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    Their play on the ice just makes us sick...
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    Never read Deadspin, so hard for me to agree with the whole tearing up hockey culture aspect. Always a few jerks in every group, but overwhelmingly still seems to me the hockey culture is far above the other 3 major sports. Anyway, the players should be telling donald fehr the way they really feel. Not to the reporter anonymously.
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    It's incredible how badly the US has handled this pandemic. And that's coming from someone in a country where it's been a complete sh!t show.
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    Button literally is attributing all of the success under Nasraddine without even acknowledging the super human performance of a rookie goalie. He literally says he doesn't know if Blackwood is a #1 but as anyone with half a clue can see, if you put any of the other goalies we had this year in net for an extended period of time, that magical amazing record that Button gives Nassraddine the credit alone for is gone to sh!t and this isnt even a discussion.
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    Rikard: “So who’s the GM going to be” Devils Mgm: “The what?” R: “you need a GM...” DM: “... nah.... we’ll be fine....” R: “See ya...”
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    Also, Happy Canada Day to our neighbors to the North!
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    Gusev should be immediately re upped
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    I truly wish they would have shown such blind desperation to get back to hockey like they are now when we've lost full of half seasons due to lockouts because they were playing tug-war and pinching pennies. It's all about the money at the end of the day.
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    Yeah we’ve been used to it for years...
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    One positive of being a fan of a really bad team is at least we don't have to see our guys get sick at least.
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    That would be a huge NO for me on keeping Nas. And I completely disagree with Button that it would be “delusional” to believe the Devils could make the playoffs next season. They add a capable backup, and Mac keeps playing at a high level they could be a bubble team. Especially if Nico, Jack, Bratt, and Gusev all have better seasons, which I think is pretty likely. Also, how about having a more experienced coach behind the bench precisely because we have such a young team?
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    Can you blame him? Feel like we're a bit directionless right now.
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    The bolded made me think of this instantly (go to the 10 sec mark): https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=jaws+tiger+shark&ru=%2fvideos%2fsearch%3fq%3djaws%2btiger%2bshark%26FORM%3dHDRSC4&view=detail&mid=79DF0BD9D3EE3176AB6879DF0BD9D3EE3176AB68&rvsmid=BF7314554C66DC831E0BBF7314554C66DC831E0B&FORM=VDQVAP
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    Makes more sense than re-doing the entire lottery. Maybe if they can't finish the season they should do a lottery to see who gets the Stanley Cup too. And also fvck Doug Wilson, we're doing a HOF lottery too.
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    Found it, I mean can’t see argue with these kind of sports smarts.... lol
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    Perfetti is supposed to be one of the best natural goal scorers of this draft class (after Laffy). The only knock of him seems to be his skating, but we desperately need guys that can put the puck in the net for Nico and Jack.
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    The bolded is my one beef here. The Devils falling one spot I can live with...it happens, and I can only imagine how Detroit and Ottawa are feeling (falling from potentially #1 and #2 to #4 and #5, though at least Ottawa had SJ's pick at #3 to soften the blow a little). But yeah, with the "field bet" odds that the other teams had, that pick shouldn't have been any higher than #4 overall...if you want to make an argument for #3, I guess you can make it, but #4 feels more "right". aylbert pointing out how the collective odds gave the field bet crowd too favorable of a chance to get the #1 seed shows that this system was flawed from its inception. But like others have said, though I don't believe that the result was rigged (no way that the Devils get two #1s in three years if the system truly was), it just feels wrong...wrong enough that people are going to say "Of course, there goes the friggin' NHL manufacturing drama and interest!" It's not a good look.
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    Yup Bettman can spin this by saying the odds were like every other draft lottery. But the truth is that it's not like the others. The "field bet" odds for teams potentially in the playoffs were too high. Play in chance AND a lottery ball.. bullsh!t...
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    He was in the NHL long enough to fall down, so that’s something.
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    Looking at the last 10 #7 picks and it’s extremely encouraging... Jeff Skinner, Mark Scheifele, Matthew Dumba, Darnell Nurse, Hayden Fluery, Ivan Provorov, Clayton Keller, Lias Andersson, Quinn Hughes, Dylan Cozens There’s some great players in there. I don’t know much about Fleury, and Cozens is obviously still TBD, but the only real bust in there looks to be Andersson (LOL).
