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    LA must have typed 3 by mistake.
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    Man I love this kid. Nothing to be embarrassed about with the I love to hockey comment though Nico, it was fvcking great!
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    The Yotes took Liam Kirk at 189, British born , British trained. Brings a tear to the eye.
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    what a great night for the entire NJ Devils organization. Stoked for the rest of the offseason.
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    Last night was a great night for Devils hockey. Both Boyle and Hall were excellent ambassadors for our team, just pure class from both of them in their speeches. Also, damn those suits are sharp.
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    Another great one. Loves New Jersey and the Devils.
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    All we need to do, imo, to completely close this loop is: - Re-sign Hall to an extension. - Scoop up Adam Larsson when he hits free agency.
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    As a dad, I like the matinees because you can catch the game, have time to snag a good meal afterwards at a proper restaurant, and still get home at a VERY reasonable hour. I'm loving this...I'm now thinking 20 games or more this season with my daughter. Bought her an early b-day present (her b-day isn't until 8/15)...her own red Taylor Hall jersey. We'll be proudly wearing our Halls for the home opener. So much summer to enjoy this offseason first, but man am I excited for that game...
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    Made this sh!tty MS Paint picture last night that I feel like is appropriate since we're all (rightfully) sh!tposting about Hall
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    Hall storyline is the story we need to sell to Tavares "hey John, look what happen when you arrive here... It's a home ! And a winning one. Oh and you get to play with the MVP too. Just sayin'. Oooh... And you want money ? There... "
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    Rightfully so, he has absolutely nothing to thank Edmonton for. And you know what else I was thinking seeing hall win MVP? FVCK GEORGE LARAQUE
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    I'll leave it to an Oilers fan to say it best:
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    Maybe his girlfriend vetoed it. I hear she's quite opinionated.
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    Probably because people are afraid of getting the TOR/NJ Grabner...
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    Surprisingly a big week of hockey events. 2 days until we find out if Hallsy is properly rewarded for his insane season and if Boyle gets his recognition for kicking cancer in the taint. 4 days we find out who our next draft pick is. Sorry but the days right now are long and horrendously slow for me, I’ll take anything hockey that I can that isn’t a debate over which province/city sucks more
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    Just another trade Mtl will end up regretting. Galchenyuk is yet another good player they drove to the edge. The whole media mafia here in Montreal likes to target a player or two (usually the only good ones on the team) and rip them apart in a truly unrivaled moronic way and demand for months on end that they get traded until eventually the GM actually does it (what happened with PK). Come January they will turn around as if nothing happened in the last months and absolutely rip Bergevin a new one for ''trading a good player''. This team, the media around it and a good chunk of its fanbase is, without a doubt, the most bipolar and retarded group of people I have witnessed in any sport if not just in life in general. They will also trade or lose Pacioretty to free agency next year. It's only a question of if they can find what they will consider as a suitable price for him before his contract runs out.
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    Already knows the red and black it seems
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    A little more on Bernard: http://lastwordonhockey.com/2018/06/15/xavier-bernard-scouting-report-2018-nhl-draft/
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    I’m glad Kovy is anywhere but NYC.
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    delete, wrong post and wrong quote, i'm pretty drunk
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    And his eyebrows look like 2 caterpillars resting on his face.
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    Nothing. Unless the Devils do it. Then its a 1st rd pick and your best player goes to Pittsburgh.
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    Not to mention if you really want someone like Skinner, you can sign JVR.
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    A letter to tonight’s pick from Nico: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Remember, winning is in our DNA. This is who we are!
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    Right there with you. My daughter is retiring from soccer so I could reasonably be attending weekend matinees now, although it really only affected October, November, March, and god willing, April.. Not that my daughter can’t stay up, she can, but it’s just a lot easier. We also wear Hall jerseys.
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    While handing out Devil's jerseys to all the youth
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    Also forgot to mention that chanting MVP at Hall since March and during the playoffs was a blast, the whole fan base really rallied around him and those chants were some of the loudest the building has been in years. I can't wait for the season to start!
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    In his post-awards press conference when he was asked about what changes led him to reach Hart level, I loved that part of his answer was, "Coming to NJ..."
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    “Wait, isn’t he the guy you said sucked and brought you guys down? How did he win your trophy? I don’t understand” - her, probably Way to fvcking go Hall! So goddamn proud of this season. grats to Boyle for kicking cancer’s ass and earning his award, too!
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    Maybe he’ll trade for your average fiancée and give you Kate Upton. (No idea if you have a fiancée and if so, not insulting her. Had to go there for the joke.)
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    Boyle and Hall both gave great speeches, by the way. Proud as fvck to have them representing our organization. Great ambassadors. Not a single first place vote for Kucherov, interestinggggg
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    In 2009 I told my dad Parise’s #9 would be retired one day. I was half right.
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    Man I would've been all sorts of furious if I sat through that entire sh!tshow only for Hall to lose the award. Also.... THE TRADE IS ONE FOR ONE
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    I hope he saws himself in half this time.
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    awww look at those good looking fellas
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    Devils have 3 main owners before the current group of guys; McMullen who was too cheap to market the team, YankeeNets who didn't care to market, and JVB who couldn't afford to market. The Devils are literally about 30 years behind where they should be. Considering that in 3 years the new ownership group has done a TON to bridge that gap.