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    Yeah it sounds like a mess. Way too many voices. There should only be one voice- the GM’s. The owners need to write checks and shut the fvck up.
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    That really wasn't a ridiculous expectation. Like I said before, instead of 8th in the division, maybe, I don't know... 5th or 6th? All I was looking for last season and this season was something that showed us the team was building to something.
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    That tends to happen when you're the highest paid guy and a lot of the buzz around the season's expectations involved you joining the team. People who don't think the players feel that pressure to succeed are oblivious. They still want to win, but the season's expectations are gone at this point so it is easy to see how they are able to settle in.
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    I had the bar set at not being eliminated from playoff contention before October ends and they still managed to disappoint me lol
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    Most comments in the "Devils hire Tyler Dellow as vice president of analytics" thread were "It can't hurt to have someone like this in the organization". Well.. guess what lol It should have never been a thing to get them that involved in management. Analytics should be a ressource, a tool that the people in charge can go and have access to. To make decisions based on it is madness. I'm getting more and more worried about our owners. I can't help but imagine this when im thinking about the situation
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    Sneaky expansion draft rigging? Aka following the rules and taking advantage for their gain? How is it any different than teams using a compliance buyout? Its perfectly in the rules but its also their fault for signing a bad deal. Go back and look at the expansion draft and compare it to their opening night's roster. McPhee, who just came off of being called a bust for the Caps not winning when he was in charge, wheeled and dealed like a mastermind to get that team to how it was for that finals run,. This is a rare time I'll pull for PDB, that team could very well be better than the Sharks team he took to the finals in 16.
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    Sounds like we might have meddling owners...oh boy...
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    That just screams too many cooks in the kitchen to me... What GM would want to have to deal with the analytics guys going over their head right to the owners? What a mess. The goaltending thing is fair. We should have never, ever, relied on Cory coming into this season.
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    Friedman's 31 thoughts with some interesting behind-the-office doors gossip https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/31-thoughts-fallout-bombshell-devils-knights-firings/ Second-guessing Shero on the goalie thing is fair though there weren't really a lot of options that wouldn't block Blackwood beyond this year this side of Lehner. Were they really supposed to give big money and term to Varlamov or Bobrovsky and just make Blackwood a 1B for the indefinite future? And as for the (ahem) collabrative stuff, guess it was only a matter of time.
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    So Laviolette and Gallant are available, watch us promote Rick Kowalsky as our new NHL coach. I am surprised Devils haven't nabbed Laviolette as yet.
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    EXACTLY what I was thinking too. It's mind numbing.
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    Poor Nico and Bratt. I feel for them.
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    Now this is just sad. I can't think of another team in the league that would have Wood on their 1st line.
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    I’m sure no one would have a problem with input from the analytics department if it wasn’t circumventing the actual General Manager! That cannot be a healthy operating model.
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    While funny, this post is also quite true. Why not give an analytics team a chance to sculpt our roster? It's not like the traditional one man show has worked for us for the last decade. I scoffed when Arizona hired a rookie analytics GM, but now they seem to be putting together a decent team.
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    Yeah, completely agree, and I think that's kind of natural. It's probably normal for most players to want to impress and take on a lot initially, but especially him - he seems to have that personality, and I think it made him nervous, anxious, and prone to mistakes. Now that he's slowed down a bit, I think he's seeing the ice better and reacting to (and dare I say, predicting) plays better.
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    Never heard of her before but browsing through her Twitter has convinced me she's not as knowledgeable as she thinks she is with posts like this... Referencing Hynes...
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    Also, per an article on nj . com the decision to fire Hynes was made about 10 days before he was officially fired. Screw winning games, we near MOAR ASSETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    The season really did fall apart quicker than I can ever remember before. They just never bounced back from all those early blown leads.
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    No thanks, leave the goal song alone at this point.
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    Oh no maybe we'll finish dead last in the division yet again without Shero next season. The horror.
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    The forever holier-than-thou writers can go screw...do they really think everyone is being truthful with them every last moment? Steroid users lie to them constantly when questioned about past or present use. I agree with both you and '7'...obviously I'm far from the biggest Beltran supporter out there, and if he did spew a bunch of bullsh!t to Mets management about his involvement and the Mets as a result feel like they simply can't trust him...I can understand canning him over THAT. But don't fire him simply because idiots with short memories like Teixeira and CC (take a look at some of your teammates boys) and some of the media think that they know what's best for everyone, and are almost demanding that the Mets now act as the media dictates is "right" . In a way, I just want the Mets to say "You know what? fvck all of you (and yes, that includes you too Manfred)! We're keeping our manager, that's it. Now you can all spend the next week or so competing with each other to see who can sound the most eloquently outraged and offended, and then it will blow over, and for all we know, you may soon have a legit Manager of the Year candidate that you may have no choice but to vote for, if he's clearly the most deserving candidate. Suck on THAT!"
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    Definitely. The offense has clearly ramped up a bit, and I've noticed a lot less turnovers/risky moves like he was pulling earlier on. Not sure if that has to do with the coaching change, probably more of him just finally settling in a bit and getting used to his new teammates and the style of play, but whatever it is, it's improved his play quite a bit since the start of the season.
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    They absolutely scraped in on the last game on the back of one player. I don't think anyone thought they would be perennial playoff contenders year after year based on that. It shows you how low the bar has been over the last 5 years that this is seen as over achieving.
