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    thanks for asking! i’m 100% now, and my wife never tested positive.
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    Some cool shots of Nico fulfilling his military requirements: https://www.watson.ch/slideshow/!11627 I wouldn't fvck with him:
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    I'm really looking forward to what Bahl will do. I think he's one of our best prospects. We desperately need a defensemen who can play defense.
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    Hossa will have to decline because he’s allergic to the podium at the ceremony.
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    I don’t think anyone is too upset with 7 when we went in with #6. A lot of talent will be around at 7, plus we could get something in the 8-10 range and late teens depending how this plays out. What’s upsetting is that a team that was shoehorned into the “play-in” will now have a better shot at the #1 pick than teams that weren't given a shot at a play in. Any team given the opportunity to play in should immediately have been removed from top 3 contention.
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    2 lotto wins in the past 3 years. I know it's all random but it just doesn't seem likely. I just hope there are 0 "play-in" teams. When the Rangers season ends, I want them to know it was for nothing.
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    I had a boy in 2017 and we won the lottery and drafted Nico. In 2019 I had a girl and we won the lottery and drafted Hughes. I tried to get my wife to have another kid but she wasn’t going for it. Sorry guys.
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    Shero & Hextall are way better than those two. They were both 1st time GM's, & both were bad. Jeff Skinner 9 mil? Fitz is better equipped to handle this job.
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    I don’t think anyone should be disputing that Iginla gets in.
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    I don't think not hiring a coach is really that big of a deal, we realistically aren't playing another game until December and that's being generous and we have time before free agency and all that plus we need to see how the playoffs work out in case another coach gets fired. When it comes to Fitz I agree though, they need to either sh!t or get off the pot and make up their mind when it comes to the GM.
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    not a mets fan but if i was, i'd be happy with anyone with deep pockets which HBSE most certainly have. and sorry, these guys get a bad rap, but any time $ was NEEDED to be spent, there was absolutely no question.
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    Their play on the ice just makes us sick...
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    Never read Deadspin, so hard for me to agree with the whole tearing up hockey culture aspect. Always a few jerks in every group, but overwhelmingly still seems to me the hockey culture is far above the other 3 major sports. Anyway, the players should be telling donald fehr the way they really feel. Not to the reporter anonymously.
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    Got two firsts recently...can’t lose my sh!t over this.
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    Good news, glad to hear it. I tested antibody positive. Waiting on my daughter’s results. Crazy times we live in.
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    Plus coke and whores are easy to find. That's important to some.
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    Whoever came up with the idea to hold the draft lottery before the season ends should be fired. There is zero reason to do it that way. They could do it the day before the draft (or the morning of the draft, or, for that matter, the first 15 minutes of the actual draft) and it would have the same impact.
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    Based on the number of likes mfitz has, I’d say he’s proven and then some. As for the Devils’ Fitz, I would be willing to give him a shot.
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    As far as Hynes went, I felt that he'd simply run his course. I just couldn't take the passive dumb but angry no-answers-at-all presence on the bench anymore. Not that it would've been guaranteed to have helped, but just once I wanted to see that guy lose his sh!t when his team wound up on the wrong end of another "WTF?!" referee call. Goes without saying the goaltending was a serious issue to start the season...Shero bet on Schneider yet again (and I can't kill Ray for that too much because Cory's contract obviously complicates things, and he did have that solid tease stretch to finish out the previous season, and it seemed like damned near EVERYONE on the Devils was talking about how great Cory was looking the following preseason. And to Ray's credit, when he had no choice but to mothball Cory to the AHL for a while, he had the balls to do it). Problem is that when you look at Nas' sample as the head coach, the goaltending is really the only aspect that improved under his watch...the remaining numbers were all still simply, well, not terribly good. And to me, he's Hynes 2.0. I'm ready for a new HC voice.
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    One of my favorite sentences ever, and I get chills when I hear it, is... "Scott Stevens, you and I have done this before...come get the Stanley Cup!"
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    https://www.nhl.com/devils/bigread/the-collective-we I know this place likes to stay away from politics so I won't say much, other than the fact that I am more proud to be a Devils fan right now than I have been in a long, long time. Brilliantly written (and a not-so-subtle dig at the rangers hidden in there to boot.)
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    Proud of my team and proud of Newark
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    It's incredible how badly the US has handled this pandemic. And that's coming from someone in a country where it's been a complete sh!t show.
