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    Shero can not let it come to that. If he doesn’t want to put ink on paper after the incredible offseason the Devils had; find a suitor and ship him off.
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    So last month was the Meigray expo and former Rangers Neil Smith and Stephane Matteau were the guest speakers. Normally we probably wouldn't care but frankly they were easily the best speakers that I have ever heard at the expo. Both, especially Smith, were extremely frank and open. Some neat tidbits from them: A) Both Neil and Stephane hated Mike Keenan. Neil hated him more than Stephane. B. Neil said that Keenan bugged him immediately. He liked Roger Nielsen but the hiring for Mike was a very "win-now" decision. He said that he felt pressure to hire a guy who went to the finals only 2 years prior to get the rangers over the hump in 93-94, especially after 92-93 disaster of a season. C) Smith said Mike was just irritating and frustrating to deal with. An example he gave was that they played in Europe for a couple games. He got on the flight back home and saw Neil's lawyer and agent on the flight. He said that's unusual to see but for Mike that's not that unusual. He later asked in the flight where mike is and his lawyer said he went on a different flight back to Chicago to see family. Neil was pissed because mike didn't tell him or anyone he was doing that. He said that was Mike in a nutshell. D) Neil said Mike didn't like Amonte and Gartner pretty much immediately. He said he hated Gartner for a personal reason that he didn't want to disclose at the expo. He said he just didn't like how Amonte was as a player and preferred big power forwards. He said that starting in mid November until the trade deadline Mike would immediately ask Neil after every practice in Rye to trade Amonte for Matteau. He literally said for Matteau straight up because he liked him in Chicago. Neil didn't make the trade until the deadline because he needed to get more than just the straight up swap and Noonan was the throw-in the even the trade out. E) in an answer to a question, he said he traded Zubov in 95 because of how Zubov played in the 95 playoffs. He said that against Philly in that year he played very scared and got man-handled. He said that he looked like he was going to crap his pants every time Lindros came near him so he traded him and Nedved (whom both himself and Colin Campbell liked) to Pittsburg for Luc and Ulf. The main target of that trade was actually Ulf because they figured for the next few years the road to the cup meant they would have to go through Philly at some point in the playoffs so they needed toughness. F) Colin Campbell didn't like Matteau and neither knew for sure why. G) in an answer to a question, Neil smith talked about the Messier to Vancouver signing. He said that their owner, ITT, gave cCecketts and him direct orders to not pay Messier a cent more than what Gretzky was earning. Neil flew down to Hilton Head in the summer of 97 to meet with Messier's agent which was his father Doug. He said when he told them the most they were going to do Doug got extremely upset and basically told him to go to hell. Neil said to us that he wasn't too broken up when Messier left. He said Doug was a nightmare to deal with as all hockey parents as agents were and that he felt like Messier's play was starting to slip. He said that while Doug argued that the Rangers were Mark's team in reality he was getting old and was man-handled by the Flyers in the 97 ECF and felt like Gretzky was better. H) Neil told us about the process of creating the liberty head third jersey. He said he mainly wanted something for kids as he felt the main design was too old-timey and was a design from 30's/40's. He said he got inspired for the NYR portion partially from seeing billboards in NY with DKNY and with the Rangers referred to as NYR on out of town scoreboards. The Liberty head came directly from Richters mask. He said that he actually was violating league rules with the white Liberty jersey because at the time teams were only allowed to have one alternate. He wanted to do alternating years of white and blue. 96-97 and 97-98 were blue, 98-99 was white, 99-00 was blue. He was going to do white in 00/01 but he was canned and Sather decided to finally listen to the league. Smith said he got away with doing the fourth jersey because he simply ignored the league when they complained. I) he brought a never before seen prototype of a third jersey they designed for the 99-00 season that was never used. Picture is attached. J) Smith said that he was ordered by ownership to offer sheet Sakic as they were slightly panicked in losing messier. Vancouver only went after messier in 97 because he lost out on Gretzky in previous years when he was available and was obsessed with getting either messier, Gretzky or both. The signing of messier was literally just a vanity project for the owners of Vancouver. Smith said he told owners that Colorado would match it and it was a bad idea. The idea was that Colorado ownership was having financial difficulties and would never match it. They did and Smith said all it did was piss off the league's GM's. K) Smith said when he heard during the playoffs that Keenan was talking to other teams about leaving the rangers while he was in the middle of the 94 playoffs he was really happy. He said it saved him from headaches in firing Keenan during the off-season and getting backlash from the fans. L) Matteau said he got along with Keenan for years as a player and that's why he seemed to follow him from Chicago, to New York to St. Louis. He said he went to Florida for same reason but when he got there he found himself often being scratched. At one point he was scratched for 18 games in a row. He asked mike what was up and Mike flat out asked him to retire at 33. He said that it pissed him off and he didn't talk to him again until the recent Rangers reunion only a few months ago where they patched