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GDT: Charlestown Chiefs @ New Jersey Devils 7PM

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7:00 PM | Prudential Center, Newark NJ



Radio: The flagship station for New Jersey Devils hockey, Sportsradio 66/101.9 WFAN


icon539467.jpg vs.small_logo.png


New Jersey: 3-4-3

Philadelphia: 3-9-0


Tonight's projected starting goaltenders brought to you by Modell's:


New Jersey: Brodeur

Philadelphia: Ogie Oglethorpe







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Took my 5-year-old daughter to this one.  Just me and her.  Was hoping for so much better.  I'm going to have a hell of a time indoctrinating her if I keep subjecting her to steaming piles of dung lik

This thread convinced me, I am never going to a game again.

Only off by 1!

Nice to see a real GDT!

Man, could Philly be any more of a joke franchise? They still think they can fight their way to wins

it really sucks that the "experts" always think Philly will finish ahead of us every year....how do they get any respect

or how do we get such little respect

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I'm sitting in my car right now and a group of Flyers fans parked behind me.


I remember it wasn't unusual to see thousands of flyer fans at the old CAA. Now it's just a sprinkling at the Pru Center. We're doing a good job eradicating them

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