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    You're right. I take back my post. Only a moron would say something that stupid.
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    Huge news for us: little guy just got home. COVID negative. still no results on the viral but either way. They’re home and off quarantine. All the thoughts, prayers and good vibes to @MB3, @mfitz804 and anyone else that knows someone battling.
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    This does need to be treated seriously but at the same time panic doesn't help anyone. The current mortality rate for Covid-19 is 4% for known reported cases , seasonal influenza mortality rate is 0.1% and global influenza deaths fluctuate between 2-4% annually. These are all readily available WHO figures. And just remember 4% of the American population is 13.5 million people. That being said there isn't any need for panic. Sensible measures like regular hand washing and self isolation if you have symptoms can stop the spread. It is true that the vast majority of people who get this won't die, they might not even become remotely ill , but it's times like this we really need to stop and think of those who are vulnerable, the elderly, those with underlying health conditions or low immune systems and put those people first. Let's try not to think of the 4868 people who have died from this as just numbers, but as relatives , friends and random people on a message board we for some reason have an affinity for (even though most of us can be complete arseholes when the team sucks) that we won't see again. Think of people you know who have had , or are going through chemo and say to yourself "is their life worth not cancelling a few sports events?". Personally I think it's an easy choice. ESPECIALLY given the season this team is having. So wash your hands regularly, stay home if you feel ill and be sensible.
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    That’s good. The workers at the Rock are some of the nicest and most friendly I’ve ever encountered at a sporting event. Glad they will be taken care of.
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    Very happy to see them doing this...
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    Out of all the things to get upset about this miserable season I just can't get worked up about an 18 year old who still looks like a little kid. How many posts has he hit this season? How many fantastic passes that were wasted because his linemates couldn't do anything with them when some should have been easy goals? He's shown plenty of glimpses of talent. Deciding to give up on him this soon is such a ridiculous reaction that it's really not even worth discussing.
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    Thanks for asking. today's the best i've felt in a few days. still a small fever and i've been coughing so much that my inhales sound like a rattlesnake, but i'm nowhere near as bad as i was late last week.
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    Awesome news my man, glad to hear it. And thanks for the well wishes, my wife is doing better than many who have the virus, I still suspect she will be negative but if not, she’s fighting it hard and still fever free.
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    Cuban gets a lot crap but he's a good dude. You won't see too many other owners doing this...
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    haha I thought this was satirical. yeah, man, that's Marty's 552 and Patty passing Johnny Mac. My #1 favorite non-playoff Devils game I've ever been to. Glad to hear it man. Today I feel no symptoms at all for the first time in a week and a half. I'm back at work (working from home of course) and pretty positive it's all behind me. Something I won't ever forget, though. Love you guys for all reaching out. Meant a lot.
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    I’m not here to debate about Lou. It’s been done enough, and the horse is long dead. Let’s not go down that road.
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    They were also one of, if not the first, to announce this.
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    Going to channel my inner mfitz here...I look forward to the day that they have to play each other, because if they ever get into a scrap, we'll be treated to the first kak-fight in NHL history.
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    I just got back from the store because I was running low on a lot of stuff. Its been two weeks since I went, they had a limit of 1 for almost everything so most stuff was in stock. I burned my clothes and set my car on fire once I got home of course.
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    Excellent news jag! Happy to hear it!
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    Oh please Tie...Scott had much better things to do than ever acknowledge you. Like winning championships and making the Hall Of Fame. You were likely very firmly in the “not worth the trouble” category, in Scott’s eyes.
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    If it tastes funny, they put the thermometer in the wrong end.
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    Kudos to the players doing that but I think it's ridiculous that they even have to. It's peanuts for the billionaire owners and they were going to have to pay it originally anyway. It's so scummy and I'm so happy that we don't support a team whose owners would do something so scummy. I know some people give our owners sh!t but I like them and they seem like generally good people.
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    What are these actual facts and figures? And *please* don't tell me raw death totals; it's not a fair comparison considering way more people have been diagnosed with the flu than corona. From every estimate and figure I've seen, conoravirus is carrying a mortality rate of 2.5% to 3.5%, while the flu every year carries a mortality rate of less than 1%. More important than anything though, this is the most easily transmittable novel virus we've seen in North America, which is scary when you combine that with the fact it has absolutely no vaccine and is carrying a mortality rate of ~14% for the elderly. It's not trivial to take this seriously, we all know people that are more susceptible to succumbing to this virus than ourselves. Just because I'm a 25 year old dude who would probably be fine doesn't mean I can't fear for transmitting it to my fiance's father who has cancer or my 65 year old parents.
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    The panic is ridiculous. Absolutely insane
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    You don't draft a player for how good they are. You draft them because of the player you feel they have the potential to become. While I'm disappointed in Hughes' first season, I see no reason to think he's done developing at 18 years of age. This has been a fairly miserable season. I don't know why some people are intent on making it even more miserable.
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    Fun game to watch. Enjoyed Sh!tstalker getting the hook in his own building. I hate everyone on their team. Sloppy night, but we still kicked their ass. Fvck the Rangers, eat a d!ck Lundqvist, nice win.
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    Blackwood’s better...
