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GDT NJ Devils vs Carolina canes


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Parise Who? :glare:



Dominating performance by the Devils. They are going to destroy the Panthers and go on a roll....mark it down.


Ugh, what? Parise has nothing to do with this game at all, leave him out of it. How about Brodeur and Loktionov coming back and making a difference in their first game back? Great to see. Even the Barch-Sestito-Pesonen line wasn't the total disaster that it appeared on paper. It's still an ugly line but at least they weren't destroyed. Good game overall. Finally some luck coming our way. Let's roll on to the next one and keep it going.

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Colin, was that you who just won the platinum lounge prize?!?!

Sorry I'm late.. Can you believe the one game of the whole season that I decided beforehand to not really watch.. I got a text from a friend telling me I won.. I'll try to post the video!!

Totally crazy, I never win anything

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Bummer Marty didn't get the "Game Winning Goal"

That would have stuffed this game full of so much win, my head might have exploded.


What's not a win is having GameCenter Live and NHLNetwork both be blacked out when the game isn't available on Comcast in my area (Atlanta).

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