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    My brother just surprised me with tickets to tonight's game and he even got my niece into another outfit! Let's go Devils keep it rolling!
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    Ok.... I’ve had enough of these pretentious fvcktards pushing us around. It’s time to go into their house, drink their beer, fvck their wife, and piss on the foyer floor on the way out. You know these dickholes don’t wanna scrap their plans to rest up for round two by having to board a plane back to Newark for game 6..... Well it’s time to fuel that bitch up and pack your coats motherfvckers, because you have a flight north on Sunday morning whether you like it or not. Ice the fvck up. LGD. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Ran into Mr Devil again and had his jersey on for once!
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    Special teams need to be better but otherwise keep the intensity up like Monday and we should be heading back to the swamp all tied. Really proud of the fans on Monday with the energy they brought, hope they keep it up tonight. And since we're sharing baby pics here's my little guy in his Devs gear for Game 1, he wore it again in game 2 but then didn't for game 3 so I think we gotta keep him out of it tonight to keep the good juju goin. LGD
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    Here’s to hoping Devils babies brought us some luck last game.
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    Okay everyone, it's time again! GAMEDAY! The Devils put on a show on Monday, capturing a thrilling win with one of the best third periods they've played of the season. The crowd was incredible, Taylor Hall is the MVP of the league, Cory looked like the Cory of old, and the defense played much better than the first two games. Coleman was a force, Nico took a stick to the balls, Noesen, Maroon, and Hall competed for the best celly of the night. People screamed out the Ric Flair montage that we've all memorized by now, and everyone waved their towels screaming Let's go Devils all night. That was then, though! As glorious as it was to finally experience that after six years, let's keep it rolling! Expecting pretty much a zero chance of a lineup change tonight... of course, never say never, and not everyone was perfect but generally speaking Hynes seems to always stick with a lineup when they deliver results. Cory's injury scare was "tightness" according to him and "cramps" according to Coach Hynes so... we shall see if he comes out and plays the same way he did in Game 3! I expect that he will. Mojo looked excellent in his first action since January and was just a bit off on potting a goal last night. Let's hope he gets one tonight. The place had some nervous energy in the first when waiting for the first goal to be scored, and now that nervous energy has been replaced by a sense of hope that we're in this damn thing. So let's score the first goal tonight and make the roof blow off this fvcking place en route to tying this sh!t up tonight... LET'S GO DEVILS
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    So not ready for this thing to end. Take it to those fvcks in their house in front of their fans. LGD
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    Starting with Johansson, fhis season the devils traded: 3 (!!) 2nd round picks, 2 3rd round picks, gave away one of their top defensive prospects and goal-scoring fan favorites.... and some of you want to complain they didn’t make MORE moves? this is still a rebuild, guys. You can’t be an 8th place team and throw assets at the wall hoping you win a few more games. Evander kane May be the difference between a 5 game series and a 7 game series, but this isn’t a Stanley cup team yet. Maybe the devils chase him in the offseason. Maybe not. Regardless, shero has done a fabulous job
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    We just don't have the horses yet. Couple pieces missing. We're not that far away.
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    One of my favorite parts of NJDevs is when someone posts something and then the opposite happens, and we get to re-post how they were wrong. It doesn't usually happen with an All-Star player, though. That's awesome.
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    I was impressed with Nico, hes grown so much since his 1st game of the season.
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    All I have to say is thank you Devils for making my favorite sport fun again. Thanks for all the unforgettable memories. I will forever hold this season in high regard. What a ride. Here's to taking more steps forward next year after this year's gigantic leap.
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    Need a 2C (can’t wait on Zacha forever), and a top pair D to play with Vatanen. Hopefully Shero goes all in for Carlson.
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    Cory with a huge fvcking game. Gave us a chance all the way.
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    That was a disappointing game and series, but the 2017-18 Devils have a lot to feel good about. They put the franchise back on the right track.
