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    Honestly, good for him. If he wants to exercise his no trade and he wants to stay on this team that's fine. I think it's good to have people that want to be here while they try to figure out this rebuild.
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    I'd be happy with just the skills competition, to be honest. Maybe they could add more events and do it over two days. How about the Miles Wood Goalie Bowling competition? Pavel Zacha "Almost" scoring competition (quickest to his both posts and crossbar)?
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    Oh who the hell cares. They had a 3 on 3 and were shooting hockey pucks from the concourse. If you don’t like it don’t watch. I think a lot of young female fans watched last night with stars in their eyes, if it helps grow our game it’s awesome. The lot of you complain about absolutely everything. Must be a terrible way to live.
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    No thanks on Greene. Need to move on from both him and Cory.
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    No more trades with the Rags. Ever. Shero angered the hockey gods with that one, and we never recovered.
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    Anyone see highlights of B-Devils down 3-0 against Utica, and scoring 5 unanswered goals. I think they're 9-1 last 10 games. Boquist's goal sweet. (caught em in a line change)
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    Love having this dude on my team and I appreciate his loyalty to us here in NJ given the lack of success the team has had while he's been here. Fully support him staying.
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    Goose-Hughes-Coleman.... that line would inspire a new drink served at the Rock: Jack and (Grey) Goose with a splash of pickle juice.
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    If we lose out on Gallant cause Fitz didn’t want to make a move, or some bullsh!t of “well we already have Nas here,” I will be absolutely ducking livid. And yes, I think from now on, ducking will be my default way to say that swear, it adds humor in when I’m furious
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    Kid is so damn likable.
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    You’re worse than a wet blanket. You constantly act like the world pissed in your Cheerios. You’re the human equivalent of stepping on a lego wearing a damp sock while simultaneously dealing with a case of hemherroids. I hope you’re happier in your real life than you are on here. I mean that.
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    I’m all for women’s hockey programs, but it’s the NHL All Star game. Those ladies aren’t NHL All Stars.
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    Why are women playing the most wretched slow 3 on 3 hockey I've ever seen? They're boring. TV off. Absolutely wretched. This is the NHL skills competition so why are they forcefeeding hockey that would lose to most boys high school teams around America and Canada
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    We dont have the luxury to reward people for longevity. We need talent on the ice. This isn't a nursing home.
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    Yeah I'm pretty sure it was you actually. That part where he talks about Burns calling him a few days before he died to apologize about being hard on him really speaks to how amazing of a person Burns was
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    May have been me. I recommend spittin chiclets any chance I get, and that interview was incredible. he spoke for almost a full hour and didn’t even get into stories about Scotty Stevens or Marty Brodeur. They’re having him back on some day soon to continue.
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    Oh I'm just as cranky as you are...I understand why they're in limbo right now (canning the coach and then canning the GM who canned the coach will do that), but that doesn't mean I like it. That being said, I'm enjoying this Devils "vacation" way too much...as much as I like certain players on this team (Nico, Palms, Coleman, and Blackwood...also Hughes, who's got the goods, just needs time), the team as a whole is beyond maddening. I know I'll be going to more games because it's something that me and my daughter have very much made our own. I'll be enjoying daddy time with HER. Who the hell knows about the games themselves...
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    I found that graph interesting. What a bizarre thing to get upset about.
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    “Brown crashing the net...no, it’s White. Some dude with a color for a name”.
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    Part of me is all "let's go Devils" and also part of me is "meh"
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    The season is a wash so there's no reason to run Blackwood into the ground. He's played nearly twice as much as any other rookie goalie in the league. Overplaying him won't develop him any quicker. As for Coleman and Palms, if you get an offer you can't turn down, fine. But you need guys who can play too, especially guys who put in an effort like those two do. Otherwise we'll end up with a team of 20-25 year olds every year in the constantly rotating rebuild.
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    As opposed to our current involvement which is "every team has to be represented so I guess we'll take that guy".
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    I know... the 217/202v3 is pretty much half of my job. But I get what you’re saying. Shouldn’t speculate until something is founded.
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    As far as all star games goes; nothing will ever touch the MLB’s all star game and home run derby. But the NHL is a CLEAR second best, especially after they went to the division-teams and 3-on-3 tournament. the nba all star game and the pro bowl are both flat out unwatchable.
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    Nico with the equalizer midway in the first half. Helped the metro overcome the usual Holtby 2 gift goals
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    I agree with you, especially on principle, but it's a PR stunt that happens once a year at an event that is barely entertaining anyway. If I have to have it shoved in my face for an hour a year I can deal with it, especially at the Allstar game. I understand why people think the NHL should be promoting women's sports, but I still don't think it is the NHL's job to be trying to promote a brand they don't even carry. It shouldn't be the NHL's job to make people like women's hockey.
