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    This is possibly the defining moment of Rays rebuild. The decisions he needs to make over the next 2 months need to pan out or he could be looking for employment elsewhere. He needs to fire Hynes and make the right appointment , someone who can work with young players. He then needs to get a good return for Hall. There is very little doubt in my mind that hall is out the door as soon as he can get free. Currently I am less bothered about that than I ever have been, but Ray needs to get something very good in return. I have a lot of faith in him to do the right thing. I can't really say that I have ever been unhappy with his decision making. Bit these are things he just has to get right.
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    Pretty much the entire narrative is made up. Shero will never fire Hynes, he’s ok with losing, the ownership doesn’t want to win, etc. It’s all bullish!t conjecture. This board has become full of people who know nothing thinking they know everything. I guess that’s just how the internet works.
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    I posted in the other thread, but it’ll go in this one too, if Shero keeps Hynes the entire season, I want him gone too. Stop wasting our fvcking time and resources. He’s playing the fans for fools if he continues on this course of action.
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    I will continue to disagree that they’re ugly! I like them a lot. But ffs we sure do suck in them.
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    If only Nico was awful that'd be one thing. Pretty much the whole team is frigging awful, vets included starting with Subban who hasn't had a POINT in a month. I can't draw conclusions on any individual player until they do what needs to be done with this joke of a staff.
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    So I slept on it, didn’t even watch highlights (nor the game for that matter) and my blood is still boiling over what has happened to this franchise. When you’re in the running to match the same level of losing as Doug Carpenter (he coached from 85-88 for the youngins, new fans, or people who didn’t want to google it themselves), then you are a dogsh!t, pathetic head coach. When you are DBA, and you can’t get this kind of lineup to win, let alone play motivated hockey, you should take a long look in the mirror, realize you’re drowning in the NHL, and resign. Pathetic piece of sh!t. And fvck you, Ray, for sticking by your boy for this long and killing any morale I have regarding this team. You’re now as much of the problem as the bald headed clueless idiot behind the bench. (okay, I feel a little better after ranting there)
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    Nico has come back from an injury, is being bounced around lines with different linemates every five minutes and is on a team where no one is currently performing. The coaching staff are creating the worst possible environment for young players to develop. This is the main reason I want Hynes gone. He is crushing the life out of all of our young players.
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    He’s not generating much offense, neither is the rest of the team but he should def be a game changer out there, should be strong on the puck and make defenders miss. Teams give Hall quite a bit of room when he possesses it since they know what he’s capable of. Def don’t see anywhere near the same with Nico.
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    This is such a stupid take, and it has absolutely no basis in reality. It’s getting to the point some of you are making it hard to even discuss this team anymore. I understand losing sucks, but does it have to bring the absolute worst out of people?
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    I'm not sure what the record for total for losses is but saw this on Twitter.
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    Also maybe we can stop wearing these ugly green jerseys now, we suck no matter what this season but our record with these "heritage jerseys" is even worse.
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    My avatar has now become relevant again.
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    We know keeping him is not a solution at this point. Maybe firing him isn't going to fix all the ills but if you watched that sh!tshow today (or really any day of the last couple years) and don't conclude they need to clean out the entire coaching staff then you must be a family friend or relative of one of them. It's just not going to get any better with Hynes and there's no reason so many younger players should be regressing while veteran guys like Hall, Zajac and Subban look like bums. The only way we're going to find out if it gets better without him is to make a change.
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    Seriously, how hard is it for Abbey, Chris or Mazarik to ask some source that they had to have developed over the past two years about this?
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    That’s exactly what the guy in the picture would say if he didn’t want to be identified.
