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    Nice (but long) article on Pat Maroon & why he chose StL: http://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/24931004/nhl-patrick-maroon-decision-sign-st-louis-blues-betting-familial-ties SNIPPET: Maroon ended up switching agents. Maroon's new agent drummed up more interest, especially from the Devils. In his short stint in New Jersey, Maroon fell for Ray Shero, a GM he says "was like a father to me." Shero also embraced Maroon's family. (After Maroon's back surgery, Shero sent Vangel [his fiancee] a long text message followed by a meme. For an hour, Maroon's fiancée and the GM texted memes back and forth to each other.) Meanwhile Maroon took another meeting with Armstrong and considered what it might be like to play at home. "New Jersey offered me more money," Maroon says. "I love Ray Shero. I hope one day I can work for him. He's one of the best men in hockey. So all of that considered, it would take a lot for me not to go there."
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    Coming down from Montreal. This is my first ever game at the Prudential Center. I’m super excited can’t wait. Let’s make it loud in there and make our boys feel at home. LGD!!!!
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    Just picked up a ticket in section 210. This is my first season living near the arena so I'm excited to hit some games and not get home after midnight!
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    Will be there tomorrow with the wife and daughter, and again on Sunday with the wife, daughter, and my parents...my dad talked up the game we went to last year so much that my mom decided she needed to go to see what this is all about, heh heh. So hopefully we're all leaving the building with big smiles. LET'S GO DEVILS!
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    http://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/24944208/kevin-shattenkirk-new-york-rangers-defenseman-healthy-scratch I truly hate to see this. All Shattenkirk wanted to do was take a discount and play for the bright lights and blue shirts on broadway. He said "winning is important" and joined a team ready to re-build. He's been terrible and injured since he got there, and might be a healthy scratch 4 games into an 0-3 start to the season. I really feel absolutely terrible for him, for that great organization and for the wonderful people who cheer for them. This is a sad day to be a hockey fan. Anyway so does anyone know how many hours after I get this erection I have to call a doctor?
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    I am ++ on Seney, Anderson, Studenic and Sharangovich I am - - on McLeod and Blackwood I know it's 2 games - but that is how it is feeling at this time. Also - I really need a new Username.
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    And nobody stood up and objected at the ceremony????
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    Stop looking at the weather lol you aren't going to get washed away on the drive down
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    LGD! I'll be there with my Dad and some friends. Can't say I'm terribly upset about the fanfest being moved as I probably won't get there until close to puck drop anyway. Places your bets people - which scenario will we see tomorrow night: A ) No-name goaltender plays like a no-name goalie and our boys light him up B ) No-name goaltender plays out of his mind and posts a shutout. I feel like recent history strongly points to B
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    Where's the "Best Record At Home on Tuesdays" banner??
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    This off season seemed to last forever and the wait between games one and two is killing me. I can't wait for tomorrow!
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    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (This is the exact laugh that went through my head at this news...at the 0:53 mark): https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=dazed+and+confused+mailbox&&view=detail&mid=1F8B3A32412583FB186A1F8B3A32412583FB186A&rvsmid=3E9DC022AC9EC7E035C63E9DC022AC9EC7E035C6&FORM=VDQVAP Not sure what sh!t-enkirk has less of at this point: confidence, or functioning follicles KEEP LIVING THE DREAM LOSER!
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    Wood is playing a bit slower now when it's called for and it's great. His rookie season he tried to do everything at full speed and it didn't work at all besides on breakaways.
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    The Devils are playing with a load of confidence which is good to see.
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    These thunder sticks are getting fvcking old already
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    The Devils are the only NHL team without a loss. Lets keep it that way. LGD!
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    I’ll be watching from my couch with the twins. The wife will try to brainwash them to root for her team, but I’ll just over feed them to keep them happy and on dad’s side
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    1) Who? 2) Your parents don't know how to spell Phoenix.
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    They were only 2-1 the last time they were +.500 too lmfao.
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    Bern looks really beautiful. Yet another place I want to visit some day. Nice to see a little glimpse of Greene being the captain. Seems like a good leader. Hall’s time will come. Think my favorite part of these are the guys off the ice tbh. Just watching Coleman and Zacha walk around the city was interesting to me. I like getting a sense of their personalities. Speaking of which, KK is such a goofball lol

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