things up. M) he said that he was told Smith traded for him because they needed a third line center. Rangers were mostly using Tikkanen as the center and he was a natural winger. N) He said that in the 96 playoffs when he was in St. Louis that after a bad game Keenan pointed the finger at Gretzky in the locker room and screamed at him saying he was playing like sh!t and that he was past his glory days. He said he never was in a room so quiet before and since then. He said Gretzky just sat there and gave him the death stare during the tirade while Hull was in the corner not giving a sh!t. He said Hull rarely gave a sh!t about anything. He said that after the series ended and they were leaving the locker room mike would stand at the door high fiving every player. When Gretzky walked past him he purposefully didn't slap mikes hand. Gretzky was a goner from St. Louis because of Iron Mike. O) Matteau said the year he got the cup in 94 was the last year players had the cup without the keeper being right there. He said the reason was mostly because of him. He said when he had his day with it up in Canada he brought it up to his hometowns local dive bar. Him and his buddies got drunk and were holding the cup above their heads. He said by the time he got it the cup part at top was wobbly from years of abuse. When one of his buddies held it above his head the cup part finally snapped off and they were all horrified and panicking. One of his drunk friends was a welder and said he could fix it. He claimed he could do it even though he most welded steal and not silver. So in the middle of the night with no other options Matteau's welder buddy fixed the cup. The problem is that his inexperience worn silver was evident when the weld was gigantic and really thick with the solder. Smith was the person who got it next and he said when he opened it up he was panicking and called the league because it was a mess with the solder and it was done very sloppy from the welder being drunk. He said the league later fixed it but now that's the season why they have a guy with the cup at all times haha. P) Matteau said in his second game on the Rangers (which was an away game in Edmonton as his first game with the Rangers was an away game in Calgary), it was the first time he actually said anything to Messier. He said Mark had a really bad shift and when Messier came back to the bench he said to Mark "I hope all of your shifts aren't like that because you played worse than a pee-wee player!" He said Mark just looked at him with that stone cold death stare for a few minutes. Matteau said he broke into laughter and Mark had a little smirk then and didn't say anything. He said Mark was a very serious guy but a really good leader in the locker room. He said during that 94 run he said everyone in the locker room Messier was the undisputed leader of that locker room with Leetch and Graves as leaders as well. He said Graves, Leetch and Richter were always very nice and friendly. Q) Smith said that Lindros and Sundin really are the two players who changed the dynamics of the game from the mid to late 90's the most. He said every GM wanted those type of players to go up against the Sundin's and Lindros' of the league. He said Lindros especially was the player everyone was pointing to as the future of the NHL. He said Zubov was not the only player who would crap his pants when they saw Lindros coming near them. Smith kept stressing that pretty much every team in the Eastern conference were building their teams to directly compete against Philly from about 1995 through 2000. R) Matteau said on that famous goal that he wasn't actually trying to stuff it in on a wrap-around. He was actually trying to throw it in front of the crease for Tikkanen to bury it. He said that it was just a lucky bounce off of Marty that it went in. S) After the offer sheet he gave to Sakic was matched, the Rangers ownership demanded that he put another offer for Paul Kariya. The owners figured that both Kariya and the Ducks were locked in a bitter contract dispute and that they could take advantage. Smith advised against it and won that argument. He said he told them that if they offer sheeted Kariya that it would not only piss off the other GM's even more after Sakic, but that they are going up against Michael Eisner who was not about to let his star athlete walk.
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    Thanks guys I really appreciate it. Nobody to sue I was on a waverunner and hit a piece of a dock that broke off during sandy and was stuck on a sandbar in the middle of the bay while trying to push a new and modified GP1800. Was looking at the speedometer hit 80 and then for a split second realized the waverunner stopped and I kept going hit the water and it was like somebody hit a light switch all I saw was black. Craziest part was I was face down in the water but there was a cardiologist fishing about 150 yards away that saw me riding then saw the waverunner stopped without anybody on it, so he pulled up his anchor and made his was over. He estimates I was under for 7-10 minutes and you start killing of brain cells at 4 mins. First year was spent learning how to walk and regain the use of my hands and learning how to deal with my hands and feet being on fire 24x7. Now the focus is on neuropysch rehab to try and work around the impairments. Anyway I appreciate the hell outta being here and all the good and bad times here. And yeah I was too old for that sh!t but we've been riding since the 80's lucky enough to have a house down on lake norman.
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    55 here coming off an anoxic brain injury suffered in a accident last June which left me in a coma on life support with next to nothing odds to survive the first 24 hours. It changes everything and prioritized well just about everything. So I'm playing with a handicap now but with house money. Still would get a little nuts around playoff time but not much else around here would get me on edge.
