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    RECAP This is a perfect example why you shouldn't own furniture. The less times you stub your toe, the better. In order to not stub your toe, you need to pay attention to where you're walking Devils are 5-12-1 since the toe-stub TOE RECAP Toe 1: Acceptable, no real damage Toe 2: Acceptable, maybe could have gotten a little less bent. Toe 3: Acceptable, close to danger zone but stayed intact (Greene was still bad) Toe 4: Acceptable, absolutely nothing MB could have done to hurt it Toe 5: Culprit #1. Direct contact right into a table leg is not how you win games POSSESSION 4 unhurt toes
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    A couple of Hall quotes - sorry if someone else has already posted them and I somehow missed them “It’s a great piece for our team and a guy that you’d want to have on your team,” said leading scorer Taylor Hall, who will bring an NHL-best 13-game point streak into Saturday’s game and a personal 20-game point streak. “He’s got a ton of speed and he fits into exactly how we want to play as a group. Hopefully he’s a guy that can play here for more than just this year. “I don’t want to speak for Ray but he obviously wants us to experience the playoffs and he wants us to go down the stretch with some confidence and it’s a clear sign he expects us to be there at the end of the year,” Hall added. “It’s great for our team and our confidence and mentality.”
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    Oh -- by the way. Talked to John Hynes before the Devils/Bolts game. He was just hanging out in the stands and catching up with Devils fans... pretty great. I asked about MoJo; he said that the belief is he'll be back before the playoffs but they're being extra cautious with him as it's his second concussion of the year.
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    Alright, I've had about enough of losing to this sh!tbag team. Pound these stupid fvckers into the ground so hard, they wake up tomorrow morning in China. LGD. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    LGD!!! I'm going to piggyback on MadDog's Hall quotes with these - all good stuff! Amanda Stein ‏Verified account @amandacstein #NJDevils: Taylor Hall said the last time he had this much fun playing hockey in February was in Junior. Taylor Hall on being 26 and in the playoff race for the first time, at this time of year, in his career: “I think I’ve played on some bad hockey teams, if you want me to put it bluntly.” Taylor Hall: “John Hynes has given me the most accountability than any other coach.” Andrew Gross‏ Verified account @AGrossRecord Taylor Hall praises his relationship with John Hynes. Says often in Edmonton he was looking not to talk to coaches. Just wanted to go out and play.
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    I realize I'm old but watching the Devils wear white at home just feels sooooo right.
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    I hadn't been a Devils fan for all that long when Elias started getting called up from the minors. Never really thought a lot about him when he was called up in 96-97 either. Sykora was always the important one, Elias was this other guy, even when he had a solid rookie season in 98. In 98-99 the A line was put together but it felt like Elias couldn't finish - that's my memory of him from 98-99 is him blowing chance over chance. That seemed to be the consensus on the nj.com forums when I arrived there in the summer of 1999. It changed in 2000, obviously. It's easy to forget now, but in 2000, the Devils simply did not win games in overtime in the playoffs. They hadn't for the last half-decade. For Elias to score that goal late in Game 7, he not only saved us from the nightmare of the Flyers in the Stanley Cup Finals, he saved us from the nightmare of overtime in a Game 7. Still remember being drunk sitting at my computer refreshing TSN.ca/nhl/ on July 1, 2006. We had been hearing all day that Elias was going to sign with the Rangers and then boom, 'Elias signs 7 year deal to remain with Devils'. I feel like a lot of Devils fans have taken Elias for granted. He made everyone he played with a better player, and it was hard to notice that when he was playing with guys like Arnott and Sykora who already had established careers. It became easier during the later years when he got to play with lesser talents, clearly elevating them. Still, he's underappreciated in general. I hope he gets the reception he deserves tomorrow. He's a Hall of Fame player and by all indications, it seems like he's a good guy away from the ice as well.
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    fvck Columbus, fvck Torts, and fvck Dubinsky. Go Devils.
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    Officially the most shocking Devils win I’ve ever attended.
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    Had a great time. Sat with mod smantzas. And I Caught A T-Shirt.
