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GDT: Game 5 - Do or Die - 11 May @ 1900


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Just now, NJDfan1711 said:

McLeod has had a fantastic game.  Time to find that extra gear boys. Same thing, legs moving, smart decisions with the puck.  Get it out when you can and move it up the ice. IMPOSE YOUR WILL!

He's left it all out there. Love this dude.

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Just now, Nicomo said:


I continue to go to him in OT.  He has been able to withstand the predictable nerves you'd have at his age and little experience at the NHL level.  His speed is a difference and I think it'll be a factor here in OT when most other players are on fumes. 

I want to see every Devil skating full force out there.  Once again, smart with the puck, and do not let up.  

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1 minute ago, Nicomo said:


He looks like a player who has played in some of the big moments so I don't think he's looked fazed at all out there. He's lost on some pretty big stages so far. 

The WJC and with Michigan at the Frozen Four against Quinnipiac. I think being on those big stages has hardened him a little. 

Got hemmed in there with Marino at the end, but long shifts happen. 

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