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GDT: Boston Bruins @ NJ Devils

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BRUINS (24-10-1) at DEVILS (21-15-2)


Last 10: Boston 7-3-0; New Jersey 7-2-1

Looking for our first win in 2012. Also, pretty much every team we wanted to lose last night won, which leaves us currently holding the last playoff spot in the East. Big two points are at stake - as well as a game where we could send a message; show some resiliency boys! Let's get em.


Marty get's his fourth consecutive start, 7th in the past 8:


Hope to see the NHL ROTM break through for a point or two:


How's about a little bit of this action...

And you can't help but smile at this:

My GDT Record this season: 3-0

3-2 OT Win versus Toronto: :cheers:

3-1 Win versus Buffalo: :cheers:

3-1 Win versus Pittsburgh :cheers:

I will be in attendance at this game... my fourth straight game! 3-0 so far, seen them beat Washington, Buffalo, and Pittsburgh. No test bigger than this one. I am hoping my GDT and Attendance streaks will continue on the right direction. Unfortunately, this is probably the last Devils game I will make it to in 2011-2012, unless they somehow draw Florida in the Playoffs or something. But we shall cross that bridge when we get there and I'll be sure to enjoy no matter what... having said that... Just WIN!


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Seriously, just shut your fvcking trap. Not just you, and I'm sorry you had to be the scapegoat for this one, but the whole collective group of butt-hurt fans who act like they're entitled to see the

Well, Travis Zajac's achilles tendon doesn't particularly care what day it is, what our strength of schedule is, or how important of a game it is. It just feels sore.

GS has actually put together a pretty good team and a lot of players would really like to play for GS's organization. Remember it's Lou who made the baffling decision to sign to Goons to play on the

60 hard fought minutes thats all I'm asking. We have to take it to them 20mins at a time. We have to show up tonight and show the league that we are for real. This it boys 20mins at a time, every shift, skate hard, get after loose pucks, and fire pucks hard at the net. Keep putting it on net, get back on D, and take care of the puck and we will win this game!!!!


Lets show em' how we take care of bears around here!


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every first pass will be finished with a body check, every break out pass will be challenged tonight. so our D-men must play their A games. forward wise we can skate with these guys. this is gonna be a good hockey game, a point or two would be great

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The first game against Boston, while a loss, was one of the most entertaining regular season games I've seen the Devils play. Here's hoping for more of the same along with two points for the good guys!


(Anyone know if Doc has the call?)

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I just want us to play a respectable game from start to finish

right now they are the better team, it wont be the end of the world if we lose.....but we have to play an all around good game

oh yeah and please no shorties against.

I wonder how hard Chara will manhandle Teddy.

remember when Gionta was a Devil and we played against Chara...those two were a game within the game (I miss that little Gio)

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I admit it, I don't have any real expectations for this game.

I hope we win.


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Looks like both Volchenkov and Zajac are out for this one


uh oh: "GM Lou Lamoriello said Zajac has some soreness in his Achilles tendon and will not play against the Bruins."

That's not good. Not good at all. :(

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