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GDT: 03-01-2024 Devils @ Ducks 10:00 EST MSGSN


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30 minutes ago, NJDevs4978 said:

Eh I'd just rather my GM not be a total coward after hamming it up on every single podcast last year when things were going well disappearing this year in addition to all the other issues we have anyway.  It's indicative of a top-down attitude of being afraid of accountability and answering tough questions.

ESPECIALLY when he was adamant “we’re not gonna be a doormat anymore” but only 1 true year of not being that team.

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18 minutes ago, NJDevils1214 said:

"Well that's not going to help the situation" - Ruff probably

“You’re putting too much pressure on the players. They cannot handle it! I would feel pressure too but I have circulation problem at my age…” - 3LR

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That first goal on the first shot that ANA scored probably would have been saved better by a stationary shooter-tutor than by Daws.  He left him basically the entire five hole gapingly opened.

What was Vatrano thinking? Does he think he's hitting the sled in football practice? That was blatant and he didn't even try to hide it.

Hughes PS attempt was the epitome of this season - too cocky.  Game on the line and he thinks he's Pavel Datsyuk and ends up faking himself out. 

This team could use a Tortorella-type, Pat Burns type of coach.  

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1 minute ago, MadDog2020 said:

Ruff needs to go. Fitz needs to make an appearance. The players need to wake the fvck up. 

Thnx. 🙂 Wonder if he will ever be allowed to ask a question face to face ever again.

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So, status quo. Everything is peaches and cream for the 2023-24 season.

What a mess.

For me this feels like the Bills choke job against KC (Allen aside), but for the WHOLE fvckin season.

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3 hours ago, NJDevils1214 said:

I don't blame Fitz entirely for the goalie situation. He had reason to believe he could at least give it a shot and if he didn't pull the trigger I can on trust any deals on the table were too expensive. He took a reasonable(ymmv) gamble and it didn't pay off.

The coach on the other hand...

On another note, I understand the sentiment of wanting to hear from Fitz but at this point, why? All he gives are soundbytes and you can pretty much infer what he's gonna say at each question without even hearing it just based on what he has and hasn't done.

Fitz, the team:

We believed in our group. Injuries. Answer is in the room pt2 electric boogaloo.

Fitz, the coach:

Lindy Ruff is the guy. Was not set up to succeed this season; Injuries, goalies. Big history coach.

Fitz, the goalies:

I tried to make a move, I'll always make a move to make the team better if it makes sense, in this case it didn't.

Fitz, the arrests:

Ongoing legal this and that and no comment at this time.

Fitz, Wtf:

I take full responsibility and we should have been better but we weren't and that's on me.

There... I gave you everything he is probably going to say and I bet you don't feel any better lol. Wtf is the point?

It’s not like I’m expecting any earth-shattering quotes from him that will have me saying “Ah, I see, it’s all good!”

But to be absolutely nowhere to be found when the team that now has his fingerprints firmly on it is falling apart with seemingly nothing being done about it, he’s gotta at least have SOMETHING of a presence.  It’s the full vanishing act that’s aggravating as fvck.

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11 minutes ago, Devil Dan 56 said:

Fitz is a Shero clone. Just playing the wait and see game for entire seasons. If he makes the Markstrom deal now it’ll be way too little too late. 

Shero hasn’t been a GM since he got fired here. Fitz should take no comfort in that. That wait and see sh!t is just that- sh!t. Take action you fvcking pu$$y.

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I’m still fuming. Philly loses and we have a golden opportunity against a really really bad Anaheim team. 53 shots, a PS with 2 seconds to go. All we have to do is bear down and finish and play half decent defense and we couldn’t even do that.

Just like the Tampa game where we mustered 3 shots in the third period with the season on the line, we choke when it counts the most. 

Giving up the first goal 44 times! FOURTY-FOUR! That is mind-boggling. The piss poor home record. The losses to the worst teams in the league. It all points to a team with a lackluster mentality - thanks to weak coaching and a thin, one-dimensional roster.

and you’re telling me Fitz couldn’t find a decent depth defenseman to help shelter our rookies and add stability with all the injuries back there? He’s a fraud. 

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7 hours ago, Colorado Rockies 1976 said:

That article is almost a week old but it’s no less relevant.

There’s no way Lindy is surviving here long term, and what will make it so infuriating when he’s finally put out of his misery is that Fitz will hopefully be asked some form of the question “If you’re now convinced that Lindy is no longer the answer, how exactly is it that you were the last to know?!”…to which he’ll have no answer that can possibly make anyone feel better about the trainwreck of a season that 2023-24 is turning out to be.

Sure is a week old, but the theme of Lindy needing to be gone goes back many months, so there's that.  However, imo there's one guy who's ultimately responsible for this sh!tshow and that's the ghost of the GM. He's the head of this fish and they rot from the top down.

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