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GDT: Devils vs. Isles, 3/31/18, 7:00 pm


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1 minute ago, Devs3cups said:

Muller did in 87-88

So Hall could become only the 4th player to do it. Obviously making the playoffs is all that matters, but it would be cool. 

1 minute ago, Gunslinger27 said:

Big Gio, was the other...........  Was their 4 or 5

Gio had 89. 

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Very happy we won, it was ugly but the ugly ones still count. 

I hope Palmieri is ok.

Gibbons played possibly his worst game tonight, just looked like sh!t all game. 

Hall = MVP

Nico is probably 200% or 300% the player he was on opening night, I can’t wait to see how he develops in the upcoming years.

KK was big when he needed to be. 

Maroon on the ice with Hall and Nico was ok, Hall seemed out of sync and anticipating Kyle and him not being there. I like Maroon but he does not have Palmieri’s hands. 

2 points closer, let’s finish this season strong. 

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11 minutes ago, TomsRiverDevil said:

Did we hear about how Palms is doing?

Stonefeet Greene accidentally caught him under his right eye with the blade of his stick. 

Looked like a pretty bad laceration and swelling at the time. Couldn’t open his eye. 

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