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All purpose Olympics thread


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Kane had an awesome pass on the goal, and two great chances in overtime, but I thought he was pretty crappy today. Some bad decisions all day with the puck. Lots of turnovers.


I don't think Brown is a good fit on Kane's line with Kesler. 

Yeah he had a ton of giveaways plus that penalty in the last second of the second period too.  That was a nice pass on that goal though and he had another good one that sprung Pavelski for a good chance just afterwards.

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Way to go USA, Im going to try and see the full game at 5, but I was at work by 730 this morning.  But Quick didn't look like he had a very good game, however, I think that could just be me only watching the highlights of the game.

quick was actually very good, he didn't really have a chance on datsyuk's 2nd goal, it was screened perfectly. However the disallowed goal was a bad one to let in but luckily it didn't count. He was solid in the shootout as well

I'm not sure if it's been announced but I'm assuming miller is going tomorrow since it's a back to back. If miller pitches a shutout against a lesser Slovenian team be interesting to see who plays after that.

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Yes on NHL Network I think around 5pm


Can anyone confirm this? Did they announce it during the game? I really want to see the replay yet I am trying to plan my the rest of my day LOL.


Someone else told me NBC will replay the OT and shootout tonight at 8:00, but I'd rather watch the entire game.

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Well, it's a little past 5:00, and the game rebroadcast is not on NHL Network right now.


Someone else told me it will be re-shown on NBC Sports Network at 6:00. My cable guide has that channel showing the Olympic hockey Game of the Day at that time so I guess that's probably accurate.

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Both of the Czechoslovakia countries are failing hard these Olympics.  Although the Czechs losing to the Swiss is nothing to be ashamed of, but Slovakia losing to the Slovenes is definitely a head-scratcher.  I'm definitely hoping the US doesn't take Slovenia lightly tomorrow.

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