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GDT- Devils @ Buffalo 3 PM


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What was the penalty on Zidlicky in OT? Basically I saw a Sabre jump into him, and Zidlicky got the penalty.


We did get a point while trailing in the 3rd, that's not the worst thing in the world

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I haven't been this mad at a game in a while.


fvcking garbage team of whining, dirty bitches, this Sabres team.  Phantom calls all night in their favor, dirty hits (to Kovy, Henrique at the end), that piece of sh!t Miller running his mouth.  What a joke of a franchise.

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we get chances to shoot as well kiddo, youre a moron

No one made any moves against moose really, he just let them in just like the shots in the game. 2 games in a row that moose has basically lost us, you can live in denial land where moose is amazing. Our defensive isn't the best but they are very bend not breakish, his goals were all easy saves for a more talented goalie, but hey its not his fault he is a back up. But don't kid yourself into thinking he KEPT us in this game, our offense played very hard to score on very good goalie, and their offense scored on a couple of pot shots.

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