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    Mirco sucks, there is no reason Yak shouldn't be playing over him.
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    I was gonna wear my Cory jersey to support him, brought it downstairs but hadn’t put it on. He has been playing well, so now I figure I can’t touch it, it has to stay on the couch next to me. I’m cold and I’m about to go get a different jersey to wear.
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    “Oh booooy Cangy, high level bed sh!tting by the Devils there!! Incredible!! Oh wooooow!!!!!”
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    Aww, they gave Cory a nice chant. Good job, fans.
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    I wish Steve would announce the game from the perspective of rooting for the tank. "Out of the box is Barzal, the DEVILS LET THE PUCK RIGHT THROUGH TO HIM FOR A BREAKAWAY, dekes left, CORY WITH AN INCREDIBLY SLOW MOVE TO THE RIGHT POST AND ABSOLUTELY NO EXTENSION, GOAL ALLOWED!!!!!! Oh Dano, just marvelous play by the Devils to sh!t the bed."
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    No, but he might be inclined not to say anything at all.
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    Bratt needs to shoot that. Way too many shots missing the net right now.
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    Man, Nico draws so many penalties. Forget the exact stat, but I know he’s way up there.
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    And Cory’s making glove saves like that. It’s the Bizzaro Devils, Zacha gonna have a natural hat trick in a few minutes.
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    Cory looks like an NHL goaltender again.
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    Not for nothing but Coleman has played like absolute sh!t the last few games.
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    Ok, I just caught up on DVR. Who’s the dude in the Schneider jersey playing goal?
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    Please no, you let him in the locker room and he might end up doing one of those unscripted, half-assed Dano's Diaries segments.
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    Sometimes? That’s all he does. Rambling without any end in sight.
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    Schneider had a really nice period. Still blown away by how sh!tty this Islanders team is. Deploying fvcking Casey Cizikas and Cal Clutterbuck on the 4 on 4. Such a talentless squad propped up by like four competent forwards and unreal goaltending. I pray they draw the Penguins in round 1 and just get smoked, can't fvcking stand this team or their idiot fans. They're the worst fans in the NHL, I know that the rags are enemy no. 1 on here but I truly feel like Islanders fans are (in person at least) far more fvcking annoying. They're insufferable.
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    Never said it was a smart play...
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    LGD. A loss by only one is almost a win. Do it. Also: https://www.nhl.com/news/taylor-hall-considering-future-with-new-jersey/c-304584246
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    There's a million instances of agents saying their client is either neutral or unhappy with a place. You need look no further than like a week and a half and ago when Panarin's agent essentially stated that his client will not be with the CBJ beyond this season (when you read between the lines.) I know we're Devils fans, so the man is always out to get us or whatever the hell, but there's no reason to take this as anything less than mildly encouraging. There's no obligation for this guy to rave about Shero and state how much Hall "loves the New Jersey Devils and their fanbase." The degree to which you are encouraged by it is certainly up to you, but I definitely don't see it as a "he had to say that" type of article.
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    Here's something that will hopefully lift our spirits a bit as we wait for this impending L to the Islanders. https://www.nhl.com/news/taylor-hall-considering-future-with-new-jersey/c-304584246 Hall happy, mulling future with Devils, says agent Reigning Hart Trophy winner could sign new contract July 1 from your keyboard to God's eyes, Mike Morreale Obviously not some concrete news of anything but nice to hear regardless.
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    C'mon, Cory's first three seasons as the Devils #1 goalie were very good. They were just wasted on largely rotten teams. Not his fault. Bad news is those years are looking more and more like the absolute best that the Devils will ever get from Cory. And as we've seen, it's not even like he's been "acceptably" bad since his fine start last year...he's been "How can we actually play this guy and expect nothing less than absolute disaster?" awful. I have no idea how the Devils even begin to ever get something out of him over the next three seasons.
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    I was not there, but one of my friends growing up had tickets and didn't go, he kept the tickets in a frame. Used to say he was a member of the 18,706 Club (capacity minus 334, although this was years later and I don't know if the capacity was the same back then, but it was still funny). Pretty cool club to be a member of.

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