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GDT: Boston Bruins @ NJ Devils

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Seriously, just shut your fvcking trap. Not just you, and I'm sorry you had to be the scapegoat for this one, but the whole collective group of butt-hurt fans who act like they're entitled to see the

Well, Travis Zajac's achilles tendon doesn't particularly care what day it is, what our strength of schedule is, or how important of a game it is. It just feels sore.

GS has actually put together a pretty good team and a lot of players would really like to play for GS's organization. Remember it's Lou who made the baffling decision to sign to Goons to play on the

Games like this and the Ottawa game will definitely make Parise want to look else where. I understand because he wants to win. Especially when the Devils keep losing the lead the way they do.

If he's upset he should score more goals than 12 by the midpoint of the season.

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Not when a pressure forecheck is coming at you which is what everyone and their brother knew they were going to do to the Devils down low. It was a bad read, he had more time. He passed the puck with his back turned to the play, too. You want to do that, you better make sure it isn't when a pressure forecheck is coming at you.

He had a Bruin hanging all over his side too though, so...

meh, the Devils just got outplayed there. I said something about Fayne in the other thread because of this play too, but the fact is that the goal came from the Bruins outplaying the Devils more than any defesive breakdowns by the Devils.

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Getting outplayed, but only down by two ... Marty has made some nice stops since letting in the few... Had a few good shifts at the end but need to get a quick one or something. Keeping the faith

Bruins fans are really annoying. And wear stupid things to the game.

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of course my sister who doesnt know sh!t about hockey but just happen to cheer for the Bruins but couldnt name more than 5 players on the team is calling me to make fun of me, saying that Thomas is better than Brodeur and bla bla bla bla...

thats what i live for really, i wish i could just get laughed at by people who "pretend" they cheer for a team when they beat my team... what a great feeling.

edit: nop... not done bitching about this situation actually... seriously, how fvcking annoying can it be...

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