'd have won and been on a 6 game win streak and be sitting in 3rd with my wasted pick. Hope I get thru to you and he lays a 50*burger on ya. disclaimer * I have not even looked at the potential matchups, I just want to be the guy to serve ya some crow... or in this case, Cardinal... Well done!
  10. Right! The Vegas Silverware it is! Maybe just the Spoons?
  11. I got burnt pretty good by the stealth concussion protocol on Mark Ingram. would sure been nice to have that 20+ points working in my favor tonight. awww sheeet.
  12. I fudged with the logo a bit. I'm very mediocre at this stuff, but you'll get the idea. I'd drop the name to Vegas Knights and adjust the logo to make the sides of the shield resemble hockey sticks. I dig the V in the logo and still think it works with my tweak. Who do I send this to to get PAID!$! Ha!
  13. Hopefully Carson puts those words right back in yer mouth on MNF! C'mon Palmer!
  14. That's NEW! The Devils score in the closing minute of a period?!??!? Reverse there! i like it!