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GDT: Devils at Pens 7:00PM


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How is Henrique a bust? He was a 3rd round pick that way out performed. Rofl. And if you mean the contract, it's not that terrible, he still provides other stuff. I think he is battling through that injury from a few games ago. And the scoring will come, he's a little snake bitten has hit like 3-4 posts over the past couple games.



Also this isn't a blame pete game at all, he fvcking got them to play hard as sh!t after that terrible first.


I will agree that this team is aggravating though.



I think reid needs to go back down, not that he is anything to do with why we are losing, it's just I think it would be better for his development, he isn't doing a whole lot up here.


I really hope PDB goes back to cory tomorrow, he still gives us the best chance to win on most nights, and I think he took this loss hard and is eager to get back in there and make it up to the team (if you watched his interview he really blames himself, guys say that but you could hear it in his voice).

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It's not the refs.


We have two rookie defensemen back there who are being asked to do a lot. Maybe they shouldn't have been paired together against Malkin, who knows.


Cory had a weak start, but why doesn't Pete  say "well he hadn't started in a week." excuse the old man uses.


WE need to go back to Cory tomorrow and ride him. He's the better goaltender. He didn't get much work tonight, let's let him bounce back.

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im thinking debo keeps a very loose off schedule; im totally making this up but it may explain his makeshift line changes and late game heroics 


theres a difference between splitting hairs and pulling hair


edit; dont trade Fayne

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2 30+ goal scorers and a few 10-15ers. We don't have that in Albany unfortunately.


Watching this game, made me realize why do we give a sh!t about the playoffs anyway, we are out classed. Try get a 1st in the draft should be the goal, we looking like a draft lottery team.

My point exactly re: the playoffs

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It's always hard to evaluate games like this, but the Devils got scoring chances in the 3rd, and that's all you can do.  The power play did well (they're credited with 6 shots in 2 PPs).  Just a shame that Schneider had to let up that awful goal really early on, team fell apart from there.  


I thought Josefson had his best game of the season, at least that I've seen.  I thought Merrill had his worst game.  Boucher didn't really do much either - he wasn't bad but he wasn't good either, I suspect he is not long for the NHL, but there's a lot to like there.

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another frustrating "almost" game. bad goal by cory. merrill is mentally falling behind the plays and painting himself in corners or out of position, gelly is losing focus too.  like how fayne plays against the best 1 vs 1, he difficult to beat.  we need larsson back there fast, never thought Id say that , but hes much "quieter" back there


  im off the brunner is useless in this O bandwagon, like his effort now, even if he gets knocked off his feet with a sneeze lol. season looks to be slipping away, but no way do I fire petey! I think without his system were much worse off. I still enjoy watching this team play when they have legs, especially that first line... LGDs

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