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GDT: Charlestown Chiefs @ New Jersey Devils 7PM

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Saw this let down happening.

They pretty much have the same record.

Don't know why I thought the Devils "should" win this game.

glad you made this post. It seems every time you give up after the first period we come back to win.


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Took my 5-year-old daughter to this one.  Just me and her.  Was hoping for so much better.  I'm going to have a hell of a time indoctrinating her if I keep subjecting her to steaming piles of dung lik

This thread convinced me, I am never going to a game again.

Only off by 1!

About halfway thru this game, neither team playing particularly well. I know the Devils are out Elias and Zajac but I was hoping they'd take advantage of a Flyers team in turmoil. Hopefully they pick it up in the 2nd half. 


I'm getting tired of this no HD sh!t <_<

Agreed, this is like the 4th game this year in SD.

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What an abysmal hockey game


might as well send the people home after 2. Devils are getting shut out and being forced to watch this garbage amounts to abuse and entrapment

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