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Kovalchuk Retired Effective Immediately?


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Can we have a jersey trade-in program ala Hernandez?


I dropped $300 on a fully authentic jersey that is now worth SH!T


I was a day away from getting a Kovalchuk jersey.  I will be grilling my Kovy t-shirt tonight.  Disgraceful.  Left the whole organization and it's fans fvcking high and dry. 

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He must have been offered boatloads to play in the KHL.  I can't think of anything else

Board MELTDOWN in 3...2...1....

If he plays in the KHL, Russia could be barred from the Olympics.  Can't see that happening with the games being in Sochi.

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Well this guy just single handedly ruined the franchise.

Couldn't sign Parise because of this fvcking hack.

From the moment we signed him I knew it was bad news.

Look at the way he played, overrated, hype, garbage.

No 1st round pick next year, which we are DEFINITELY going to need because we will be in the bottom of the league once again this year.

Excellent. Can't wait for the start of the season.

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wow... lets just look back on our last few season


2010 -  the whole Kovy saga who lasted months and kept us stressed forever the whole summer + the contract penalty + One of the worst half season in the history of sport under Maclean + missed the playoffs


2011 - that first summer of stressed with the Parise going to arbitration and all + financial trouble and bankruptcy rumours.


2012 - the whole Parise thing where he ultimately walked + financial trouble again.


2013 - Clarkson leaving + Kovalchuk retiring...


2014 - forfeiting first round pick


Other than the cup run we had... we've had to go through some very very very sh!tty situation.


im speechless... i seriously feel like crying...

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Is this site unbroken now?  lol.


Yeah, this has no effect on Olympic participation.    Should it?   The league should pull it off the table and shake everyone out and see where they stand, but at the same time it's a marketing thing for them and they built their outdoor games around it.


From a transfer POV this is totally on the level.   He voided his contract.   It's a free transfer.

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 We are so screwed. We just went from little to no offense. I wonder if he was tirred on getting 'delayed' checks from the boss??? He'll play in the KHL when he is eligible.


Couple decent FA still on the market. We better grab them now.

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