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    To those like me who actually schlepped to the Rock to see that absolute abortion of a hockey game...suffice it to say that I'm every bit as pissed, frustrated, annoyed, you name it, as all of you. Goddamn...I can't stand this fvcking team right now. I know this rarely happens in the Real World, but in my Fantasy World, Ray meets Hynes and his merry band of complete fvcking idiots and fires them all on the spot. Before another worthless Hynes postgame presser. I've been extremely patient with Ray and that's partly because I know that the GM timetable doesn't usually correlate to the fan timetable, but after today Ray, what the hell else do you need to see? Even if turns out that the roster is flawed or not quite as good as we'd hoped, you can't possibly make a case for Hynes & Co to still be here. Those guys are bringing NOTHING to the table at this point. NOTHING. Patience is one thing...being passive to the point of what's starting to feel like indifference is something else. OK, you did something about Cory, and that was a start for sure. But this coach has had enough time (and now, some talent) to at least ice a team that doesn't look like such a discombobulated hot mess more often than not. I'm far from ready to go full Daniel on you, but goddammit man, show me SOMETHING. Show that you at least realize that Hynes is not your long-term answer here. Or short-term. Or ANY term. Get him the fvck outta here, NOW.
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    Now they’re booing. Might hurt Halls feeling though.
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    It’s almost 10 and he’s still here. Unacceptable Ray. Fire him TODAY.
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    Man you’ve really gone off the deep end. Now we’re just straight making things up?
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    It's almost 10 pm, do we know where our coach is? Sadly, we all do and he's not going anywhere.
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    puck_report4 is Abbey's burner account. Everyone knows that.
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    You’ll be right that he was fired. You will not necessarily be right that he was the problem or that anything will change following that firing.
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    If Hynes is coaching past January and they're well below. 500, then people should just stop showing up to the games.
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    Yep , cannot understand how they aren't even fun to watch.
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    I have the same sentiment, why the hell isn't this team entertaining? All this new talent was on-boarded and I feel like last year had more fun games.
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    Last year I moved to a town that's not far from the arena. After this offseason I was so excited to get a little 13 game plan since I wasn't an hour and a half away any more and now i just feel like a sucker. I wasn't expecting playoffs or anything but i thought they'd at least be entertaining....
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    Today was the first time I straight up didn't even try to watch, I went about my day without a care that they were playing the Rangers. The Devils mgmt has to realize that if nothing changes once the holidays are over attendance is going to plummet. Hynes and his coaching staff just can't get this team going anymore, what is the point of sticking with them? Hall obviously isnt' re-signing here, trade him and let his buddy Hynes find an AHL (sucker) team already.
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    There's just been too many Rock Bottoms this year. When is enough enough? When does it end? To me this loss and the WAY they lost...that's it. Hynes shouldn't be allowed in the building tomorrow. I've been consistently attending 5 to 20 (sometimes even a little more) Devils games since 1987 (year I got my license), and though I've seen my share of bad losses, what I saw today ranks in my Top 5 worst. I'm not kidding. I was commiserating with another fan (cool dude, wish I'd gotten his name) about what a mess this team is, and how we can't believe that Hynes is still here. BTW on another note...there were a few "Fire Hynes!" chants going, but I'd say only one of them really had any steam...the others were either too disjointed or simply didn't have enough participants. My daughter asked me when we might go to another game, and I flat out told her "I don't really know honey." It's starting to almost feel wrong to just keep forking over money as though I just blindly support the product no matter what. I used to laugh at Ranger fans who did that very same thing in the late 90s-early 00s, when they were loaded with mercs who were clearly happy cashing paychecks. Not saying that the Devils are loaded with those kinds of players, but this is really not a remotely entertaining team to watch most nights right now. And wow does it look like the Devils got fvcking PK Subban at the worst possible time. His best days are behind him and now he's Mr. Lindsey with millions in the bank already and many more coming to him. I usually don't go down this road with players and I probably shouldn't do it now, but suffice it to say I can see him being complacent to the point where his on-ice performance isn't something that's bothering him all that much that these days.