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    Thanks man. Reports on this thing are true, it definitely affects different people different ways. Some people get a cold, others end up in intensive care. All you can do is hope for the best. Thus far, we’re lucky.
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    Thanks everyone. We’re cautiously optimistic they’ll be home tomorrow. We were hoping for today, but the lab still doesn’t have his viral swab results back, COVID will be another few.
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    This is LAUGHABLE considering Lou's final seasons here
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    I’ve got to say, stepping back and researching, I was completely wrong with my earlier post. #FlattenTheCurve
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    Find someone who looks at you the way Claude looks at Patty
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    This is a case where the only way to know if these measures will have been necessary will be to not take them, see if things turn into a wild pandemic like what happened during the Spanish flu of 1918-1920/21 and then we can look back and say what we should have done. Or we can take those precautions with the knowledge that it might be an over-reaction but it might also save lives, perhaps millions. As for me, I look at this as an historian first and foremost. History is littered with examples of times when precautions would have saved lives, stemmed the advance of diseases, and change the path of history itself. But you cannot know that until later. Some people are arguing that all of this isn’t necessary because Coronavirus isn’t as deadly as the flu.... but which flu is that exactly? The Spanish flu pandemic ended up infecting 1/4 of entire planet’s population! Of those perhaps as many as 1 in 5 died, perhaps fewer. Or maybe it is more similar to a more mild strain of flu. Either way, you’re playing with fire and simply saying things like “it is less deadly than the flu” is showing a degree of dangerous ignorance. As for the idea that this is a mass panic, I don’t feel like most people are panicking. The surest way to stop transmittable diseases from spreading is to stop the thing that carries it: people. Stop people from moving around and you isolate the disease. There are thousands of examples where this would have worked in history. For the first time in history we are doing this and people are calling it a bad idea. Why? Because you will lose some money or some hockey games? In the end it may be that we are doing more than is necessary, but I don’t think I will be betting my life, or yours, on that. If sacrificing things like the rest of the NHL season is the price to pay then okeedokee, let’s pay it. And no, I don’t think we are going to starve folks. It is possible to keep society functioning with its essentials and cull non essentials.... although this might not be the right place to argue that hockey is a non essential. I’ll step off my soapbox now....
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    Because we've tacitly accepted that doing so is bad for business. Many people also choose not to get the flu shot even when they have affordable access to it. This in itself costs many people their lives - but because any given death can't be traced back to a single individual, no one bears the weight of guilt. If there was more social pressure to get the vaccine and stay home when you have the flu, less people would die. I want to be really careful when speaking about the current Coronavirus strain (SARS-CoV-2), because there's so little we know about it yet. We don't even know for sure how it will respond to warmer temperatures. The studies on it are just beginning and what's out there often isn't peer reviewed or includes small or problematic samples. Given that we have no idea about just how bad this virus is or what its mutations will look like, its extra important that we slow it down. One [non-peer reviewed] paper I read did seem to suggest that healthy young/middle aged people probably become much less infectious (or not contagious at all) after about 10 days or so (https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.03.05.20030502v1.full.pdf). If that's true, then the two-week quarantines that have been so widely recommended (or in some countries mandated) may just go a long way in slowing the spread of the virus. There was a very small sample size in that study though.
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    Honestly, you are the biggest a$$hole I have ever encountered in my life. Anyone who disagrees with you is an idiot. Fvcking entitled jerkoff.
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    Yeah agreed Cuban just put all the other owners on blast by doing this so now they will look bad in comparison. James Dolan certainly wouldn't do this, he wanted to keep games going until the government forced them to stop.
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    No no no don’t try to pull that card of ‘oh we are just trying to express a different opinion, please don’t crucify us for our well to do thoughts!’. fvck outta here with that. If someone wants to talk complete and utter sh!t then go right ahead. But don’t whine when people call it out. Saying Hughes is already a bust isn’t an opinion rooted in any logic, hockey or otherwise. It’s not groupthink that people are wise enough to recognize 1.bullsh!t and 2.someone’s hysteria.
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    I don't know whether this is just you having a dark sense of humour where you find this funny, or its a coping mechanism for the team being terrible. But if it's neither of these things I think you need to step back and maybe take a break from the team for a while. Because this doesn't seem to bring you an ounce of enjoyment right now. And this is supposed to be fun. If you can't find anything to enjoy or be positive about maybe skip the rest of the season and come back after the draft.
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    A .500 point% 19-11-7 in their last 37 GP. Two very nice wins. Daniel?
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    Bing win against pens 6-4. Boqvist scored twice and our kakko scored once. Now he has 3+3 in 4 games for us.
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    Quinn is also 20 years old. Jack is 18. I doubt Quinn puts up those numbers if he comes in the league right after the draft. Two years is a big difference at this age for those guys. That’s what he meant I believe.
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    This is hysterical. Mr “played against men” is tied in points (on a way better team with 5 more games played) with our guy who everyone in the hockey world said would need some time to reach his true potential. Kakko has been a far bigger disappointment based on expectations. Idc who went 1st and who went 2nd. You guys are too much.
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    Anything with the word Taylor and it should be banned from the arena.
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