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GDT: 12/27/23 Blue Jackets @ Devils 7:00PM EST MSGSN2


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Just now, Oglethorpe13 said:

The league is learning how to coach against Jack. Our coach is learning new Laffy taffy jokes instead of adjusting to the opponents when his bread and butter doesn't work the first 19x

I bet our coach has a nice supply of halls in his pocket, how many other coaches can say that for themselves. 

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1 minute ago, Nicomo said:

I know Nico really wants to be Pavel Datsyuk and takes his two-way game very seriously, but man it would be nice to see more out of him offensively. 0 SOG through 2 periods. 

Kinda makes me think of Parise talking about how he wished Zajac shot more. "His shot is better than mine..." 

But to be fair, this entire team needs to shoot more. Stop looking for the unicorn play, and try outworking your opponents for a change.

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3 minutes ago, Devs64 said:

Need a good 3rd...wishful thinking.

They had a good one the last game 

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Just now, Devs64 said:

Why do they constantly bring it to this point? That's what annoys me.

On that I agree with you 100%!

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