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Devils Name Jacques Lemaire Head Coach


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hes edited, and added a bit now...

It is expected that they name a head coach at that time.

All signs point to Jacques Lemaire

This will be Lemaire's second stint as the team's head coach. He coached them from 1993-94 to 1997-98 and guided them to their first Stanley Cup in 1995.

(edit: took some out, i know there is that policy about not posting the whole article .. my bad)

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IF it is Lemaire:

While I believe this potentially can be a step backwards,

I will give Jacques the benefit of the doubt and support him.

Over a decade ago he helped transform this franchise into a power for that I am proud.

The past few years the game has changed, it appears Jacque did not evolve with it, but I also think he didn't have the talent to do anything the past few years in Minny. He has a roster loaded with good young talent that I believe can go pretty deep with the right leadership. I support Jacques hope he can create magic again.

What do you do with Johnny-Mac?

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you mean the announcement or the hiring of lemaire (if true)? because rumors of lemaire becoming the next devs' head coach were all over the place for awhile now..

I Really need to add those sarcasm tags some day.

yeah you do, heh. i can never tell. :P

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While I'd prefer someone with a similar approach to Sutter, let's not forget that Lemaire's Wild did win the Northwest Division not too long ago. They won games based on defense, goaltending, and timely goal-scoring... so it's not like it would be that big of a stretch in Jersey, as many have already pointed out.

At least it will give the writers something new to discuss about the Devils other than the cloak-and-dagger ways of Lou.

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Well he's old and frankly I'm not sure his heart is 100% into coaching right now...which means he'll be as rigid and boring as possible since he won't care who he alienates or whose career he sets back (ie Niedermayer)

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I've spoken to a lot of friends and Devils Fans in my area and all of them wanted Lemaire back. I have to tell you that with all the injuries in Minnesota this year, he did a great job as they contended for a playoff spot. Plus he will be an assistant with Team Canada, so thats always great. And Tremblay will definitely add experience. Parise will be fine, just like Gaborik was with Lemaire. So if it is Lemaire, then I will support him 100% just like I always support the Devils.

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This from the Newark Star Ledger:

New Jersey Devils set to name new head coach


Jacques Lemaire is still believed to be the leading candidate, but no formal indication has been made.

Right now, as the defensemen practice, Scott Stevens, Jacques Laperriere and Tommy Abelin are running the drills. General manager Lou Lamoriello peeked his head in about 10 minutes ago, but then disappeared once the announcement of the conference call was handed down.

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