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    I'm not gonna lie, I had the same exact thought and should have posted it. THAT would be so Mets.
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    On one hand (and this is where I'm leaning) I want to say to the Mets "Stick to your guns on Beltran, you hired him, you believe in his managerial abilities...keep him and this will blow over" (and it will most definitely blow over if they stay firm) Another part of me is thinking...sh!t Beltran/Mets has always been an uncomfortable marriage with this constant undercurrent of failure, bitterness, always wanting to be a Yankee etc. Maybe Mets/Beltran was just never meant to be? I don't know. The situation is fluid..but my heart and my head right now is saying STICK WITH HIM
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    I do think on some level the writers resent that Beltran lied to THEM during his presser and probably are more out to get him becuase of it. If management did specifically ask Beltran about this behind closed doors and he lied to them, then if they want to deem that as fireable, I can understand that since he'll have blindsided them with this firestorm. Just something doesn't smell right over the fact we did not benefit at all from what the Astros pulled in 2017 and yet we wind up getting punished losing our manager over it. The Astros lost their GM/manager because they benefitted from cheating. The Red Sox lose their manager because they benefitted from cheating. We're the only entity who didn't cheat (as far as we know) getting punished for it.
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    Yeah if all of this is true, it’s incredibly disheartening and depressing.
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    Exactly, that’s why we could extend him and hope for the best. He’s not taking a spot away from a better player right now. We need to focus on other areas aside from a 4th line center. I do think, however, we need to stop playing him on the first line. I mean even Hynes didn’t pull that crap. I’d rather see Coleman up there than Zacha.
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    That's terrible if true. It's just like studio executives or producers getting in the way of movie directors. It's ALWAYS resulting in a mess. It's even worst that it's analytics... i have no idea how knowledgeable those owners are about hockey... but if you're not looking at the big picture and fully understand and know hockey its useless and the fact that they can just get "stats" and look at them as "results" to ensure they get a return on their investment or wtv is fvcking insane. I'd want to hang myself if i was a GM having to deal with that kind of sh!t
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    Well, for starters I wouldn’t have extended him. But since that already happened he’d be glued to the 4th line until I could include him as a throw in piece on a trade. No more letting him drag other guys down. Nico was on fire until he got saddled with Zacha and now he hasn’t had a point in two games. As far as replacing him who cares who plays 4th line center? We have Nico, Hughes, and Zajac. And every time we’ve tried to move Zacha to wing he does nothing.
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    I'm sticking with he sucks, doesn't matter where he was drafted. Zacha has already played 17 more NHL games that Coleman has.
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    And every time you bring up Coleman I point out it’s super rare for a guy to bloom that late. I was even trying to think of other examples last night after the hat trick. Maybe Tim Thomas? I’m sure there’s a few here and there, but it’s definitely not something that’s common. And I’m well past accepting the age excuse for Zacha.
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    Nope, don't buy it. Respect the optimism but Zacha's had his chance to show something - anything - and has failed to do so for years now. "Only 22" has lost its meaning into today's NHL when most high potential kids have shown consistent flashes by 20. Comparing Coleman and Zacha is apples to oranges - two completely different players with completely different pedigrees and expectations. B-b-b-bust.
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    well our Asst. Equipment Manager (he's the guy giving players sticks when theirs breaks during plays or wtv) Nathan Belliveau worked with Gallant for the Saint John Sea Dogs in the Q. So there's already a chemistry there. Let's make it happen.
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    He’s playing much better recently, too.
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    Mine either. That’s fair. LOL
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    Unfortunately we are not in the position to be shopping out PK for anything other than a proven NHL defenseman coming back. Our D is absolutely horrid and we still need a guy like him for 3-4 slot. Yes, his contract is abysmal but we didn't give it to him. I say keep him unless like I mentioned above we get a NHL defenseman back. No prospects or picks would be acceptable.
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    Toronto media: "Hey PK, your team is kinda garbage and you're playing like a shell of your former self. Are you gonna ask for a trade so you have a last chance at a cup before the rest of the league decides you are totally shot?" New Jersey media: "Coach Hynes, you continue to start Cory Schneider even though he's allowing 5 goals a game and your defense looks like someone's controller got unplugged during a game of EA Sports NHL. So it begs the question... What's your favorite color? Follow up question: what kind of sandwich are you gonna have when you get home?"
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    I'd rather know who the GM is before we pick another coach, but Gallant is at the top of my list now
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    Not only that but they’ve played well this season but have not had good shooting percentages. I’d hire Gallant here in a second.
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    You had hope. That can be even more dangerous than alcohol.
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    Lol. “Maybe they sell seafood”
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    She almost dates an NHL player.
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    I wonder if Hall publicly stating that he never even got a contract offer from Shero is what set the alarms off for Harris and Blitzer. It certainly was concerning for me. If you two are way too far apart that is one thing, but to not at least throw something out there is very odd.
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    Super old reference but "let's find some American foxes!"
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    How so? Was Marty full of himself? Of course. But he could have dropped the Devils plenty of times. I also don't think there's any reason to believe he would be a good GM. I'm just saying he had the reputation of being above the team but could have left for bigger markets and never did. I'm not saying he doesn't have an ego. He clearly does
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    Congrats media...you win. Guess Manfred got what he wanted too. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2871496-carlos-beltran-reportedly-steps-down-as-mets-manager-amid-sign-stealing-probe
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