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    True. But I’m duty-bound to point out Parise was worse, he signed a 1 year deal with no intention of staying longer, it was just to show he was back. At least Hall is still under contract. If he leaves I’ll still hate him because I’m irrational, but not as much as I irrationally hate Parise. Which is less than I hate Kovalchuk.
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    I cannot agree more, even at this point if he is still dragging his feet going on about wanting to see what the team does, start shopping him out. This offseason has been way more then what one could have asked for Imo (realistically) we don't need to prove anymore to him as far as what the commitment level from this management is as far as finding success. I love the guy, but we don't owe him anything and if we allow him to wait that deep into the season he will be walking for nothing and I have faith that our management will absolutely not allow that to happen.
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    He could’ve signed more than a 1 year deal, obviously. Yes, it would have been for multiple UFA years. But he could’ve. He didn’t because he knew he didn’t want to be here. Fvck that guy.* * I acknowledge this is not rational, but as a fan, I’m entitled to have irrational emotional feelings about my team.
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    Lou has been gone for over 4 years now, it's time to let it go lol
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    He was asking for consent!!
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    Unpopular opinion alert! ⚠ Some people are putting this on the same level as cat calling and other verbal harassment. Idk the context, because idk where he is at, but I really don't find this as harmful as harassing a woman on the street. It doesn't appear like he is even saying anything to them- just making the motion.
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    Thank god I grew up in a time where every stupid thing I did didn't end up on camera/the internet. Great--My 5000th post had to be about Jack trying to see some tiddies.
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    Me too, much in the same way one prepares for a colonoscopy.
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    Naah... You just have experienced first hand the Broken English Extravaganza
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    Peptic ulcers factory... His current target are only Nj devs fans. I know i'm slowly getting one... This is a flourishing business
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    This is a generational comment.
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    Also I’d like to put this thread as ineffable proof that we can all collectively fight over absolutely anything.
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    Thanks for not saying Zacha.
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    My short rant: one of the stupidest intellectual developments in recent years has been putting a percentage chance of how a one-time event will turn out. Examples, "My super secret algorithim says there's a 40% chance Mr. Jones will win the upcoming election" or like here "there's a 30% chance that Taylor Hall will re-sign with the Devils." I predict with a 99% certainty that extraterrestrials will land in the middle of Time Square tomorrow. When it doesn't happen, I'll say I never said it was certainty.
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    I'm just glad you've stopped obsessing over something that happened 7 years ago and instead have moved on to something that happened 10 years ago. We get it. You don't agree with the philosophy that Lou used. You prefer Ray's style. You have beaten this dead horse into the ground, and now you dig it up every other day to beat it some more.
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    forget you guys! next year i'm gonna make my own game... with blackjack, and hookers!
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    I’m sad that we live in a world where an 18 year old wanting to see tiddies is viewed as a bad thing. I spent a pretty good part of my teen years in search of them. Successfully, I would add.
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    My not getting Trouba meltdown notwithstanding, Ray isn't Garth Snow and has the advantage of witnessing how the Tavares thing went down. So however it turns out, it will be part of a contingency plan that ends in the best result possible for the team.
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    What are the odds a doctor would be fishing 150 yards away? I believe in fate, always have. It wasn’t your time brother, and thank God for that.
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    Just here to say PK Subban is a NJ Devil. Guy is such a personality and a goofball. He posted his phone number (I'm assuming a WhatsApp burner number) on Instagram earlier today just for sh!ts and giggles
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    Maybe this for their Xmas unis: Weak. Lame. CANES.
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    Glad you’re still here with us brother.
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    Wow that's a lot to deal with, I hope you're doing ok. And I hope you sued the pants off whomever caused that accident, assuming it wasn't you.
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    You know what it is though CR- it’s the elephant in the room. Even if everyone says ‘we aren’t talking about it’, it’s there. Everyone knows it. It’s in the back of everyone’s mind. We just don’t need that.
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    Devils have had guys playing out the final year of their deals before. They got to a Cup final with both Parise and Brodeur being pending UFAs. That stuff isn’t always the massive distraction fans make it out to be. That part of it can definitely be overblown...there’s only so many questions that can be asked before Hall and others finally say “I’m not talking about it.” Zach got to the point where he immediately shut down any attempt to get him to talk about his future. Doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t prefer that this gets taken care of sooner than later, either way...just because. Sure, that would be simpler. Really does suck when a guy like Hall (similar to Parise) goes into a walk year coming off an injury. Always muddies the damned waters.