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    I've mentioned this many times here before but Elias is both my all time favorite Devils and player. I remember him faintly in his first couple of years but really started loving him in the 99-00 season. By 2000-01 season in his monster 40-goal and 96-point season it felt like we finally had that homegrown full-fledged NHL superstar player. As others have mentioned Elias probably sacrificed 200+ points to stick with the Devils and their system in order to win those two cups in 2000 and 2003. He really is the last from the dynasty era Devils of the late 90's and especially early 2000's. I have had the pleasure of meeting him a few times over the years and he is as gracious and humble as he seems in his interviews. I won't say I will not shed a tear or two today, but it will be bittersweet to see his number finally raised to the rafters where it belongs. In honor of my favorite player whose number is being retired today, here is my current Patrik Elias game worn collection: 1) 95-96 white set 1 River Rats. Scored his first point as a pro in North America in this jersey. (I have this photomatched but for some odd reason the A was added after he finished wearing it). 2) 2001-02 white set 2 3 2013-14 white set 1 (also wore it in first game in Brooklyn which was a preseason game) 4) 14-15 red set 1
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    Shero is probably the most entertaining gm in the league in terms of making trades
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    And then Mike Brown would bust out some stats to prove that you don’t actually have any toes.
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    Me: "Aw man, I guess Hall's point streak is gonna end tonight. Bummer" Hall: "Hold my fvcking beer" This guy is a fvcking monster.
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    Let’s get one thing clear here: this team did not “give up” that last goal in the third. They played a road game in North Carolina less than 20 hours after finishing a road game in Florida. That’s some scheduling horse-sh!t. But 4 points in 2 games thanks to Nico, Zacha, Hall and ESPECIALLY Kinkaid and Lack. Incredible.
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    BTW...KK's save% is officially out of the .890s. He's now up to .900 even. .931 or better in three out of his last four games. I'll happily take it.
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    Damn winter allergies! Wow, that whole ceremony was just...no words can do it justice. Just beautiful.
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    This is realistically our last retirement banner ceremony for the next 10-15 years if not longer. Patty deserves it so much. Beyond excited for tonight and I'm sitting downstairs tonight so I can actually see the banner go up better, since the new scoreboard will block it for a lot of people lol THANK YOU PATTY!!! LETS GO DEVILS!!!
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    There were just so many awesome Elias moments, that it's impossible for me to try to pick one or two. I think part of his appeal is that he wasn't always great, in spite of his many achievements...it wasn't always smooth sailing here...given the 'C' and then having it taken away, a couple of snake-bitten seasons where he did a lot of rafter-staring, always being expected to do his thing regardless of the chum he was forced to work with...we all know about frustrations in the work place, and seeing our top forward having to go through his own somehow made him that much more relatable to us. And neb00rs is so dead-on about time going so damned fast...too fast. I was a teenager when I first became a Devils fan (in 1983), and saw Daneyko doing his thing. Then I was in my early 20s when Stevens, Niedermayer, and Brodeur all became a huge part of the success that was to come. I was just entering my late 20s when Elias was first called up...and now I'm less than three years away from turning 50. I have so many vivid memories of all five of these number retirees, and as much as it feels like forever since I watched them all play, it feels like yesterday too. Come to think of it, there is a moment now that really jumps out at me, and it's one that I didn't even know about, until I read about it from Elias himself. I knew he almost signed with the Rangers and had known about that for years. I had heard that a sticking point had been Sather's refusal to include a NTC in the Rangers' offer. I didn't know that Lou had basically said "Can't afford ya, soyonara" to him, and that Elias' heart had always been 100% with the Devils, even when such sentiments weren't always reciprocated. For Patrik to almost beg Lou to reconsider, when he had a fine offer on the table from a team that, let's face it, a lot of NHLers would die to play for...the guy bled the red and black more than I ever knew. Wore the colors as proudly as any Devil ever, even when his GM and his franchise weren't always doing right by him. So to that, I just say thank you Patrik...not for just being the player you were, but for the most special and amazing person that you are. And for loving being a New Jersey Devil.
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    Elias was always my guy - when he started coming on in ‘99, I was all in. I’ve been at many games in my life including game 7 2003. Of course it was amazing. But Game 7 ECF 2000 in Philly - I was there in my Elias jersey and I was sure I was going to be murdered. That was my favorite live sporting event I’ve ever attended and Elias made it.
