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    Thanks for asking. today's the best i've felt in a few days. still a small fever and i've been coughing so much that my inhales sound like a rattlesnake, but i'm nowhere near as bad as i was late last week.
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    haha I thought this was satirical. yeah, man, that's Marty's 552 and Patty passing Johnny Mac. My #1 favorite non-playoff Devils game I've ever been to. Glad to hear it man. Today I feel no symptoms at all for the first time in a week and a half. I'm back at work (working from home of course) and pretty positive it's all behind me. Something I won't ever forget, though. Love you guys for all reaching out. Meant a lot.
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    I just got back from the store because I was running low on a lot of stuff. Its been two weeks since I went, they had a limit of 1 for almost everything so most stuff was in stock. I burned my clothes and set my car on fire once I got home of course.
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    Was the conversation: Coyotes: “Want a new contract?” Taylor:
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    Thanks man. Reports on this thing are true, it definitely affects different people different ways. Some people get a cold, others end up in intensive care. All you can do is hope for the best. Thus far, we’re lucky.
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    Awesome to hear brother! Hope you continue to feel good!
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    Glad to hear that you seem to have gotten through the worst.
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    He celebrated on our ice in 08, I don't ever want to see him win a cup, he can go fvck himself.
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    I have a bad feeling Gillis will get the job because of the analytics bullsh!t. Which sucks, because I like Fitz, and he’ll probably go somewhere else and do a great job.
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    This simulate game fad is nice for the kiddos, but the fact that every game has us scoring 6 goals or more proves how broken the EA NHL franchise has become
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    Attending the finals means nothing to me, "celebs" love to pull that bs all the time..... She was probably just there promoting the view since that is on ABC and most of the finals at the time were on ABC too. I don't ever remember her attending games in the past and she certainly hasn't since then. It was awhile ago but I'm pretty sure the Ducks dragged out Emilio Estevez for that finals too. It's all nonsense. Hell Patrick Warburton would have been better to narrate the DVD, he's got a great voice for narration and at least has a real connection to the team.
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    I didn't think the DVD itself was poorly done besides her narration. I don't know why they couldn't get Kevin Smith to narrate since he's actually a fan of the team.
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    03 cup and DVD were on earlier on NHL Network. Not gonna lie, though, wasn’t a fan of the DVD, whoopie was bad choice to narrate.
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    I was busy working so didn’t get a chance to post earlier, but game 6 of the 2000 Finals was on NHL Network this afternoon, and is on again tonight at 11.
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    If he’s not 100% yet, he’s damn close to it, minus some crazy mood swings from the last bit of meds he’s on. awesome you guys are back to the healthy side. How about you, @MB3?
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    That’s likely. We’re very fortunate and basically we are all symptom free at this point. I still have a little residual phlegmyness but aside from that, we all seem good. Thanks for asking. Is your son doing better?
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    Also we’ve been awarded Conor McDavid as compensation for losing Louis Domingue.
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    #BREAKING NHL Announces It's Official Return Date. The league will cancel the rest of the 2019-2020 season due to the social distancing measures in force and it will organize an online tournament which will feature NHL players facing off against each other to award the Stanley Cup.
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    And they boosted Zacha’s stats to be 99 overall. Clearly he is our most important player that we build around, according to the “sim”
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    To me it's becoming clearer and clearer that the owners may be a problem. Which sucks cause they saved us by having money and being willing to invest... but if they are not hockey smart we're fvcked.
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    Owners are not pro-tank. Shero made moves that were designed to expedite a return to consistent contention and was allowed to spend money to do it (taking on all of PK's remaining money, paying a fair amount for an unproven Goose, etc). They didn't work out. But Plan A this season obviously didn't involve punting the season. But yeah, I'm all on board with Fitz getting the job.
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    Saw this earlier today, it's honestly upsetting how off base this is. I'm as big of a Jack Quinn as you're going to find, but there's no way you could watch the Ottawa 67s the previous two seasons and think Quinn is a better prospect than Rossi.
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    Keep digging MB, hopefully you've turned the corner.
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    That’s the worst part for me, he’s going to be a great GM somewhere.
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    You can’t believe stuff like that. You probably shouldn’t state it like it’s a fact without some backup.
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    I have absolutely zero inside knowledge on which to base this, but I could see a primarily green Devils jersey (maybe based on the whites and greens on the current Retros swapping places as a starting point, with, say, a string tie instead of the current neck...not saying that I would love that, but at least the colors would have some relevance) before going back to the Scouts or Rockies. There actually was a time (maybe 10-12 years ago) that the idea of suiting up in Rockies uniforms for one game per year kinda-sorta appealed to me...but not anymore. You've now got two sets of Devils retros that you can wear...the old red and greens (which we've obviously seen), and the original red and blacks. That's as far back as I care to go. Seeing the now "retro" red and blacks make an appearance would be painful, because that "Didn't need to fvck with it" design would just remind me how superior that was to what they wear now.
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    I honestly wonder if we just didn't want to commit that much money to a player that would be conceivably leaving his prime when Jack and Nico entered theirs.
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    Watching now. Forgot about the FOX robot animations everytime a team scored a goal lol
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    Also, Zacha has eight goals in four games. That alone shows you how unrealistic it is lol.