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    Two things we've definitely learned about how Shero does business: 1) He is VERY patient and methodical, and 2) He WILL act when the time is right. So basically I think he will make a substantial offer...it may not be on everyone's "ideal" timeline (see bottom), but if Shero fully believes in Hall, then it will happen. The big question of course will then be does Hall fully believe in the Devils? Though I've always been in favor of Hall sticking around and remain so, I'm not 100% dead-set against Shero moving him if a deal simply cannot be worked out...there's enough red flags that re-signing Hall is not an absolute slamdunk. So basically yeah, I'm prepared for both scenarios...and knowing Shero, I think if it came to Hall leaving, that he'd find a way to get enough in return that we won't be crushed by his leaving. Ask me on 8/19 what I think will happen, I still say he'll be back...but more and more I'm starting think it will happen in season. Nothing to base that on, but mostly because I originally thought it was going to be done by the end of this month. It just seems like no one involved is in a big rush...and the fact that we haven't read about one party complaining about the other leads to me to believe that there's no discontent on either end. I turn 50 on 6/24/2020. I'm quite positive that Hall leaving for nothing at the same time I'm getting my first intimate Roto-rooter lovin' will pretty much taint the Summer of 2020 beyond saving.
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    Starting to resent him a bit, ngl. I know it’s a big decision, but ffs already... Shero came though. If Hall is not convinced at this point he was probably never seriously planning to stay.
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    Turns out my relative appreciation for Zacha was unmatched compared to mfitz masturbatory hatred and incessant whining. But at least he finally has a seat at the cool table? ^this is the type of person y’all agree with, just pointing that out.
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    The point isn't whether or not Binnington is an "elite" goalie. It's that he had an excellent (elite-level) season that carried over into the playoffs, and was a major reason the Blues won the Cup. Having a strong goalie is just as important as ever. Every single year, the Stanley Cup winning team has a goalie who performed very well during that season/playoff run. Who cares whether you can throw the label "elite" on Binnington or not? What matters is that his top level performance was critical to the Blues' success last season. Having an elite goalie means your goalie is more likely to have that type of season, which remains really important for winning a Cup.
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    mfitz804: creates 5 fake accounts to finish the job.
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    Sounds like my second ex-wife, amirite?!
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    Nico Hischier: 42 (+1) Jack Hughes: 24 Travis Zajac: 22 Blake Coleman: 19 Mackenzie Blackwood : 19 Taylor Hall : 18 P. K. Subban : 16 Jesper Bratt: 16 Kyle Palmieri : 15 Ty Smith : 13  Jesper Boqvist : 9 Pavel Zacha: 7 Damon Severson : 7 Nikita Gusev: 6 Will Butcher : 2 (-1) ELIMINATED: John Hayden  Mirco Mueller  Kevin Rooney  Miles Wood Connor Carrick Wayne Simmonds Andy Greene Sami Vatanen Cory Schneider
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    I think one of the main miscommunications is that you personally believe that there is only one correct way to build a team and that therefore your idea must be the right one, which means in your mind every other philosophy is inherently wrong. Your idea is great from a perspective of low-risk asset management. It makes sure that no piece is ever lost for nothing, which is something a lot of GM's subscribe to and its absolutely something fans are behind. Other GM's might not operate the same way. For example, some GM's in smaller markets are more motivated by cost savings and keeping salaries down. Some GM's lean hard on analytics. Lou is a big believer in the idea that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, and that the "right" player is better than someone who might be considered a more talented player. He's very big on the culture of the room which is why a guy like Esa Tikkanen might have been what we needed on the ice but only lasted about 15 minutes in NJ. And it worked a long time for him so even though I don't necessarily agree with all of his decisions, I certainly don't blame him for sticking with his personal beliefs. He was not very good at adapting and growing with the game obviously, and it ultimately cost him in NJ. His approach may be just what the Isles needed though. We'll have to see how next year goes for them to see if it was a one-and-done situation. What I love about Shero is that he seems to use the best of these different ideas with how he is putting this team together.
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    This place definitely love drama : )
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    Seriously. Enough already.
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    My feeling with Luongo is, that despite him never really accomplishing anything amazing with either FLA or VAN, he's one of the league's best goalies ever and a HOFer, so it just feels like someone has to retire his jersey. He basically bookended his career with 11 years on the Panthers, so I have no issue with them retiring his jersey for his entire body of work, not just what he did with the Panthers.
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    Yeah, sure is a shame that the Devils missed out on Madden’s age 36, 37, and 38 seasons (all of which were spent with three different teams, so not like his new employers were so enamored with the older Madden either). I get that some people simply cannot help themselves when it comes to bringing this sh!t up time and time again (or using any opportunity to expand on what has been expanded on to death), but now trying to lump Madden into this “Lou just loses all UFAs” diatribe is really absurd.
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