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    So Taylor Hall admitted in his recent interview after playing PUBG that he “definitely” recognizes some of the same fans in the building every game. And you guys laughed at me for wearing assless chaps and a mesh shirt with nipple rings. who’s laughing now, jerkoffs.
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    I hope she gets a residency at a NJ hospital so he ends up having to live here anyway and he has to drive past the prudential center on his way through the stupid tunnel every day and then one day when we win the cup and the Rangers are in last place he gets stuck in traffic because of the parade and then he poops his pants.
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    Oh my gosh, how will we ever recover from the Rangers winning Shattenkirk Trouba over us? It's June 18th people, JUNE 18TH. We have plenty of opportunities to improve the roster, take a chill pill.
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    He definitely stole your girlfriend. I’m convinced at this point lol
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    Since you’ve been posting on here we’ve gotten along and I really like you, but you’re acting like mommy and daddy took your toys away. I don’t know who Shero will acquire between now and July 14th. That’s because July 14th is a FVCKING MONTH AWAY. If we’ve done d!ck between now and then I’ll be on the Fire Shero wagon with you. But I don’t think that will be the case. You have absolutely no idea what happens behind closed doors. Maybe Trouba indicated he wouldn’t re-sign here so Shero didn’t sell the farm for a rental. Maybe Shero is working on something else. But for gods sake dude, calm your tits.
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    My thoughts on Shero "just sitting there" while Trouba went to the Rangers are this: Every time Shero just "sits there," the Devils eventually seem to end up in better position than they were before. A lot of fans on here and other sites are looking at this offseason with the perspective of, "We have to go all out and get assets to get Hall to stay." But a team can't really operate that way - go out and build a team around someone who could still walk even if you spend picks and prospects on getting those assets. The Devils don't work for Taylor Hall. That doesn't mean Ray shouldn't be super active this offseason and try to get Hall to stay - heck, he might have his eye on another high caliber d-man around the league - but I think that it does mean that he should continue to be patient and try to make the best deals he can. I'm sure he tried his best, within reason, to get Trouba. The Devils would have had to outbid the Rangers on Trouba to get him - which probably would have meant a much better player than Pionk or multiple players and/or picks because the Devils don't have an extra first round pick in the 2019 draft. Remember, if Hall ends up walking, the timeframe for rebuild is extended - perhaps by years - and all of a sudden the picks we would trade for established NHL players would be of much higher value to us. Again, I'm not saying Ray shouldn't try to build the Devils into a playoff contender this offseason but he should proceed with caution, the same caution he has showed thus far. Our multitude of second round picks this year might be best used to trade for an NHL veteran, but they could also be used to trade into the late first round or to simply draft a bunch of players in the second round and increase the odds that one pans out.
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    I still hate to see the Rangers of all teams land a 25 year old top pairing D at what appears to be a heavily discounted price.
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    You truly sound dumber with every post. You’re better than this. Come on.
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    So throw 2 2nds and a better prospect than the guy who’s name sounds like the first droplet of a mildly contipated sh!t.
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    So many issues: 1) Having a “2nd fav team” is weird. 2) That team being in the same conference and geographically so close to your first favorite team is weirder. 3) Having your second favorite team make Game 7 and then rooting for the other team, which is not your first favorite team, is weirdest.
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    I'm a big supporter of Shero so far, and even I agree. If we reach the end of the preseason and the totality of all moves we make is anything less than franchise-altering, I'll be the first to criticize Shero and stop "trusting the process." This is 100% his "sh!t or get off the pot" offseason, but waaaaay too many Devils fans aren't even letting us get to Draft Day without calling this upcoming season a failure already. People need to get on some meds or something.
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    I think we’re missing the big picture here: If you get offered Trouba for Zacha and picks, you absolutely fvcking do it, regardless of bust or not...
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    it"s exactly that mentality that turned Anakin into Darth Vader. And now he's dead. And because of that he had to be burned instead of just disappearing. Just sayin'... do you really want to be burned?
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    any chance someone almost did it though?
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    Personally I don't feel bad about a single bad thing I've said about the organization or players on here. If they are actively seeking out a place like this where people are going to openly comment about whatever they want that's on them. However I never go on any of their personal social media and make comments at them. To me that's more of an attack at a person compared to here which is a place where we can openly vent, complain and critique anything to do with the team.
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    Okay, I’m gonna go ahead and say it: you are literally the only person I have ever seen call Marcus Johansson “MarJo” instead of widely accepted since he broke into the league “MoJo” I get it, but I’ve done double takes on nearly every post you’ve made about him and I decided I’d finally comment on it That is all...
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    Brb gonna go read the bruins subreddit and masturbate until I pass out.