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    All good, nothing but very minor cold symptoms thus far, thanks for asking. Glad your son is doing ok!!
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    Still has his little smokers cough, but otherwise is back to his old self, thankfully. His brother was thrilled to have him home. So much so he was jumping in his crib that night yelling in twinspeak to him. how are you and the fam?
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    Hope you all get through this as painlessly as possible. So far, as far as people that I “know” goes, it’s only people on this site who are infected. No work associates/customers, family members, or friends...yet. I live in Hunterdon County, and it hasn’t come close to exploding here the way that it has in other areas. People here are at least appearing to show some intelligence...lots of people walking around outside, but giving each other VERY wide berths. A few neighbors had a very brief “six foot get together” where they brought a drink or two and hung out...but never came closer than 6 feet from each other. I didn’t partake. Just doesn’t feel right. Some of the local restaurant owners are starting to complain (we’ve been getting some take-out here and there, to try to support some of these places)...they feel like things really aren’t bad enough in Hunterdon County for them to be restricted to take-out and delivery. I feel for them but at the same time I think starting to go back to “business as usual” for restaurants is just begging for disastrous consequences (not that that will happen anytime soon), even out it in the relative “sticks”. Most people that I talk to around here seem to get that we’re all in the same boat, and aren’t bitching about our new alternate and dark reality...but there’s definitely the entitled folk who act like they’re being unfairly inconvenienced, and still act like this thing is somehow not all that close...bitching about being “pent up” or “shut in”. I should show them MB3’s posts about what he’s going through.
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    as a florida resident, this yucky human behavior is evident three times a year whenever there’s a hurricane threat. these morbidly obese people who have 3 2-liters of coke and a fifth of kirkland vodka every day suddenly think they need 14 gallons of water a day to survive.
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    So great to see this. Wishing MB3 and the Mfritz families well too. Keep digging everyone.
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    There is no need to take any chances right now. People's lives are at stake. Please remember those who provide us the healthcare we all depend on. They are on the front lines in this war.
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    Even though my symptoms are gone i’m still sleeping in the guest room and using the guest bathroom. We won’t really know, i think i’m still contagious for 14 days after the symptoms stop? That’s what the on call doctor told me. So with her, it makes more sense to be extra cautious. So far she’s exhibited no symptoms and we’re hoping it stays that way. one weird thing — i still can’t really taste. smell either. i made my wife’s and my dinner (using gloves) and she spat out the chicken because she said it tasted like ocean water. i kept adding salt because it tasted so bland. it’s a weird ass virus, man.
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    Good point. What would happen to that pick if they qualified for the playoffs, but the playoffs get cancelled completely? I suppose if the league just calls the whole thing off, technically NOBODY made the playoffs because there were no playoffs to make.
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    The NBA is a different beast. You are way oversimplifying in trying to make a point. None of the evidence points to pro-tank...the team wasn't playing well, and a good chunk of that fell on Shero's moves (like I've said many times, I think he did have his share of rotten luck here)...I did like him and I would have given him another season, but the team didn't progress enough from a pure results standpoint under his watch, and when the team was SCREAMING for a coaching change, he waited too long to make it. As for the "selling off", that's not uncommon practice when you have guys who are going to leave, or guys whose value is higher than it might be otherwise. Devils absolutely should have been sellers at the time and I have no issue with them going in that direction. All I've seen these owners do is give their GMs considerable freedom to spend money and make moves. They did that with Lou, and they did the same with Shero. Lou wouldn't blow up what sorely needed to be...so yeah, that and years of poor drafting helped to lead to some lean years. Shero had to come in and try to build both the AHL and NHL teams with not very much to work with initially. The team's overall record the past couple of years isn't good, but he left considerably more behind than did his predecessor. I'd like to see what Fitz can do...I don't think this team is as far away from being decent and on the upswing as some do, I really don't.
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    I only root for the Devils to win a Cup.
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    Ugh I don't wanna see this trash. There especially better not be some bullsh!t KC Scouts or Colorado Rockies jerseys. fvck outta here with that garbage.
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    Are the games being simulated in real time, as opposed to the clock counting down at the "usual" faster rate? That's probably why the numbers are so out-of-whack. I think if you play the game in what should be the normal mode, the seconds count down twice as fast...I think 20 minutes per period = 10 minutes of actual in-game playtime. Think that's always been the "sweet spot" with the EA NHL games, in terms of getting final numbers that feel much more in line with what you'd see in an actual NHL game. If 20 minutes per period is equal to 20 minutes of playtime, that would definitely account for what appears to be more than double what you'd expect to see in an NHL game. They look pretty cheesy and primitive now...not that they were ever all that cool (they always seemed kinda out of place), but it's amazing what 25 years can do...I see them now and think "Yikes, that was so 90s."
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    I came here just now just to see what's going on and how everyone is doing... saw your post and figured it was probably from late last night and was going to be disappointed that I missed it... then noticed that you posted this one minute ago, and now I'm thrilled. Turned it on and watching now - awesome to get a little hockey fix and relive some nostalgia. Thanks for sharing.
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    If it makes you feel better, I could only find the soy sauce flavor but desperate times call for desperate measures!
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    This is why I hate most people.
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    Thanks boys. Don’t worry, I don’t think I’m contagious here, I have antivirus software.
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