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    Throughout the course of NJ Devils history, a history that Lou planned and shaped, an idea has oft arisen in the minds of Devils fans - an idea that might be truth or then yet again delusion, it's an idea that we don't say aloud - that there is a moral and intellectual superiority to being a "prototypical Devil," a player who is defined by a certain level of will that allows for the sacrifice of personal accomplishment in the name of collective victory, and who honors himself not by sitting atop the scoresheet, but by honoring the culture of Devilhood, whatever that means. I'm not sure many Devils players really ever fit this standard more than we as fans just made adjustments to our thinking in order to say they did. Then again, maybe it was just easy to look good when the Rangers perpetually suck next door. But I digress, I'm not sure it ever meant much of anything to call someone a "prototypical Devil." Except for Patrik Elias of course, he was a prototypical Devil. Why so? I'm not really sure anymore. I guess when I was younger, in my head he would have scored 1500 points if it wasn't for the trap, the team's commitment to defense, and the fact that he could never find a linemate good enough to keep up. And as such, his noble sacrifice exemplified the holy code, the Way of the Devils. But then again, he did play with some great players and fit in on some high-scoring lines. I thought, "here's a guy who will score 120 points one day and win the Hart." He never did. Through my red-tinted lenses, from the first time I saw Elias on the ice, I knew he was the greatest passer of all-time. I saw him as a top-5 league talent who played defense because that's the damn right thing to do. It took some growing up to realize there was a lot of players out there who could pass well and had top talent, more talent even, and who were defensively responsible. At least Patty loved the Devils, more than anything else, he'd die before he left. But then...he almost signed with the Rangers. I mostly just pretended that didn't happen up until I was of wise enough mind to realize life is complicated and it wasn't such a big deal (but it was, Rangers suck!). Patrik Elias wasn't perfect. But, despite all of the things I just mentioned above, he was as damn near close to perfect as we ever came. And despite not being heralded as one of the league's all-time greats, he did some things that are indeed to be preserved in the elite annals of hockey. He played 1,200+ games for one franchise and scored 1,000+ points for the same. He is the Devils all time leading scorer in goals, assists, points, and shots. He has the most points by a Devil in one playoff season (23) and is the franchise leader in shots as well. He also won two Cups with the team, and most importantly off all, made perhaps the greatest pass in NHL playoff history, to win one of said Cups. Oh, and he's always seemed to be a damn nice guy.. And despite not every myth about him being true, some of them are. There is a reason he is the first NJ Devils' forward going to the rafters. He sacrificed for the system as much as was needed, he was a true team player, and cared for his teammates to the point of tears. And if the HOF selection committee knows hockey, they'll put Patty in in short order. Patrik was a special player, with a humility that opposed his great abilities, and who is everything that has made this franchise great. It seems like just yesterday I was watching him play tic-tac-toe across the ice with Arnott and Sykora. Now here we are, two decades passed from Elias's first NHL game. He was just a kid only yesterday right? But..he had already played damn well near 100 games by the time one Nico Hischier was born in Naters, Switzerland. Time flies, it really does. And throughout all of our lifetimes there will only be a few generations of players we get to see play their careers from start to finish and for me, one of those generations was damn well spent on Patrik Elias.
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    There's a reason why teams aren't drafting Russians much anymore, most of them don't even want to come over here anymore. Can't stand the loser mentality that I've been seeing across the internet from some people. We gave up barely nothing and I want to make the playoffs. Once you're in you never know what can happen. Missing the playoffs 5 straight seasons and 6 of the past 7 is enough losing for me.
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    Can't wait to see what Hall has in store for us tonight. Greatest devil to ever wear #9.
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    Again piggybacking on MadDog's great quote - this one from Brian Boyle on Nico: Mike Morreale‏ Verified account @mikemorrealeNHL Brian Boyle on rookie Nico Hischier: "He's inspired a lot of guys in this room." -- Coming from a guy who 5 months ago was diagnosed with leukemia.
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    Doh, obviously meant the Hart, but if Hallsy wanted to go out and with the Conn Smythe too I wouldn’t object
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    I think Hall will be wearing the C in the near future.
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    If Taylor Hall wins the Conn Smythe, we'll be having a whole different conversation. [emoji14] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I would have thrown my I shaped wife and O shaped self at the TV
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    Agreed. It may or may not mean we may or may not win the Stanley Cup. With or without question.
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    Also nice to see them pull out a game where they were clearly jobbed by the refs. No call on the trip behind the net on Coleman was egregious, then the ref calls a slash because he saw the guy shake his hand afterwards.