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    NJ.com has an article about damon severson taking big steps to becoming a top two way defenseman, only problem is they have a photo of will butcher.. what great team coverage we have.
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    yeah i agree that Elias is very very borderline. I'd be happy if he gets in but also have to be conscious of what sort of floodgate it would open. There's been a LOT of players like him in the league. So if Elias gets in then every fan base we feel justified to push their own versions of that lol I personally don't NEED Elias to be in the HOF. He was VERY special for us and his # will be in the rafters forever. That's good enough for me.
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    I know dude, I just wanted to stare my take. Absolutely not discrediting yours by any means
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    Literally that's the thing I will give the NHL/NHLPA credit for this time around, "hey we have an pandemic, we (mostly) want to play and while we're at, wanna hammer out a CBA for a few more years?" "yeah sure why not"
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    With the cap remaining static it's good news for teams that currently have space (like the Devils) but teams that are up against it will be in trouble. There will be a few more players not getting re-signed by their clubs and maybe a few more trades possible now. I also read somewhere (so could be complete BS) that there won't be any compliance buy outs this season. I guess that means that Cory will be staying around for a least another season.
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    I've started and stopped this reply a few times now (I think 5 or 6, haha) so forgive me if its really disjointed. I know this is one of those extremely rare instances you and I don't agree on a particular subject so please allow me to try and give you my thoughts: RISK: COVID MY TAKE: We were going to see spikes, regardless of the work place, the second things started opening up you will have them. From the general office worker to professional athletes to even the military, as people start to come back together and tests become more regularly available, positives will be there, unfortunately. What magnified this situation is the complete distrust from top to bottom the government created in its people, I'm not opening the can of worms of the finer points of the politics, but I think we can all agree the second this virus became part of a political agenda used for personal/political gains, we as the general public Americans were absolutely screwed and this was never going to go well. WHY IT IS WORTH THE RISK: This is complicated, so please bare with me 1) We've seen the success of quarantine in Europe with the EPL and Bundesliga how at the beginning you see cases, but as the weeks progress, the preventative measures have been proven to work. This also can be echoed in other areas not just sports that as long as people adhere to the isolation, odds of spreading the virus drastically diminish. 2) The general public NEED a distraction. The aforementioned distrust, paired with constant bombardment of severely slanted new reporting, has literally turned people against one another and things that could be discussed now turn heated and/or violent. Bringing sports back will take away from the tension because people will finally have something else to do. I'm not trying to take any light away from the important issues which need to be discussed, but holy sh!t we need to have something else in the forefront to take a break from those problems. Speaking for myself here, sports has been an incredible distraction and helped me through really tough times. The uncertainty of my future while I was desperately waiting for my career answers, it give me relief (even if just for a period or two) while not home and the nights when the kiddos wouldn't sleep when they were first born, flipping on NHL Network in the dead of night and seeing that day's highlights took some of the "good god what have I done" feeling sometimes people get as a parent (haha). 3) It is going to be weird to have hockey in August, but again just speaking for myself, I'd much rather watch a hockey game than a baseball game 9 times out of 10. We legitimately have a chance to get more viewers and fans with only baseball being around. TLDR: I think the game should come back, but hell I'm selfish and want it back. To anyone who reads it, please don't go political, I couldn't care less if you're red, blue, green, indigo, I think nearly all politicians are full of sh!t and out for themselves. END INCOHERENT RANT
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    i mean the Rangers have absolutely no shot at winning the cup. I know a lot of you guys believe in the whole "once you're in you never know" but come on lol It's way safer to hope for them making the playoff than having a shot at landing a top prospect. they have a WAY better chance at winning first overall or getting a good prospect by picking earlier this year than making it all the way
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    It does? If the Rangers lose the play in, they are one of the 8 teams eligible for the No1 overall pick that we know is going to one of those teams correct? Under normal circumstances i always root for the Rangers to lose, but in this circumstance, id rather have them win the play in round and then have no shot whatsoever at 1st overall if that makes sense. In an ideal world the Rangers lose the playin, AND dont get the no1. I just dont trust our/my luck that much.
