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    thanks for asking! i’m 100% now, and my wife never tested positive.
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    2 lotto wins in the past 3 years. I know it's all random but it just doesn't seem likely. I just hope there are 0 "play-in" teams. When the Rangers season ends, I want them to know it was for nothing.
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    I had a boy in 2017 and we won the lottery and drafted Nico. In 2019 I had a girl and we won the lottery and drafted Hughes. I tried to get my wife to have another kid but she wasn’t going for it. Sorry guys.
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    Shero & Hextall are way better than those two. They were both 1st time GM's, & both were bad. Jeff Skinner 9 mil? Fitz is better equipped to handle this job.
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    Good news, glad to hear it. I tested antibody positive. Waiting on my daughter’s results. Crazy times we live in.
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    I can say with 100% certainty someone will be annoyed as to how this draft unfolds. Hoping it’s less of us than more. If we get another #1, I will expect everyone who ever posted that the league has some kind of conspiracy against us to formally retract their statements.
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    I still loathe the fact a team that is playing for the Cup is still having a chance at the 1st overall. Of all the good things the NHL has done during COVID, this was the dumbest by far. “RUSH THE DRAFT LOTTERY” ”But we can just do it in a few more...” ”RUSH IT!”
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    Either way, we’re all recovered. But thanks!!
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    Fortunate isn't the word I'd use. We suffer watching diarrhea on ice annually to be this fortunate. I was all about NJ winning some games with Nas but I thought they'd drop more down the stretch as the season was closing. We sucked enough to be a littler higher lol. A number of people have Stützle at 2 now but both look to be pretty great players/potential. Stützle looks to have the flashy skills and Byfield looks to have that power forward game going. I have read Byfield seems like he might not make his NHL debut for a season or two but Stützle can jump in now so maybe that is the difference maker.
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    Did you at least adopt a dog so we can pick third?
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    I'm excited and all but the fact that you can get a shot at the cup AND a shot at the #1 pick is ridiculous.
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    I’m thinking of just showing up at the draft and seeing if I can just pass for the other Fitz. People will just think I’m supposed to be there.
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    Buffalo hired a guy in a day. Granted that’s not the best way, nor was he the best guy, but they could get it done despite COVID if they were motivated to. I just hope the GM position is settled by the draft. I hate the idea of an interim GM making the decisions and then hiring someone else.
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    Always a hoot seeing hockey players just wearing their jerseys, no equipment underneath, no full uniform, no helmet, no skates...really gives them that "Could be one of us" vibe, in an awesome way.
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    Oh no. Wish him luck. I have asthma too so keep that kid safe! Wait I think I misunderstood that. They’re testing for antibodies now?
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    Great news man, happy to hear it! Hoping and praying for the best for both of you Fitz.
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    Man i'm nervous... the way this year went i could totally imagine a Murphy's law situation happening... sure hope i'm wrong lol The last thing i want is a team from the play-in to win a top 3 spot... There's over 25% that we're the first team announce here.
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    I'm looking at the extension of the CBA, the lack of the bullsh!t return to play that baseball went through and a few other things that coffee is not helping me remember right now. Definitely some rose-colored glasses by me, especially with EVERYTHING else in the world going on and a lack of sports, but I feel like the one sports league in North America that's been getting it right or ahead of things is the NHL.
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    Long time no post. I'm pretty excited for tonight. I'm feeling good about how things will turn out. Time will tell!
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    No mooses are like pets here, they're out friends. We wouldn't ride 'em cmon now
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    I agree, really doesn't make any sense. What good has the NHL done during covid? Just trying to figure out what I missed.
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    So, in summary for tonight.. Stolen from reddit:
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    The Red Wings were no strangers to bringing in aging bigger-name vets (even if they’re pretty well past their primes).
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    The Letterman clip was great. Dave was king back then and very funny. Loved that there was a bunch of NJ people in the audience screaming hard for our boys. The Richter mistake was excusable, but the Tennessee references were annoying. But proved Dave was up on the sports news anyway. Enjoying the nostalgia today.
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    To the grocery store? That parking lot must be GROSS...
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    Not true. You can just get a Lambo or Ferrari SUV...
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    I’d just assume keep Nas if the other other options are Ruff or Stevens.
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    Philly for sure, Nashville he never really had the deepest roster as far as his forwards (there’s a reason they had to trade away Seth Jones), and being a well balanced team. Rinne also chokes in the playoffs at times, otherwise he might have another Cup. Or at least another run. My list (top 5 anyway) would probably be... 1st choice: Gallant 2nd choice: Lav 3rd choice: Montgomery (he might be the good “fit” some of you are looking for as far as doing well with younger players (think he won a college title with Denver?) 4th choice: Euro guy, cause why not. If he doesn’t work out we can just blame moustic 5th choice: Boudreau
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    This is the one thing that makes me wonder. We already have 2 smallish playmaker centers already. Obviously if he's the true best player available you take him. But i feel we really need someone who can put the puck in the net frequently or a dman. But you did mention that in your next paragraph
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