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    Boston played last night. Since it’s evident that the devils did NOT play last night, I think that gives us an edge. nobody thought we’d beat Pitt and we destroyed them. 5-4 Devils. Marchand breaks his nose on the Jumbotron.
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    All this talk has made me appreciate Taylor Hall even more. His social media is on point. He doesn't often Tweet, but when he does, it's funny as hell, to support his teammates, or to hit on Selena Gomez.
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    It's time to bring Hall into the Hart conversation.
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    That's not what happened but whatever, the referees were atrocious tonight from minute 1. Call on Simmonds was just as embarrassing as anything else. They missed a blatant hand pass by the Flyers right before that high stick on Zajac (that they also missed), meanwhile Eagle Eyes the linesman manages to call too many men on the Devils which might've been the right call but I doubt he saw anything other than Hischier's uncertainty of whether he should touch the puck. Oh, and how was Hall's goal not called a goal on the ice immediately - how do all 4 officials miss that?
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    You know what stat is accurate? 5-2 final score. We win, motherfvckers.
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    He did an interview with Chico and Matt on the post game radio show and Chico said just so people don't accuse me of being all positive towards you, you have to work on your puck tossing for after the game haha
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    Kinkaid has been really good tonight, I have to say.
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    Just some off-day fun reading how we all felt about this trade. Mostly positive reactions. @TheMazz, my dude, you probably want to avoid scrolling back in time here. lol
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    Was at the game tonight, and I'm not gonna lie, I was not optimistic at all going in. The first two periods did nothing to alleviate my fears, especially when there was no sign that Hall was going to return. I'll give the team credit, they didn't quit in the third period. I seriously have not seen a worse officiated game ever. There were missed calls on both sides, but NJ certainly got the short end of the stick. 1) Interference on Gudas against Hall 2) Wood slashed in the leg 3) Ghost embellishing the high stick 4) Zajac getting bloodied by a high stick 5) Not one of the refs calling the first Hall goal a goal Was pretty funny hearing a 'ref you suck' chant when Konecny got drilled. Some idiot next to me said "it's not soccer" when Zajac was down on all fours after taking that stick. When I said the same thing to him when Ghost embellished, he gave me the finger lmao.
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    Team should be renamed the New Jersey Taylor Halls
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    I think I've done 1-2 GDT's since being a member on this board, so I'm giving it a shot today! Desperately need a win here. Pretty sure I'm one of the only fans on this board who thinks we're still making the playoffs this year. A win tonight would be a big start. We're still in it and have games in hand, just have to find our game starting tonight and I'm confident we'll make it. Obviously this team's future is bright, but let's believe in them right now. LGD!!!
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    I don't know too many 1,000-point 'grinders', but if you're trying to say Hall is flashier than Elias, I doubt you'll find too many who would disagree. Hall may very well be the most talented forward we've ever had. As far as the best Devils forward of the last 10-20 years... That's Elias, as his jersey retirement in two weeks makes rather clear.
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    Got a bad feeling about this so I guess a comfy 4-1 win is incoming.
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    LGD!!! Let's hope the Moms bring the boys some luck! Also, just because I didn't know where else to post this: Andrew Gross‏ Verified account @AGrossRecord This can be seen as a good sign - Taylor Hall: "Both my parents have really liked how I’ve been treated by the New Jersey Devils and the trajectory our team is on. Both my parents are really happy with that, so all good."
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    I’ll be at the game tonight in Columbus. Hope to see a Devils win. LGD
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    So you are anti Niemi, then??
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    These bastards may be the best team in the league... Curbstomp their fvcking heads. LGD. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    There's nothing quite like a violent MadDog GDT. They're what I look forward to these days. LGD!
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    Forget who they play, who are the refs Tonight?
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    I will literally pay you money to learn how to embed your twitter links.
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    KINKAID FOR VEZINA! HALL FOR HART! HYNES FOR ADAMS! I'll let you figure out which one I'm serious about lol Seriously though, amazing fvcking comeback. Hall is such a beast, he's going to try to single handly carry this team on his back to the playoffs or die trying. I'll gladly give Keith some credit tonight for a perfect shootout performance and some key saves during the game. We need more of that out of him. Stafford reminds me of Victor Kozlov, doesn't do much of anything great in the game but sure is good at shootouts. Great night! fvck Philly!
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    He should really step away from the phone, these are a joke and not in a good way. When your play the majority of the time is crap you should lay low. He made some a huge save or two in OT but it'd be great if he blow overall. Andrew Gross ✔@AGrossRecord Hall confirms he went through concussion protocol. Told Gudas on the ice before going to the room it was a good clean hit. I thought the hit was clean too, Taylor agreed. Not too many other players would ever step up and admit it on a hit when they got rocked, especially not a superstar in any league. Guy is a stud, destined to be one of the greatest Devils ever at this rate.
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    Bought tix for me and my daughter for Thursday's game...she knows we're going to the game, but she doesn't know that I bought tix for the club seats (with the buffet). Man it's so much nicer going into that game on a WIN. Hallelujah!
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    Kinkaid is literally the worst goalie in hockey, and it isn’t even close. Hynes will start him for the next 20 games and Ray will sign him to a seven year $35 million deal.
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    He also said when he was in Nashville it wasn’t a hockey market. Obviously what he’s getting at is that it isn’t Montreal or Toronto where there’s a rabid and unreasonable media and fan base breathing down your neck pressuring you to “do something.” Honestly, most NHL teams are probably like that. Even the Rangers don’t really have the same problems as Canadian teams do. Seriously, the only pain in the ass writer Rangers management has to deal with is Brooks, and they pretty much ignore him anyway. As long as Shero makes the team better and builds a Cup winner, he can go on the Tonight Show and tell lame New Jersey jokes for an hour for all I care.