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    Your first statement seems contradictory. As for the conditional picks, iirc correctly, we want Vancouver to make the playoffs to get their pick this year instead of next, and Arizona we get their pick no matter what unless they win the lottery (which is scary with them having Hall). So I think we want Vancouver to get bounced in the 1st round of the actual playoffs, and Arizona to lose the play-in, but not win the lottery. Which would give us the highest possible pick. I think...
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    No it's not the best case scenario. The best case scenario for us is actually MTL winning the play-in. I posted the extreme best case scenario few days ago. As for Vancouver... well.... it's so hard to say... i'm really not sure where they'll be next year but it's true that this year with vancouver we're guaranteed a... 17 to 30 pick i guess... while if they sh!t the bed next year we could get a better pick... but who knows really. Like you said since it's a deep draft and that we need talent sooner than later i'd rather get a player this year
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    Is that really still the best scenario? Wouldn’t it be better for Vancouver to get a protected pick this year and then bomb next year? Or am I missing something? I guess there are too many variables to hope for that, but I’m an eternal optimist... except when we’re fvcked. Before I forget, what does next year’s draft look like, potential wise, compared to this year? It sounds like this is a deep draft so maybe getting the pick this year is better. Still, I have this fantasy of the Canucks keeping their pick this year only to win the lottery next year. Yes, I’m greedy....
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    Over the last 10 years not at all, but I clearly had devil's tinted glasses on for the drafts in the 2000's era.
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    You’re only saying that because we aren’t playing, don’t have a permanent GM, don’t have a permanent coach, don’t have any true star forwards, don’t have any strong defensemen, and are relying on a very young goalie.
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    I caught the NJ Devils: Inside the Jersey episode on MSG+ last night with Kenny and Cangi interviewing Fitzgerald and Erika and Bryce interviewing Zajac and all 4 of them talking about what's going and a bit about last season. Literally nothing of any importance was said but if anyone wants to watch it they are airing it again at 11:30pm tonight on MSG+.
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    I'd say Fitz is trying to sign him? If he isn't interested, he might be a goner. Hope he wants to stay. He has great hands. Bratt said in the interview they all call him the "magician". Passing skills are so good
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    If i'm going to pick in the top 10 for a dman... i'm going to want a dman that is incredible offensively or amazing 2 way. I wouldn't want to use a top 10 pick on a shut down dman who won't produce much, if you look around the league most of those guys were almost always picked wayyy later. You really need to shoot for a very special player when you get a good pick like this.
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    All true. I looked and some had him as low as 13 so he may have been a steal but depends on who you're asking I guess. That draft class has some elite players in the top 10 and Hughes going at 6 gives me some hope NJ can steal something at 7 (Rossi).
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    No truer words has ever been spoken
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    I also don't know why they didn't do it so say there's no playoffs... that say last night they picked.. Team F... well that whatever team was ranked as team F would just get the first overall since nothing would have changed in the rankings
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    I'm really looking forward to what Bahl will do. I think he's one of our best prospects. We desperately need a defensemen who can play defense.
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    that's a double offense... first coming up with a play-in round and make it juuuust so MTL and Chicago can play some hockey this season again. It's the only reason we had the play in. They are the top 2 teams in attendance for the last 10+ years. Then having 2 draft lottery. It was allll for the money and not what would be best or fair for the teams
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    The funny thing is much as I don't like playing amateur psychologist, I suspect Elias is probably happy with everything he accomplished too, and with having spent his whole career here, on one team (along with winning a pair of Cups and yeah, owning what is looking like the last Devils number to be retired for a long long time). I'm sure he would love to be in the Hall someday, but I don't think it's going to crush him if he ultimately never gets in. A lot of players would kill to have enjoyed a similar career, Hall or no Hall.
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    No question- Iginla is a no-brainer, absolute lock first ballot guy. It’s not even a discussion.
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    they are funny looking for sure... but each of them are killing machine and rrrrrrrreally hardcore guys...
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