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    Button literally is attributing all of the success under Nasraddine without even acknowledging the super human performance of a rookie goalie. He literally says he doesn't know if Blackwood is a #1 but as anyone with half a clue can see, if you put any of the other goalies we had this year in net for an extended period of time, that magical amazing record that Button gives Nassraddine the credit alone for is gone to sh!t and this isnt even a discussion.
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    Also, Happy Canada Day to our neighbors to the North!
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    Gusev should be immediately re upped
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    Yeah they 100% should have wait for the play-in round to be done before the lottery. There's literally no logical reasons to do it the way they did other than being impatient
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    Hockey gods... please just one last time... one. last. time. then we won't bother you for years
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    I can say with 100% certainty someone will be annoyed as to how this draft unfolds. Hoping it’s less of us than more. If we get another #1, I will expect everyone who ever posted that the league has some kind of conspiracy against us to formally retract their statements.
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    I still loathe the fact a team that is playing for the Cup is still having a chance at the 1st overall. Of all the good things the NHL has done during COVID, this was the dumbest by far. “RUSH THE DRAFT LOTTERY” ”But we can just do it in a few more...” ”RUSH IT!”
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    yeah i agree that Elias is very very borderline. I'd be happy if he gets in but also have to be conscious of what sort of floodgate it would open. There's been a LOT of players like him in the league. So if Elias gets in then every fan base we feel justified to push their own versions of that lol I personally don't NEED Elias to be in the HOF. He was VERY special for us and his # will be in the rafters forever. That's good enough for me.
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    Buffalo hired a guy in a day. Granted that’s not the best way, nor was he the best guy, but they could get it done despite COVID if they were motivated to. I just hope the GM position is settled by the draft. I hate the idea of an interim GM making the decisions and then hiring someone else.
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    i trusted Shero's process but I don't trust the owners process at all at this point personally after seeing they wanted to have to be involved too much with hockey decisions and put too much stock in analytics too
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    I’d just assume keep Nas if the other other options are Ruff or Stevens.
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    He won a couple medals with the Czech’s in the Olympics and World’s, too. And ofc its the hockey HoF, not just the NHL.
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    Yep. I wrote them a letter years ago (before I canceled my subscription) calling them out on it. Think it might have been after a certain cover story about Marty being one of the greats, “but please don’t let his team win another Stanley” or some such bs. Three guesses on their main reason why... As far as Elias being a “compiler” GTFOH with that sh!t. He’s one of the most underrated players of 00’s. If he played on a league darling franchise he would have been a big star.
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    Compiled himself a couple Stanley Cups, also. Alfredsson was a more prolific scorer, with 132 points more than Elias in only 6 more games played. Elias, of course, was playing hurt at the end and his numbers after 2012 were greatly diminished. Lockouts were even as players were playing at the same time. Give Alfredsson the extra points, give Elias two Stanley Cups, and those players should be close to even; not one "shoe-in" and one compiler.
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    https://www.tsn.ca/bob-mckenzie-s-final-ranking-lafreniere-the-surest-thing-in-most-uncertain-draft-year-1.1488272 Few more days until we know where we’re picking...
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    Maybe he does know, or at least maybe it's been represented to him that it'll be him. Maybe its just us who don't know. To me, if you were going to replace him, it'd have been done already. Why let him go into the draft and select a coach if he's not going to be the guy going forward? Of course, that's logical so it could be completely wrong.
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    I didn't mean to direct that at you in particular. Its a common opinion that we don't want guys because "he's been to the finals and lost three times", which is about the stupidest fvcking logic I have ever heard when your current coach is Alain fvcking Nasreddine.
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    Huh?? He’s taken 3 different teams to the Cup Finals. There is literally no arguing with his results. I’d be thrilled with Lav or Gallant.
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    At this point this whole GM and HC search is a farce. 3 months since the Devils played their last game and they are still evaluating? At this point this feels this is more theatrics than actual searching.
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    Bet he wishes he had that one back. Especially the white board.
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    Game 7 of the 2003 finals is on right now. I can't believe we still had Albelin on the team still, thought he had retired by then, and also kinda forgot that Gionta was on that team and won a Cup - for some reason I thought he came a couple years later. It's fun seeing some lesser known guys that were role players...Grant Marshall, Turner Stevenson, etc.
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    I agree.... And i would just say something basic without going politic as well... Just that : I hope you will all be fine in this dark time. Stay safe... I will try my hardest to do the same here in Paris !
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    Not really a big surprise, tons of people have had it, hockey players included. The better idea would be to cancel the rest of this year, forget about the playoffs, and see if starting in October makes sense.
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