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    Haven't posted on this forum in over 10 years, but live in Boston now and went to the home opener against NJ. Got third row so got to see a lot of action. Some thoughts post game: Coaching - Thought the same thing as everyone else, poor line match ups, poor adjustments during the game. Granted the Bruins have some of the best coaching in the game, but the Devils coaching was horrible. Bad notables: Taylor Hall - Had a couple of good shifts and did some good work in the corners to create some chances in the second period but doesn't look like the player he was two years ago. He was still speedy but didn't look two steps ahead of everyone like he used to. PK Subban - Awful coverage out there and poor effort. The first goal I saw him realize he was not where he should be in his end and the Bruins had a lot of space to make that first goal. Wayne Simmonds - Not at all what the team wants from him. He was a spark plug guy when he was in LA and he put little effort in tonight's game. I saw him give maybe one or two good hits on the fore check but he took much more hits then giving them. Severson - What does this guy do? Absolutely lazy out there and left Schneider to fend for himself when he was out there. Kyle Palmieri - Absolutely useless in offensive zone. Made bad passes and coughed up a number of times. He was Chara's whipping boy tonight. Good notables: Miles Wood - Showed up for tonight's game. Worked really hard and created problems for the Bruins. He did great punishing the Bruins with big hits when they were trying to break out the puck. Even when the Bruins got the puck up the board along the side he was covering, he would still make them pay the toll. Doesn't have good hands though, but he's very strong physically and a decent skater. Cory Schneider - Made some really difficult saves and made good decisions when he had possession of the puck. If it wasn't for him the game would have been a massacre. Other notable: Jack Hughes - Made a couple of nice plays and showed some signs of why he is the #1 overall draft pick, but he's still adjusting to the NHL. He's a small guy physically and the game is much more physical than what he is used to. But on the other end of the ice Marchand has shown that you can still dominate as someone even smaller than Hughes. I think given some time Hughes will be just fine.
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    Now they don’t even come back from commercial in time lol
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    Nothing else to say but
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    There are so many young guys in this team, and the veterans a seem to be the shy non vocal types, at least on the ice. So would this team benifit from bringing Boyler back for the 4th line? He brings a lot of intangibles to the team and would add some much needed size (yes I know he often doesn't play like a big guy, bit at this stage it could just be to improve our average). Also sticking his giant ass in front of the net on the power play might spark that into life. He could easily come in for Rooney, who whilst hasn't been terrible , has been very non descript. Anyway to summarise, it's 5 games in and I am willing to try anything to get this team going. Plus big Bri is just a top class guy.
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    Unfortunately we are a part of the #NoBallsNation once again. Par for this sh!tty course.
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    The player stinking it up and getting rewarded with ice time gets criticized, how about that?
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    If the argument is Wood hasn’t sucked because everyone else sucks too then ol woody gets a pass.
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    Umm no he has been, and then some.
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    That’s.... a weird way of looking at it. Instead, I see a team with no discernible system getting routinely routed by any team that can remotely match its speed. If your entire coaching philosophy is “be faster than the other team”, your entire coaching philosophy stinks.
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    Like I said, not advocating against it.
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    Exactly. And you can’t get rid of all the players.... so guess what needs to happen?
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    If a couple of players are doing that then that's a player issue. When the entire team is guilty of it, then you start looking at the coaches.
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    You take out the insane MVP effort by Hall, and Hynes hasn’t had this team even close to being competitive in 4+ years. It’s time to move on.
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    Just you wait, someone here will post some mumbo jumbo advanced stat justifying their play.
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    This is reallllllly depressing already. Genuinely not sure I can take another season of the same thing. It's the hope that kills you.
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    lol using leading in "expected goals" somehow justifies using Wood in a top 6 role. Also LOL @ the fact that there is such a stat. When did all of our beat writers become the Devils Pravda?
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    Every time wood has a breakaway you already know what’s going to happen.
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    At least Erika looks good. There's that.
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    Hughes ain't the problem. We're getting blasted from all fronts - best to just ignore the noise at this point for our own sanity.
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    Kowalsky seems to be getting a free pass here, he can go to on the same shuttle being shot into the sun. All aboard Mike Grier too.
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    An extra bonus so far as I’m concerned.
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    That's exactly what you were saying, but again you go into that cycle playing word games or sitting on the fence about anything and everything.
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    I'm hoping that he learned from that. If not he can join Coach Loser on his way out.
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    I hate to be that guy - and it's hard to defend a guy who hasn't scored yet, but Hall had a tough job tonight in having to deal with Bergeron and overall, he had a fairly productive game. And it looked to me like the effort was there all the way through. I'm not saying he had an entirely successful game tonight, but I really don't have many complaints about Hall.
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    Wood was ok, but I still don’t like him in the top 6. Sure he generates chances, but he also shoots the puck into the goalies chest like clockwork. Has to be our most predictable player. Someone other than Palms and Gusev has to start finding the back of the net.
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    I cannot stress enough how horrendous Mueller and Wood look. Trotting out players like this is putting gasoline on the dumpster fire. On a positive note we did get 30+ shots and would’ve had a couple if not for Tuuka. We are also done with these damn home openers now, so keep faith guys we will start kicking on soon.
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    I thought Simmonds and Subban would help with that, but nope. The most frustrating thing right now for me is the PP. 0/14? Seriously? That’s ridiculous with some of the offensive talent this team has. Couldn’t even score on 2 different 5-on-3’s.
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    For me, what makes the game so hard to watch is the Devils just get pushed around all over the ice. They get slammed into the boards, pushed out of the way in front of their own net, and can't stop anyone from plowing through them. Hynes is right, they play soft and loose, I'm just wondering how much he has to do with that.
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    I don’t think that’s so crazy. Thus far all I can say about Hughes is he’s fast.
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    Shutout 2 out 5 games. 2 blown leads (one was 4-0). PP is 0/14, and the PK isn’t much better. gotta do something Ray... Not sure I’d agree. Whoever is coaching the PP is certainly a problem right now.
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    I disagree. I would say Gretzky and Mario both were. Same with Crosby/Ovi.
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    Does PK get booed everywhere? I never noticed it before this season. Or is it just racist places like Philly and Boston?
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    Seriously, please fire Hynes!
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    I've been on-board with trading him for ages. Unfortunately we're not in the position to be trading defensemen.
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    I like to think of it as a golf score with a goal towards winning the draft lottery.
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    Is Pickles responsible for the teams nutrition, as this would explain their sluggish play.
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    You’re still here, so you’re clearly crazy. We all are...
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    The stars are aligned against NJ tonight. Holy sh!t lol.
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    Hynes said earlier on that he met with all the guys on the power play and went through what they are doing wrong etc. At what point is the decision made that what they are being told is wrong and something else needs to happen.
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    The power play is so embarrassing
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    This is bad guys. They look so poorly coached
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    On that second Bruins goal, from faceoff till when the Bruins scored Wood moved maybe 6 inches from where he started. But he brings that "level of compete!"
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    Glad to see wood getting time in the top 6. Why not move hall down and let wood shine on the first? This coach is a stable genius.
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    From what i recall, i think a lot of people claim he had an anti-Devil bias during the the cup runs that he called. I never really noticed it myself or at least I don't remember since that was a lifetime ago
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    Fire the entire coaching staff at this point. Alain Nasreddine really needs to go more than anything else. He was a dog sh!t defenseman when he played and he's even worse at coaching the defense.
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