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    oh gosh. Halak's mask just flew off. Kinkaid : HOLD MY BEER !!!
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    That’s his personality, I’m not surprised. Why does Arnott always have a look on his face like he’s the bad guy in a Western movie?
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    Andrew Gross‏ Verified account @AGrossRecord Both co-owners Josh Harris and David Blitzer speak about Taylor Hall's long-term importance to #NJDevils. Blitzer can imagine ahead to a Taylor Hall jersey retirement ceremony. Harris said Ray Shero working on timing of when to start talking new deal. ___ Devils co-owner Josh Harris says coach John Hynes contract was extended earlier this season.
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    To all attending...have a great time. Welcome back Patrik! Welcome aboard Grabner! LGD!
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    Germany beats Canada and goes to the Final! Greatest moment in German Hockey
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    Grabner is the exact kind of player who would do well in the Devils system. I expect a lot of Vatanen / Grabner plays. Getting a lot of breakaways is not just about speed, you got to be able to read the play well to position yourself at the right place, right time. Feels so good to have a fast team now and seeing guys actually trying to beat defenders with speed. the system wouldn't allow it in the past plus we didn't even have fast players Also i know we want to get younger which we did but with that guy's speed and how he fits the system im totally fine with it
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    We're definitely spoiled with GM's...to follow a (mostly) successful 30-year run from Lou with Shero is unreal. Yes in five years we might be singing a different tune if the Devils haven't won a playoff series or three but to go from the rock bottom of Fan Appreciation Day in 2015 to where this team is now with only one real bit of luck involved (the lottery) is definitely getting ahead of the curve. I do agree with most of the above post too, Shero has held people accountable more than many GM's would - see: last offseason streeting Camm, DSP, Bennett and changing the culture instead of defaulting to firing the coach first when things went sour last year. I'm not a huge fan of Hynes' lineup decisions at times but inside the room he also holds people accountable and has their respect which is at least half the battle as a head coach. I do think calling Vatanen an elite talent is a stretch but the deal's actually been a win-win for both teams. We needed Vat and they needed Henrique.
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    Dude I’m still laughing about that wow that’s gotta be the best post ever on this forum
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    I could comment that I stubbed my toe this morning and SD would reply with: Three sentences asking for proof of my stubbed toe Two incidents of other people stubbing their toes Three things that would hurt worse than a stubbed toe One d!ck-rubbing comment telling me that I'm overreacting to the stubbed toe, and casually mentioning that he was suspended from the forums for saying things not entirely different than "I stubbed my toe".
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    One loss = mass hysteria...about par for the course. I'd be a lot more worried about the Devils if the teams trailing them showed any ability to go on a truly threatening run, but none really have. Also easy to forget that the Devils are still very much right there with the Flyers, Pens, and even the Caps at the moment...not saying that they'll definitely overtake any of them, but based on the general reaction in this GDT you'd think things are far more dire than they really are. Yes, would've been awesome if the Devils could've beat the Jackets last night, but they're not going to win every fan-designated "must win" game down the stretch. Anyway really glad that Cory is skating again...though there's been times that I was definitely hoping for another goalie to become part of the mix, I trust Shero enough to assume he had a good reason for not bringing one in...Tri pretty much summed it up, in that it didn't appear that there was someone out there who would have been available at the right price who would've been any kind of guarantee to make that much of a difference. Maybe if Cory looked as though he could've been done for the season, Shero approaches the situation differently. Still in good shape, all things considered.
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    Schneider has skated the last 2 days and with no setbacks he should return by next week. The idea that Shero needs to be replaced because he won't go get a 4th goalie is ludicrous. How happy would Mrazek be to sit on the bench here for all but back-to-backs? That's what Kinkaid is going to be doing when Schneider returns.
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    I'm an atheist. I don't believe in God or any other deities. But I'm starting to believe that Taylor Hall might just happen to be one.
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    Wreck Dubinsky. Hate that guy and he always seems to score a bunch vs us. He's one of the biggest cowardly cheap shot artists in the game
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    And the Jets have Connor Hellebuyck who is 31-8 and has a .923% If there’s a case for a player being more important to his team than Hall I’d like to hear it.
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    What a bunch of asshats. Reminds me that time the n-word was trending on twitter in Boston because so many Bruins fans were tweeting about Subban. Meanwhile his little brother was in their farm system. Not the brightest bulbs.