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GDT: Devs @ Rags 7:00 PM TNT/Tru TV


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1 minute ago, ButlerBulldog said:

Well, that was fun.  Even Green and Laviolette got into it.  Shades of DeBoer and Tortorella.

Sure but in the end doesn’t mean d!ck.  The Rangers haven’t seen two players injured yet.

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2 minutes ago, Aznjsn said:

What's laviolette so upset about? He didn't see this coming after Rempe cheap shotted us twice?

[sarcasm]What do you mean?  They’re the New York Rangers, the greatest team of all time![/sarcasm]

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1 minute ago, jagknife said:

They actually tossed all 8? TNT says yes, Score app says just 10 min misconducts

Yeah some clarity there would be nice. I highly doubt all eight guys were ejected.

Atta boy Dawson

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The refs are consistent…consistently c*nty towards the Devils.

Edited by Colorado Rockies 1976
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Just now, Aznjsn said:

Brendan smith should just give some the Bedard jaw special at this point

A lot of game left but the Rangers have gotten off very light so far.  

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