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    I know it's been debated multiple times, but I really do want to see the Devils lose their sh!t over one of these "huh?!" calls soon. I know the fallout could be costly within a game (penalties, etc), but the Devils just seem so damned PASSIVE when it comes to this sh!t...almost too calm to a fault. I like Hynes in general, but I guess I would just to like see him go full-human just one time. Yeah, probably won't make any difference, but I guess I'd like to see him show that some of this crap makes him as crazy as it makes us.
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    Re: Cory, gotta admit, at this point I don't want him to come back until he's 100%...because if he has a setback and has to miss another bunch of games, there's just no chance.
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    forgetting last night. driving straight from work in Philly again. last time I did this they smacked the sh!t out of the Flyers. let's go Devils.
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    as in he chose the wrong career or ?
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    Because he's been awful all season and really shouldn't be starting game after game after game with stats like his, even if the other options are similarly awful. The staff needs to start forcing accountability rather than running out the same garbage lineups day after day.
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    Boarding plane in 5 minutes for Columbus! Looking forward to the game - Go Devils!!!!
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    he's dead to the New Jersey Devils. I would think/hope
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    Way to finish the job.. strong solid game, ...58 mins of enjoyable hockey is nice every once and a while..
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    The Nose, Nico, and Sevs all having a huge game.
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    Past me, let me tell you about how Hall won the lottery and he got a young swiss (no really) kid help him produce at a 90+ point pace and is currently single handedly willing the team into the playoffs. Maybe. There's a goaltending thing going, it's tough to explain. Yeah, Eddie Lack. And Kinkaid. Yeah.
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    I'm just so glad it wasn't ryan nugent hopkins... There are 100 larsson,s in this league, and about 10 taylor halls...it was a true fleece job...
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    I never change jerseys after a win. It’s obviously what makes the difference. Until it doesn’t, and then I switch. There’s my boy.
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    This league is so fvcking worthless. Dano said it before the game and it's only been proven more true tonight, not in his 30 years around the team has there ever been such a pronounced stretch of just STRAIGHT INCOMPETENCE from this fvcking league. fvcking flyer trying to chop down a tree hacking at Wood's ankle, Radko "white trash" Gudas fvcking boards (shocking!) Hall an hour after he shot, Zajac gets shot in the face by a fvcking handgun, Hayes gets cross checked into another dimension... Are there even officials on the ice? The only time they make calls are when they're wrong. Devils get a power play for a teammate's stick catches someone in the face. The puck is in the net for 45 minutes, all 17,000 people in attendance see the fvcking thing in the net and they don't know if it's a goal The fvcking scoreboards counting up on penalties, there's a flying rat throwing elbows with no call, the guy that gets suspended is out there clinching the game, there's disallowed goals for offside by a millimeter three minutes preceding a goal Is there any league that is more second rate than this piece of sh!t? Certainly not in North America. Zero consistency from the ice level up to fvcking HQ in Toronto. Supporting this sh!t is worthless but like a mindless drone I'll continue to do it because I'm loyal to the team. Meanwhile now we have essentially a must win game down to twenty minutes minus our best player and with a literal shooter tutor in net. Actually I think the shooter tutor would be in better position than Kinkaid most of the time. Godspeed Nico and friends. fvcking surprise us because sh!t looks pretty dire right now. But they don't quit at least. PS thank God we don't play this fvckbag team again, if Radko Gudas had to have his leg amputated tomorrow I wouldn't give a sh!t. fvck that scumbag
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    For me, with these calls, it's just that I've never seen anything like them before, especially last night's. I've never seen the refs call something a goal when there is absolutely no evidence that the puck went over the line. If anything, they've erred on the opposite side. It really boggles my mind that they called it a goal. I really think the Devils players do need to get on the refs a bit more. Not that it will make all the difference but don't be the nice guys, don't make it easy for them to look you in the eye and tell you that you were offsides.
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    Not sure if this was mentioned here yet but: Butcher got an assist too. Doesn't count officially though because he missed time due to injury. So that's 21 points over the 14 game streak (9 goals, 12 assists) and he's 12 points off Kucherov while having played 5 less games.
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    I can't lump this team in with the previous teams. For one, last year's team was CLEARLY an illusion...it was obvious that they weren't going to keep it up, and I said so at the time...the talent just wasn't there, and the metrics didn't really support that team continuing to build off the 9-3-3 start. As for the previous year's team, that team felt like an overachiever that ran out of luck. And we've been over some of the more recent rosters, in the seasons prior to this one...some of them were fvcking AWFUL. Even though Schneider was up and down this season, losing him has turned out to be an absolute killer, as KK is having a poor year and doesn't appear to be able to handle a starter's workload in emergencies. After getting squashed in Columbus, the Devils did battle last night...to me, the true mark of a loser team would be to barely show up and be stuck wallowing in Saturday night's loss. I don't see the 2017-18 team as some more-of-the-same loser team, I just don't. I'm not sure how many teams would be able to handle a goaltending tandem of KK and Lack and not be hurt by it. It doesn't get much more replacement level than that.
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    I hope Momma Kinkaid brought her son his big boy pants. Tonight he better bounce back after the last 2 games. Steal a goddamn game for us KK Someone in addition to Trav and the Texans and our True Captain better score tonight. Let's freaking Go Devils! Back to the winning ways!