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Cam placed on waivers


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#NJDevils have placed Cam Janssen on waivers. Looks like the team won't carry an enforcer to start the year.


McCarthy SJ, Pelech SJ, Tyrell TB, Angelidis TB, Taormina TB, Janssen NJ, R Hamilton EDM, Larsen EDM, N Johnson BOS, Terry CAR, Emmerton DET

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I remember when some people around here thought he was the second coming to Brian Rafalski


This was before Urbom, Gelinas, and Merrill looked promising. It was also before the days of Larsson and Severson. It's amazing how much fans will overrate their prospects. I was somewhat guilty of this for a while. "He almost played as well as Subban in the AHL plus he's a Devil so he's gotta be good! Who cares if he was a couple years older than PK at the time."


If the Devils improve their offensive prospects over the next few years, hopefully we'll be saying similar things about someone like Boucher.

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Also Tao came in at the time when we lost Paul Martin to free agency and the devils didn't really have any "offensive defenseman" who were NHL ready at the time. Also I wouldn't put Paul too highly on the list of the most skilled offensive defenseman so there was a bit of a void between 2007 and 2011 when we were used to our defense contributing very little offense overall. It wasn't until the past couple of seasons where we are finally seeing producing from the back end so it was natural that Tao was greatly overrated at the time.

Also I really wonder if Tao would have contributed more if it wasn't for his freak injury during practice about 15 or so games in and we never saw him for the rest of the season.

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tao > gelinas


hah, ok all i saw out of gelinas was bombs away and out of position


i understand Tao was overrated at the time cause we were needing a pmd.


it seems PDB wants shots from the point so...


maybe sal will have a good year hah


edit on gelinas by out of position i meant his puck handling is stink

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