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    Well, I’ve been saying that about him for years. He never should’ve been a top line center, despite some success there for two years with Parise on his wing. If you want to argue he’s not worth his current contract because he never put up points, that’s a better argument. And again, we were talking about what he’s worth if we do keep him. I don’t think there’s anyone who would insist he HAS to be here, if they want to part ways, I can’t imagine anyone would object at this point. Also, the concept that anyone would even for a second consider giving him a contract so he can pursue Daneyko’s record is absurd. That’s another good example of something people on this board say that has no basis in reality, but then people keep repeating it. Team management doesn’t give a sh!t if he breaks a games played record.
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    IF you re moving on, that's one thing. We were discussing whether their longevity gets them a little extra in the paycheck if they do opt to re-sign them. I think they do. I don't think you take a guy like Travis Zajac, say thanks for your service, here's a 1 year, 2 million dollar contract. That's not how you treat guys who not only were valued but who also valued playing for your organization and actually want to be there. This is especially true where you just gave Wayne Simmonds at less than half capacity $5m, and a higher value deal (higher than $2m, not what Travis makes now) has zero cap implications. Now, if you ask me about Andy Greene, I would say the same thing. IF they want to bring him back. The difference is, I wouldn't mind having Zajac back in his 3rd/4th line role, whereas I think Andy should probably retire, we should name a new captain, and we should bring up some new defensemen. I for one would be happy to see Smith, Bahl and Okhotyuk competing to make the team out of camp next year than putting another team on the ice with Greene, Mueller, and Carrrick.
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    Ever worked with a person who was promoted to a position he wasn't qualified for simply because of his tenure with the company? That's what Greene is, to me, as far as him being a captain for this team. Looking forward to the end of his 'era' here.
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    Yeah, one year deals are fine. Zajac is still serviceable, I wouldn't have a problem with two. Greene I would prefer one, but I would consider two. Again, the guy has been here forever through some sh!t years, I would give him the extra year out of loyalty. You aren't talking a contract that's going to break the bank.
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    i don't necessarily think this was the devils actively shopping him. if you want to read between the lines, lou and the isles asked the devils - find out if he'll waive his NTC and then we can see if a trade makes sense. so they asked. honestly - the only two teams i could see him agreeing to a trade with would be the isles and the rangers. i don't think he has any interest in moving his family from this area for a while.
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    I don't think anyone is arguing to resign him at top dollar so he can chase Dano. But NTC's have value... it's part of his compensation. It allows him a secure personal life, where he knows he can see his kids for home games without having to move them around the country as a journeyman to earn his checks. He still has another year on his contract too, so any trade would be incredibly disruptive. I'm happy he put family first rather than chase cup dreams.
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    That's a pretty sweet looking ring. I normally don't like that stuff too much, but I gotta admit, that'd probably look really good in a lot of man caves.
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    And I hope we give him a nice deep playoff run. Or better yet a Cup. Since 2012 he's played 5 playoff games. He deserves far better
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    I had a bigger problem when we were using Zajac as a first line center, which he was never suited for.
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    Agree totally. I mean are we gonna criticize a guy who is loyal and wants to stay? Not I. Further, in a world where current day Wayne Simmonds makes $5m a year, Zajac is not overpaid for what he brings.
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    Seeing this also makes me realize that a lot of guys we have grown accustomed to over the past 4-5 seasons are going to be gone soon. I think by the start of the 21-22 season at least 2/3 of the roster will be totally different guys than what we have now.
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    man I don't think we really need a 38-39 year old zajac hanging around to catch up to Daneyko in games played. Just unnecessary in my opinion.
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    If he can put in 4 more years and stay health, he can break Daneyko's record for most regular season games played as a Devils. With his defensive skills if his skating doesn't totally go south and he can still chip in 30 pts a year...he may be worth keeping around.
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    Guy has played on a lot of sh!t teams, I can’t begrudge him exercising that option and wanting to stay. He earned it.
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    they better cause there's more and more pressure on MTL to fire Julien and with a french speaking Gallant available...
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    Instead I just helped you out by stopping talking.
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    Put out my newest rankings this afternoon, take a look if you're so inclined! Lafreniere, Byfield, and Raymond are still my top 3, with Stützle and Rossi squeezing their way into the Top 5. The 1st Round was super hard for me to whittle down, which will also be relevant for us with at least two 1st Rounders coming up. My ideal scenario is obviously landing Lafreniere at the top and then someone like Jeremie Poirier or Emil Andrae with the Yotes pick.
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