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  1. Kinkaid gonna come in like a wrecking ball!!!!
  2. I was just going to say the same thing about YOUR D/A's!!
  3. Bahahhaaa! I DID feel like I needed to invest in walkers at times during my draft!
  4. That was SO yesterday!
  5. Big finish! The opinionated, out spoken, #82 Benjamin Watson TE NO
  6. Picked that pic for the shock and awe of it. Actually he was sad nobody picked him yet, like back in his days on the playground..
  7. Here's hoping the most accurate FG kicker in NFL history gets more chances... #5 Dan Bailey K Dal
  8. Oh yeah, I forgot about Mantas Homer pick earlier
  9. He says 10 minutes AFTER the 1st kicker is taken in the 13TH round! Hahahahaa!
  10. I like getting those WR's who have WR1 talent but get to play with another WR1 type guy. More single coverages that way.
  11. Glad I went against the "experts" and went with youth first for those last two picks than.
  12. And not JUST because Richard Sherman is his bitch #84 Roddy White WR ATL
  13. Only needs one damned hand anyway!! #15 Michael Floyd WR ARZ
  14. Yeah, legal yet shady draft move since he can get thrown right onto the IR and replaced as soon as the teams are up and running, But if yer gonna use a draft pick on him, you deserve the reward in the following year if ya keep em. Also, I believe he DOES qualify for the Brady Rule in that if he were dropped, he SHOULD count as a 12th rounder and not a 15th should someone else pick him up.