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GDT: Devils at Ducks 3/18/18 9:00 PM ET


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Sami returns to Anaheim for the night to play against his former team. Last time the Devils played the Ducks, it looked like the Ducks got the better of the trade. But that's not going to happen this time :evil::evil::evil:

Lineups have not been announced, but likely the same as last night:










KK in net!


I am 1-0 in GDTs. Let's get a streak going.

Big game tonight. LGD.

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starting goaltender announced
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I keep looking at the Twitter feed on the right of the NJDev's homepage and I keep seeing Gross tweeting that "Tavares" is in our starting lineup for tonight and I'm like, "We got him already?"

Then I realize Gross works for the Islanders now.

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I remember when he played for the Lowell Devils in the AHL.  He was so very able to kick start a rush after making a save.  At least at that time, he could really handle the puck and made the defensemen's job much easier and had good rebound control, just like someone else we know.

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Just now, eaglejelly said:

I feel we are riding him to death.
The Predators never allow Rinne to play two nights in a row

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This was the game to put Cory back in. Back to back plus it’s non-division, I’d gav3 seen what he could do. 

Not helping that KK is getting shelled through 5 minutes. 

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