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    Delicious, rat face at fault on the goal. "Hmm no one to elbow or slewfoot - guess I'll change"
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    In fairness, if Hughes comes here and is simply better than Nico, and Nico winds up becoming a top 2C who can fill in as the 1C when needed...is that really so bad?
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    Sami Vatanen instantly became our best defenseman when we traded for him, so it's different...how? Wasn't aware Hall was a depth guy and not an impact player. Shero has made his big impact player trade and has worked to supplement pieces around him. He stole Palmieri and Palms is arguably a 1st line NHL forward who's capable of scoring 30 goals, that's an impact player. Johansson, while it didn't work out here, is a 2nd line forward on most teams, that's an impact player. You can't selectively whine and twist around history to fit your narrative when our rivals acquire good players. That's how pro sports works, the teams you dislike are going to get good players from time to time.
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    Why do teams go all out to help NYR. They just go retarded when dealing with the Rags.
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    The Jets are, or at least should be in win now mode. Given the weak return, I think they would have been better off just keeping Trouba for his contract year and then letting him walk
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    That wasn’t in direct response to your comment, but a general gripe. Zacha gets sh!t on a lot by Devils fans because he was (stupidly) drafted 6th overall, and because of that, he gets this rap as some sack of sh!t bust because he isn’t destroying the league like Barzal. There can be a world where Zacha doesn’t live up to what you’d like out of a 6th overall, but still be a very useful, productive player for the Devils.
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    I’m also sick of the Zacha bashing. People don’t seem to get that development isn’t linear. Zacha is 22 years old, not 25. He showed steady improvement after his demotion. He can still improve, but even if he doesn’t get any better than he is today, he’s still a useful NHL player as either a 3C or a top 9 winger. The way some people talk about him, you’d think he was Mattias Tedenby.
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    Now I understand why people want to trade Jesper Bratt.
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    Sundstrum and Daniel are brothers. My mind is fvcking blown. I have no idea what to do with this information and I don't know why it's so incredible to me, but it is. Anyone else here related besides me and mfitz?
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    Released my annual Draft Guide today, as usual, Top 250 rankings with scouting reports, mock drafts, class superlatives, etc: https://ridingpinehockey.com/2019/06/13/riding-pines-2019-nhl-draft-guide/ Check it out if you're so inclined, I'll likely be releasing some stand alone articles as well that break down some of what's already in the book. Hoping to have the book available on iTunes by tomorrow as well
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    And we secured the 61st pick instead of the 62nd pick with the Blues win!
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    Yeah I don’t get the whole ‘second favorite team’ thing. fvck every team that isn’t the Devils.
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    I have zero sympathie for this guy so i'm enjoying every second of this interview. It gets even better if you watch a video compilation of all his dirty plays THEN watch this interview
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    If Hall was healthy last season Nico could have put up 65+points as a 200ft player in his second NHL season. Then people wouldn't have sh!t to say. He hasnt been anywhere close to disappointing. His linemates for part of the season came straight out of the AHL lol, how convenient to not factor that in because it hurts the narrative they want to push.
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    fvck. How did you know? Yeah, it was right on his desk in folder labeled "fvck Devils fans," next to an "I the Penguins" plaque. I was able to swipe it while he was cackling in laughter on a phone call saying, "Yeah, I could have got Trouba for a bag of pucks but I'd rather troll Daniel from NJDevs."
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    Trouba didn't want to be a Devil. Dreger said he only had one or two teams on his list. It sucks but not sure why you're blaming Shero for this
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    It’s Labanc, no? In any event, he’s local, would be cool to have a Staten Islanders on the team.
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    Thought you might enjoy with the draft coming up, relive a nice moment in our club history. I'll post a few more if you are interested. START OF OT and GOAL
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    I don’t make any Trouba deal without an absolute, stone cold, 110% assurance that he’s signing an extension, or without an extension already in place.
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    If I ever heard Shero use ‘who would be more ready to step in and help right away” to justify who he picked #1, I would blow a gasket. Fortunately, I doubt he’s thinking that way.
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    I understood what was going on the last two seasons, even if I was a initially a little ticked off over the lack of moves. This year, there's no excuse. There are lots of high end players available as free agents or at relative discounts in the trade market, not to mention a real moron of a GM up in Minnesota seems to live to get fleeced in trades. We are drafting someone who should be one of the top ten centers in the league on top of having a bunch of extra picks, which means we can afford to take a chance and trade high picks in the future. There's no more rebuild and there's no more "build through the draft."
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    I am not trusting the opinion of a guy who had a meltdown when we didn't re-sign Beau Bennett because he apparently had great advanced stats.
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    It’s okay to have a sense of humor lol.
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    I’ve been retweeting all of the Laila images, videos, etc. Such an awesome story from her Make a Wish to this run. Hell, even Steen called her their good luck charm.
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