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    Their next fan experience room will be one where you can join Gritty in doing copious amounts of crystal meth during the games!
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    No I didn’t. Because I’m tired of everyone hitting panic buttons for everything. This is the most paranoid fan base on earth. It’s exhausting.
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    LGD. Win so everyone on this board can calm the fvck down.
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    On another note, still working my way through the new New Jersey jerseys trying to find some magic in one of them. Tonight, I shall Subbanate.
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    Game's on NBCSN with Doc on the call.
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    Let's go Devils and get a nice win tonight!
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    Lets send those fans to their Rage Room tonight
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    I think Zacha being scratched is more about the Hynes-Rooney love affair than anything else but having this kind of depth at center is nice
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    Would be shocked if he's not booed
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    *obligatory I can’t wait to hear Dano try and pronounce his name comment
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    Jesper Spratt lol. Love it Doc.
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    Terrible decision by Vatanen there.
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  14. 1 point
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    It’s sounds like me reading a @Guadana post.
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  17. 1 point
    You could argue that about a lot of guys for the only two games of the season. I don't think he looked any worse than anyone else.
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    Tight fitting + bad crest placement = not good on anyone not really tall and in really good shape. I got rid of my one Indo Adidas almost instantly after receiving it.
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    Sadly those jerseys look awful on a LOT of fans...especially since it's just about impossible to get a "real" authentic (unless you go GI or GW). Anyway, LGMFD!
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    I Google translated this to make sure it wasn’t about me. The result was a perfect description of KK.
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    Agreed, let’s shake off the disappointment of the first two games and show up tonight. Let’s play like it means something, because it definitely does. Jack Hughes gets his first NHL point tonight. LFGD
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    What’s French for Chipotle sucking loser?
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    Scratched one game out of three does not equal scratched every other game. I have no issues with complaints, but if you're going to complain, at least be accurate. If you have a sample where Zacha's been scratched, say, 5 games out of the first 10 or 11, and it doesn't seem to be fair in relation to his play, then yeah, I get wondering what that's all about. Blowing up ONE friggin' scratch into his value one day being compromised in a potential future trade that may or may not ever happen...or to make it sound like his confidence will be irreparably derailed as a result of this one game...I'm sorry, this is way overreacting, and I'm with MD2020 when he talks about how exhausting this sh!t can be. Is it so hard to let this brand-new season breathe just a LITTLE? Does every little thing have to be a potential worst-case scenario?
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    From what I saw just a few minutes ago, it looks like Zacha, Boqvist and Mueller are sitting while Rooney, Hayden and Carrick are taking their places. Zacha and Boqvist sit for Rooney and Hayden. Gotta have that toughness doe...
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    Hopefully NJ gives them a reason to use it.
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    Whether you can separate it in your head is a personal thing. But there is no way to separate it in reality, paying GG royalties is providing financial support to a child predator and rapist no matter how you slice it.
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    I think in a lot of cases the captaincy means more to the fans than it does to the players. According to the NHL rule book, all the C means is that they are allowed to discuss things to the ref. I know most, if not all, teams use it as a leadership role, but like others have said I don't think the team thinks that long and hard about it. I think a leadership core is more important than who has the C. When we were winning cups, we had a core of guys like Stevens, Brodeur, Nieds, Daneyko, McKay, Elias, Langs, MacLean, etc. Some had letters on their jerseys while some didn't, but I don't think in the locker room it mattered much to those guys. Our core right now is Greene, Hall, Palms, Zajac, Hischier, Subban and Schneider. That is far better than what we have rolled out in the past. This doesn't include players like Hughes who may join that group faster than we think.
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    Pretty easy line to draw around a guy who's been found guilty of raping a whole string of 10-14 year olds. Jesus Christ, what are we even debating here? We're not talking about people with questionable politics or who wore something offensive on Halloween 40 years ago, this guy was found guilty of raping kids, and fat ass royalty checks from the New Jersey Devils would go straight to his release fund. No thank you! End of discussion.
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    We were beyond spoiled with Stevens as captain. He didnt have to talk to the media to lead, he'd just go out and hit the first body he saw and the momentum swung. Crosby, even with all of his faults, goes out, makes a flashy play and boom, the team gets motivated. Hell he figuratively scoffed at the Coleman one hander last year and raised it a baseball swing, OT winner. Ovie is a Russian Psycho. Dustin Brown wasn't a flashy guy, nor a huge hitter, but he could shut the other team down as a checking forward, then Kopitar got the C and combined a little flash with some PK prowess, etc. Just different dynamics for different teams. Do I think Greene is not the great captain? IDK, not in the room and thats really all we have to go off of based on his declining play. But as much as I despise the guy, he can't and shouldn't be stripped of the C this season. Just don't ask me what my take is on him for next year....
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