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    So they scored three minutes into the third, and an empty netter with two and a half to play. Only thing I didn't count on was them giving up another goal in between....shorthanded with a 5 minute major powerplay. This team is so predictable I was almost able to call it right down to the minute, yet they were able to do something do pathetically and embarrassingly bad that only they could do - you literally couldn't make this sh!t up. I am almost to the point where I don't think Shero pays close attention to this team and games...how could you watch what happened today and and be OK with it? If Hynes isn't fired tomorrow then they've already thrown in the towel, but the bad part is I no longer believe they have that it takes to build a successful franchise. Another #1 pick isn't going to help Shero if he doesn't fire this coach. It no longer matters if there are no better candidates available on the market. This team isn't playing for Hynes. Prior to today it was debatable if they were playing for him and just not executing, but now it's clear - they're not executing NOR playing for him. There is one thing to be done which needs to be done now - not tomorrow, not next month, now - and if Shero doesn't see it, or does, sees it but doesn't do it, then he needs to go to. I care too much about my team to blindly let one individual, be it a player, coach, GM, or even owner, drag this team down and watch them burn in flames. We all cheer for the logo and the name. And we deserve more.
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    Totally agree with this. Whether you like Hynes or not it's so obvious that he's unable to motivate the team in any way, shape or form that even Stevie Wonder could freakin' see it. Fire the assistants, fire the head coach or fire all of them but Mr Shero you absolutely have to do something.
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    Actually, soon he'll have to explain what the fvck Hynes is still doing here.
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    To Shero, Hynes, Nassardine....Everyone else...and Hall...
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    The game really changed when the Devils fans started booing. Before that, they had a chance. Now they’ll really lose.
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    I hope Hynes and Hall are gone by Monday.
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    Well to be fair, I bitch after wins cause DBA’s coaching lifespan gets extended again.
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    Right thru your skates PK, great job you overrated sh!t
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    Well he did come up with the picture pretty fast...
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    It’s all cyclical. There are of course organizations that are run better Who seem to stay at the top longer (Boston, San Jose come to mind) and players who can literally carry a franchise for decades (Ovechkin, Crosby) but for the most part a long peak is most likely preceded with and followed by a valley. im just happy there’s always a constant: the rangers falling short of a cup. Truly blessed they give us consistency in this cruel cruel world.
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    @jagknife as long as the njdcom part is in the URL it still has us as referring.
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    Love that we’re wearing the white and greens. Nothing screams “this is a borderline expansion level team” like white jerseys with green piping
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    Weren't we rumored at one point at drafting Makar? Sort of wishing that was the case.
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    So... i have my usual psychological observations on this team. But another I have is that they’re quite delicate and vulnerable and don’t really have the mental protection Lou afforded teams of the past. You all can say he was hyper controlling etc. But if you’re in a situation like these guys - you need that - it’s protection. It’s a little bit of forced cohesion but cohesion nonetheless. I see Hall and he’s got so much going on. I’m sorry to say he seems to be the only one with his head in the right place and it seems to me that he’s getting ZERO managerial support. I’m just not seeing how these individuals can get it together. SO. Do I critique them all here in this place. Everything is an pretty simple fix but it’s a mental fix And you have to own the disconnect. It’s not a problem it’s just a thing that needs to be put aside. OK. So a small sample - Guy with hat and coffee on the instafeed. Dude. You’ve got to get it together ON ICE. I don’t give a fvck if you don’t know what you’re doing. fIGuRE it the fvck out!!! You know you can coast on several skills at your disposal but That’s outside of hockey. Get a fvckin clue and PLAY HOCKEy. It’s nice you’re getting yourself set up and you’re in a nice life space considering the crap output of the ensemble. But take a fvcking stand for the game. WANT MORE!!! You’ve got the hard life sh!t down. Now fvcking lead on ice man. Take responsibility for more than yourself. You CLEARLY can whether you know it or not. Whether it’s a cover for your anxiety and worry. Dude you look to be mentally strong as a fvckin OX. Share what you know effectively. PLEASE. And yes I can tell all this from one stroll into the locker room. I’m like that. Ask Stevens. It’s a gift ... and a curse . I also admit when I’m wrong so check back if an apology is due. And I trust you to know the truth of it.
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    Good to see you Jane. Been a long arse time, Tap dancing. Did that as a kid. Sometimes think about taking lessons again. I think my knees and hips could deal with it. lol btw I am impressed with your pull backs and I didn't see them lol
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    11) Abbey will have a hissy fit because she hates doing her job. Oh wait, that happened yesterday.
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