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    We can still win this..... but, Whatever happens this game we still exceeded all expectations this year, and most importantly gave valuable playoff experience to half the team. Make a few changes in the off-season and get back at it this season.
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    I can respect that. Still a bitch move, but at least not shying away from it.
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    If Doughty is suspended, there is zero reason Kucherov shouldn’t even get a fine.
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    And one other note, and something I've really noticed in both Games 3 and 4, I think more so than I ever seen before...the sheer numbers of JERSEYS everyone's wearing. It's awesome to see. Jerseys themselves are still a considerable expense for a lot of people (even the "lower" trim levels), and yeah, there's some bad knockoffs here and there (at least they're still showing their support, and not everyone knows they're wearing a bad fake), but to me it seems like damned near EVERYONE was wearing a jersey last night. Pretty damned cool.
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    [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Taylor's looking forward to getting better for next season - that crazy kid: Taylor Hall said he stilll has another level to reach as an NHL player and is looking forward to getting there with the New Jersey Devils next season. The left wing had an NHL career-high 93 points (39 goals, 54 assists) in 76 games and also set career highs in plus-minus (plus-14), power-play points (37), overtime goals (three) and shooting percentage (14.0). "I'm only 26 years old so I think I still have at least 3-to-4 seasons more where I can keep improving and hopefully as our team gets better at doing the little things to make you successful, I'll get there," Hall said Tuesday. "I think I played OK in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, but there's still another level you need to get to in the playoffs." ... "I'd love to be in Las Vegas and go to the NHL Awards Show (on June 20) but we'll see what happens," Hall said. "It's been a successful season for me, personally, and lot of fun to come here and grow as a player and as a person. I think it'd be nice to be recognized, for sure, but I like I said, I think I can get better as a player and I'm looking forward to doing that this summer." ... Hall has two seasons remaining on his contract before he could become an unrestricted free agent July 1, 2020., but said he isn't looking too far ahead and prefers to focus on next season. "I like it here in New Jersey, and it would take a good reason to want to leave but we'll see how that plays out," Hall said. "There's a lot of time before my contract is done." Quotes from this article: https://www.nhl.com/news/taylor-hall-sees-room-for-improvement-for-new-jersey-devils/c-298236428
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    Then go watch basketball. No one cares. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Just makes me angrier that Kucherov skated off with nothing from that hit, I don't care what the DOPS says, Kucherov blindsided him in the head and he's got a concussion to show for it.
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    Every time I think of Wilson I always think of this:
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    Agreed. Also this thread is a total jinx and should be immediately deleted.
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    Nico seems to appreciate him too FWIW: Hischier said he learned a lot from Hynes in his first season and looks is ready to take the next step toward what appears to be a promising future with the Devils. "[Hynes] taught me a lot ... how to be a self-starter," Hischier said. "Those things you need to do when you have back-to-back games. There's no coach who can help you be ready the next day, so you've got to do for yourself those little details that get you ready to play your best game. Like I said, from the players to the coaching staff, this was a great year and I'm really proud of my first NHL season." https://www.nhl.com/news/nico-hischier-ready-for-bigger-better-things-in-future/c-298188930
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    They just didn't have it today besides Schneider. sundstrom said it in the chats but it's easy to forget this team basically played playoff hockey down the stretch for the last 6 weeks. Tampa did a great job on Hall and Hischier isn't there yet. We can get into who played well and who didn't but most of the team didn't play well and the 4-1 series loss is probably deserved. That said, proud but not satisfied is exactly the attitude - this team was not picked to win anything, and while they got some good breaks, I don't think they're as bad as certain people think. The worst thing Shero can do is try to bring back the same team but I suspect he won't. There's improvements that need to be made and the system won't take care of it.
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    The Devils scored 1 goal in each of the last 2 games. Goaltending was not the issue.
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    Playoff hockey came back to NJ 2 years early. What a season. GG everyone here.
