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    "No no no I didn't say that stuff. That was another Fitz."
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    Fvck it, you get the rarely seen tribute meme.
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    I might not be into jerseys as hardcore as you, mfitz, and CR76, but I appreciate the knowledge you guys bring on them. I only bought jerseys from NHL Shop before finding this board. Didn’t know about Meigray or EPS, etc. So in short, don’t let one or two trolls discourage you from talking about your collecting. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s interested.
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    Nice to see Hughes first point, with us having the rest of this game and 4 more home games we should be seeing his first goal at home as well.
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    i think the entire management team from Shero through Hynes and his staff is blaming this on the players. While they certainly shoulder blame, these guys clearly have skill and ability. Its for the coach to get the most out of it. say what you want - this team is wrapped in a culture of losing. For the true core of this team, that's really all they've known. Yes, Zajac and Greene had winning seasons earlier in their career but that was a lifetime ago in sports. the one playoff run year seems like the outlier and these guys are almost conditioned to losing.
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    "Got some breaks and Blackwood played well," doesn't really sum up the game all too well - though as you said, you didn't watch all of it. Yeah possession numbers at 5v5 weren't all that great but there was a lot of special teams tonight and the Devils looked a lot better throughout - nothing looked AHL-caliber really and there was structure out there. Hughes lost his man on the first goal, but overall I didn't count the Devils allowing too many high quality chances on the net and never lost control of the momentum for too long.
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    And...get this...he was actually a +2 last night. Guess the Minus Man's march towards -100 for his career is taking a slight detour for the moment... Devils definitely got some breaks last night (and they still give up a lot of good looks), but I'm just happy that they won a damn game. Was nice to drive home not pissed. So happy for Hughes getting his first point. I get that people are going to bitch about Palms from time to time and make it sound like he's useless (especially when he's slumping), and yes, he definitely has flaws, but the guy does put the puck in the net, and has been doing it since he first became a Devil...obviously he runs hot and cold and that will likely never change, but he's averaged 30 G per 82 GP in a Devil uniform. Wasn't so long ago we were all screaming for a guy who could do that.
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    Of course he was, or that’s just what he wants you to believe. That fvcking Arabian hobo.
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    We all have known forever what an idiot Nasreddine is. He’s needed to go for three years.
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    Holy sh!t Subban with 9 SOG tonight.
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    It shouldn't have taken putting the assistant GM on the fvcking bench to identify that. Us idiots saw that clear as fvcking crystal
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    Fitzgerald yelling at Nessradine.... accountability of some sort. Better than nothing.
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    I could watch this all day. This is how you show up to play the Rangers. Glad to see Hall has embraced the rivalry.
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    I fvcking love Hall's edge tonight, sorry. Don't care if he runs someone.
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    Palms with some redemption. Gorgeous goal, too.
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    Pickels, the one player on this team that showed up to play hockey this year.
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    I don’t know that I’ve seen a worse PP in all my years of watching hockey. With the offensive talent this team has it really is mind boggling.
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    Facebook/instagram is by far the worst. HF is next, r/Devils is after that. And then us.
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    this is like you going to your boss and admitting you’re lost and don’t have any answers in fact, to me, this makes Hynes look even worse
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    I appreciate the mention and that you appreciate the info that I and others bring. Listen, I’m aware that jersey collecting and being a hockey fan are two different things. And jersey collecting is a bunch of different things on its own, it can be done a hundred different ways. My collection is nothing like DM84’s collection, nor CR76’s. This board isn’t tailored to collecting, and that’s fine. But it’s about Devils fanship, and for a few of us collecting is part of that. Those who don’t like it, don’t participate. But making fun of people for collecting jerseys is ridiculous, and I’m sure that the people who mock collectors have something equally mock-able in their lives. They just aren’t as vocal about it lol.
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    I’m digital artist. It’s my job. And in post soviet Eastern Europe we EVEN have YouTube. And even internet.
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    I really just never know what you’re going to say...lol
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    They actually did probably play their best game of the season tonight. They were harder on pucks and much more aggressive. There were considerably less team fvckups than there have been even though you still had players that have been bad continue to be bad. gusev has that shot which is great. just about everything else he did tonight was very much not good. he was a turnover machine and failed to get stick with his man that led to a good scoring chance for the rangers off his turnover. simmonds - for fvcks sake, can this guy win one fvcking board battle - he is boyle 2.0 in that he's a big guy that could not play any smaller. vatanen was not very good tonight - goal one maybe box out your man? as for the good blackwood made some terrific saves. i would've liked his rebound control to be better but he could've easily given up 4 tonight so good on him. zacha was great tonight. i don't care that he was off the score sheet - he played a great 200 foot game tonight and in all situations. PK was what he needs to be tonight - agressive but still safe and seemed to control the play in the d zone. rooney played a great game in his role tonight - that can play for me on the 4th all season if that's the kind of game we'll get from him. as a whole, this is the kind of game we all expected from this team. some letdowns here and there, but pretty aggressive for the most part and challenging the opposition consistently.
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    Even more important, Kakko with nothing but zeroes. Round 1 goes to Hughes!
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    Major props to Rooney for his game tonight, he lead that 4th line and was great on the PK. Speaking of PK, he wanted that one tonight. .
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    The Devils beat the Rangers with Hughes on the first line and no Hischier or Greene. Good stuff.
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    So many demons put to rest for now tonight: Hughes gets his first point PK gets his first goal Blackwood was awesome The PK was lights out and we finally won a fvcking game
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    I love subbans fire there with Blackwood
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    Damn, Zacha is really putting it all together. Who would have thought all it would take was some support from @mfitz804.
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    There’s one of the guys who looks like he gives a sh!t
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    A minute and a half into the game Hughes strips the puck from Kaako and scores his first NHL goal on a breakaway. Later, Kaako gets a wide open chance on the Powerplay and misses an empty net. The Devils win the game 6-1.
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    After the cannucks game we have 5 days off, if we are still winless ..it has to happen..
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    I'm having too much fun with this. I can just read NJDevs, everyone here knows everything anyway! I already know...it sucks!!
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    I mean I was going to meme it, but you clearly have already won.
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    I miss the days when The Hockey News was the creme de la creme for information. Getting that in the mail (yes, kids, it was a hard copy, paper type publication) and then keeping it in my backpack to school until the next one came out
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    I don't see any way on this earth that Shero's job is at risk. None. Zero. These owners pissed away years with the Sixers being patient. They aren't remotely thinking Ray needs to go imo.
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    For me, I’d highlight the bottom line, circle it in crayon, write “You’re fired“ in big bold letters using one of those old permanent black markers that smelled atrocious and could essentially get you high, take a stapler and staple a copy to Hynes and Nasraddine’s foreheads as they walked into work this morning. But I’m also a bitter person so there’s that
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    It would have been stupid to fire him when he had a crap roster, or the season they made the playoffs, so no, you were not right the entire time. Expectations were higher this season with some of the moves Shero made over the summer though. Now it’s time for Hynes to go.
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    I used to see one every Saturday, basically all the dads at the soccer field. Oh, that’s a cargo SHORTS cult, never mind.
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    Hughes got the assist.
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    Your MOM is fragile PIERRE!
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    What do you expect Shero to be telling people, "Yes, I'm considering firing Hynes"? No he's going to stick behind him until the moment he decides to fire him as any GM would. From 10/25/2010:
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