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    Smith making the team out of camp would qualify on the water-to-wine level of miracle lol.
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    Obviously a potential bargain if he makes strides. Really hope some of these guys find ways to stick. I have no issues with the tough love that Severson, Santini and other Ds have been given, but it would be nice to see less healthy scratches in 2018-19. Pretty young group: Mueller, Santini, and Butcher are 23, Severson is 24, and Vatanen is 27. The exceptions are obviously Lovejoy (34) and Greene (will be 36 on October 30). Gotta wonder just a little if Greene is on a shorter leash this year. God I hope so.
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    Glad to see we went from 'Harris and Blitzer invest money in Newark' to 'Eugenics is true'
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    Never said nor implied that the red and greens were ever disliked at the time. But the switch to both black and the new layout in general were definitely lauded, with very few objecting. Look, of course the reason I provided isn't THE one and only reason, but you do see your fair share of various items being celebrated simply due to age somehow making them more glamorously nostalgic. That happens a lot. The same thing happened with the Sabres unis...the original design was fine, but not one that really stood out as being anything that special...the franchise goes to a full re-design in 1996, with entirely new colors (red and black of course), then about 10 years later comes Buffaslug, then suddenly you hear a lot of talk about how awesome the original Sabres unis were (the fact that they were a 3rd jersey during Buffaslug's first season probably made the pining for them that much stronger)...the current jerseys are similar to the originals, though evolved (different shade of blue, added number above the crest, enlarged stripes, etc). But again, no outcry at the time...hell, I think there was a much stronger opposition when the Devils made their design changes in going from the 2.0s to the Adidases. Mullets were pretty much toast by 1990-91...that was more of a mid-late 80s thing (I had one for a while back then, though no one actually called that style a "mullet" at the time). Nirvana and grunge in general took a wrecking ball to whatever leftover 80s trends were still on life support in the early 90s. As someone who lived through it, I've always told people who think of "the stereotypical 80s" are really thinking of the time period from 1984-91. 1990 still felt very 80s...1991 definitely less so, but there was still enough of a late 80s feel in the air. 1980 and 1981 still had a general 70s vibe, and 1982-83 felt like transition years, as the 70s were finally being phased out...MTV definitely helped with that transition, as now tweens and teens (and even older people) suddenly had both a music AND fashion channel to be influenced by, that they could turn on anytime, anywhere...lots of looks and styles to emulate.
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    Low-key a big deal that it's a 1-way contract. I guess he replaces Moore's spot on the team this year, which is fine with me. Hope Butcher and Severson can take big steps forward this year. Hope Greene takes big steps towards retirement this month.
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    So I watched Highlander for the first time in a long while today and realized the opening scene is at good ol Brendan Byrne Arena, you can even see the really old Nets logos hanging over the 4x4 video screens in the corners. Then, he magically is arrested outside of MSG. Ah, the offseason
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    Yep, as many here know, I turned 25 that day...and it's really fvcking hard to believe that another 25 years have almost gone by since that lovely night. I've had MANY great tailgating experiences, but that one was still the best. So much happiness, anticipation, and camaraderie...no one felt like a stranger that night, and people that you know would NEVER get along otherwise acted like best buds. I'll never forget it, any of it.
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    https://giant.gfycat.com/TemptingFoolhardyFawn.webm More of this? Yes pls.
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    One way w/ that contract - I think its safe to say that the braintrust thinks he's on the team and Binghamton last year is in the rear view.
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    Hopefully putting a good portion of his fight behind him (I could not remotely handle it like he did....), he can concentrate more on his game and his role on the team, bringing real leadership for the younger guys.
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    I'm flying to meet them in 16 days. I'm beyond excited. Will be getting a professional photo op with the 4, then one with Fox and Thompson by myself (i already had one with Doc + the Delorean) and i'm still debating what im getting signed. I have a huge BTTF collection so it's hard to pick
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    I couldn't agree with you more on this. I was always whatever on BroNasty, but I thought he did a good job coming in and taking some of the pressure off Whitney day to day. But my god, you get REAL hockey players on your show telling stories and answering questions and you feel the need to jump in and talk over them just to tell a story about how you banged a girl from the town where they played their junior hockey? Like c'mon dude.
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    I love RA. He's such a character and I don't think he takes anything away from the podcast. He seems like he knows his place and provides a good "hardcore fan" perspective.
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    I agree with you 100%. I thought he was outplayed by the other "physical" guys in the lineup too. Late in the season he had no business being on the power play. He was way too weak around the net and along the boards, and he was also slow and not getting to rebounds. Maroon made him look even worse by comparison when he arrived. Not TRYING to make excuses, BUT... it is worth mentioning that 2017 and 2018 haven't been easy for the Boyle family.
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    5th (tied) in goals from a 4th line center last season...I’ll take that all day long.
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    Boyle did an interview on Spittin Chiclets Episode 102 - worth the listen (starts around 34:00)
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    My brother moved to Raleigh a couple months ago. I just bought tickets to the game against the Canes on Nov 18th. Gonna go up there and go to a game with him. Never been to that arena or even that city, excited to check it out.
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    That was the essence of the PA's argument, of course. There was nothing in principle different from the Kovalchuk deals than other ones the league had approved, it was just a matter of degree. The problem is when you're dealing with the law, it's the principle that matters and if it's the degree you're concerned with, you almost always need to spell it out. Ultimately though, it wasn't the fact that the league decided to try and draw a line in the sand. That I get. It was the penalty was completely unnecessary and actually against the spirit of the CBA, which, if you read it carefully, has severe penalties in mind when there's an under the table the payment, things like that. The Devils weren't hiding anything, and even Bloch said they weren't acting in bad faith. The fact that it was the Devils and not a more popular team made the league more willing to hand out the severe penalty that it did. That I'm certain of.
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    Yeah I was going to mention him too because he seemed like the obvious choice that was left out. I really think Butcher is going to be something special for us, and for a long time. I see a lot of parallels between him and Rafalski.
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    Nah, they’ll flop down into the butterfly... Butcher?
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    Biz needs to shut the fvck up in interviews lately. I haven’t listened to Friday’s, but the dude jumps in to get a one-liner in and ruins stories or trains of thought by the guests. It’s only started to happen in the last few, but it was either Luc or Edmundson that was on a roll of a good story, Biz tried to crack a sh!t joke, and the guy lost where he was going. I also love RA too, cause he’s the normal fan, he just gets to put his two cents to a few guys who actually have been there, and for the most part contributes rather than detracts.
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    This is the proper way to lift.

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