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    Regardless, I am proud of these guys and I love this team. First offseason in a long time I’ll be legitimately excited.
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    You can 100% guarantee these piece of sh!t refs give us a charity PP to even up their numbers ONLY once Tampa scores their second and has the game out of reach. Otherwise it's going to be all Devil penalties the rest of the way.
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    Going into this series, I said TB was by far my 2nd favorite team. I said I would root for them in the rest of the playoffs without a doubt. now I would root against the Nazis over them. I hope every single player breaks every single bone in their body. I hope their fans get hit in the face by pieces of their body flying into the stands. I hope their team moves to Wisconsin, draws 300 people a game, and Kucherov leaves for Russia. When in Russia, I hope Kucherov contracts a nasty STD from sleeping with the gross trash he probably sleeps with. fvck this team. fvck these officials. I want every fvcking sh!t bolt bloody.
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    If Tampa scores here it’s tine to prove how hard you actually have to hit a guy with a stick to see some brains.
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    Both COL and PHI have extended their series with road wins. (the PHI win especially surprised me; they have barely been competitive.) Who says we can't? Win or lose, they have us hoping for a great future. Let's finish strong, all out!
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    I'm not ready for this awesome season to end. Going to the Rock and watching on the jumbotron because why not soak up every minute of our team being in the playoffs? Devils win 3-2, Hall with another goal, Severson with a goal to redeem that garbo play on Kucherov's goal, and Mojo with the GWG. Hall with 3 PTS... again. Not going to wax poetic on the season yet because the season is not yet over... but I just want to say I am proud of this team no matter what happens. Bring it back to Jersey! Let's go!
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    What a load of sh!t, he's got a concussion, he would have traveled with the team if it was just a shoulder injury. Consistently inconsistent as usual. Not surprising with that moron Paros running the gong show.
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    Hoping hard for a Game 6. And if the Devils make it, only to lose in front of their home crowd? As the time winds down in the third, even if they're losing by 3+, I'm going to be there giving them a standing O. Why? Because this was a hell of a year. Because this team made rooting for the Devils fun again (even when they weren't). Because they may not always win, but they damned near never quit, and they have heart to spare. This team showed me a hell of a lot in 2017-18. I'm not sure how linear the path will be to bigger and better things, but at least I can think about bigger and better things, and that's a huge step forward. More fun times ahead.
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    Sold my Red Bulls tickets for their home game at 3:30 to go to the Devils watch party at the arena. Hate missing games to watch games on TV but with it being an elimination game I'd be too annoyed being at the Red Bulls game and potentially hearing the score. I could be wrong but I don't recall them ever doing these viewing parties for a first round match up in the arena so I think it's awesome and with the new videoboard I really wanted to go. If it was the old videoboard I'd probably just watch from home lol Plus the money is being donated to the Humboldt Broncos so that's even better.
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    It’s almost universal at sports events now. Some use it more than others. I don’t mind it, but I see where you are coming from. My daughter loves it because when one person does it, someone else responds. She likes when she yells things and people follow her. One time she tried to get a “Let’s Go Devils” going, it wasn’t working, so this very nice, very drunk guy jumps up and yells at the top of his lungs “She’s a little girl!! She wants you to say Let’s Go Devils so let’s do it!!” And the whole section responded, and she still talks about it. She’s not Finnish but she doesn’t know Ric Flair either. To her, he’s just a weird dude who yells. Which she likes.
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    Guess the balls and head are fair game if you’re in a Devils jersey. Maybe the league would finally react if an opposing player tried to kill Hall at mid-ice with a chainsaw. NJDEVILS VS EVERBODY
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    Wonder if he’d say the same if that was Stamkos or Kucherov on the receiving end.
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    In 2012, the power play was dirty with Oates running it. Remember that first period goal against the Rangers in game 6?
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    Russians interfering with more than just elections
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    I used to not mind the Lightning. Now I despise them
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    saw him play a few times this year with Halifax. He had a pretty decent season