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    This is my problem with advanced stats when used as the sole way to validate performance. Can look real good on paper based on metrics but the eye test tells a different story. To insinuate Greene is the 30th best defender in the league makes this even more laughable. I could give you all the science to prove a food is the healthiest thing in the world, but if it’s covered in dirt, feces and filled with bugs, you will never eat it.
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    This little douche has played one season in the league and has lost most of them yet is yapping his mouth. He’s like his idiot father. Can’t wait for someone to lay him out.
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    I can't imagine it even being a question if Ty Smith is on Team Canada. I think the only question is if he's the Captain of the team.
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    It’s that wonderful NHL schedule that minimalises real rivalries for trying to create (read: force) new ones. So dumb.
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    The NHL is making a beeline towards another lockout. With another lockout comes another compliance buyout. Use that to get rid of the ginger. For now, he should be our tank commander. Leave him in net and see if he figures it out. If he doesn’t, were the worst team in the sport and we’ll have a high pick in a good draft. If he does, well, neat. EDIT: and for heavens sake, DM, please change my name back. Kinky is stinky, man.
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    Yeah but can Reaves do this starfish attempted hit while missing by several feet (being kind). Maybe he'd be better off in the WWE?
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    man do i ever feel bad for tom wilson... hopefully he'll be fine................................................................................................................................
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    I didn't watch the game but just saw a video on facebook of Jakovlev's first goal. What's great about it is when they all went for a hug, they all stayed there for quiiite awhile. It shows me that they are still a close group and "together". If they turned on the coach and that he needs to go or wtv... so be it. But as long as the guys are staying close, away from drama and putting blames on other guys etc etc... there's hope.
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    Take that old piece of sh!t out back and break his fvcking legs. Strip him of the fvcking C and him off of my roster
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    This is my first time at the Honda Center. It's a decent sized crowd, maybe 80% full, but the crowd is about as lively as a sloth. Maybe it's because you can't do the "Let's Go _____!!!" chant when your team only has one syllable. There's little excitement beyond when they boo the refs at the beginning of each period. I did make sure to point out to my group the spot on the ice where Stevens laid out Kariya.
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    Meh, Kinkaid hasn't exactly been killing it and at some point we have to figure out if this is just a slow recovery from offseason surgery and missing training camp for Schneider or if he is really shot and we need to think about a buyout.
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    Schneider in, Kinkaid out! Greene gets 36 minutes! Palms scored 2 last game, better sit him!
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    I not sure if Auston Matthews is the answer to our goaltending issues
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    A win against a bad team is always better than a loss against a bad team...I'll happily take it. Maybe the guys finally lose that "Here we go again feeling" they've probably had lately. Goaltending situation remains quite unsettling though.
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    What Kinkaid did, giving it back right in the middle of a scrum in front to another player.... i do that all the time when im playing NHL on PS4... Looks even dumber when a real person does it
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    Yakovlev should have a permanent spot in the lineup at this point.
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    A couple times it was just “Devante Smelly” too. Amazing!
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    Dano hoping and praying we get Hughes. He’s in serious trouble if he has to pronounce either the Russian or Finish kids names on a nightly basis.

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